2nd Anniversary Live ~Forward into the Future~

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#090: 2nd Anniversary Live ~Forward into the Future~
[Bingo] 07/22/2016 – 07/31/2016
Co-starring with Gratitude Gacha
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Kyoji Takajo-icon.png Pierre-icon.png Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Michio Hazama-icon.png Minori Watanabe-icon.png Rui Maita-icon.png

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Featured Idols[edit | edit source]

Event Info[edit | edit source]

Ken-circle.png For 315 Productions’ 2nd anniversary live, Beit and S.E.M formed a collaboration unit!
It seems that acquaintances of Kyoji-san and Michio-san were in the audience.

Beit and S.E.M have been set to pair up together in a unit for their 2nd anniversary live.
In preparation, the members work hard at their joint lessons while communicating with one another.

One day, Kyoji takes Minori and Pierre along to drop by a nostalgic place.
Meanwhile, S.E.M’s members receive many fan letters that were delivered to the agency. Among them all, one letter catches their eyes and they share a common feeling.
They then greet the day of the performance. In front of the motivated Kyoji, a certain person appeared.

Let’s put the emotions of the two past years and the future coming years into it and make the second half of the 2nd anniversary live a success!

Kyoji Takajo If I hadn’t become an idol, I wonder what I’d be doing right now… Probably still in the convenience store.
Michio Hazama There is still some time… A brief moment would be fine. Would it be fine for us to take a side path?
Jiro Yamashita Wearing this outfit makes me feel like my luck’s gonna get higher… Can I leave my post for a bit? No?
Pierre Wearing Kaerre mascot outfit, so fun! Lots of children, gather up!
Minori Watanabe Ever since I became an idol, I’d begun to love idols even more. Every single day is so much fun… I’m on cloud nine.
Rui Maita Oh, I’m hungry… there’s still time, right? Could we go eat something at that shop there?
Result Idol Result of Photoshoot Preparation
Normal/Good Kyoji Takajo Not yet… I’m aiming for the peak.
Michio Hazama Let us grasp it bit by bit.
Jiro Yamashita Neither good nor bad… It’s just like me to do.
Pierre Whew~... Mascot outfit, little hot~!
Minori Watanabe Yes, yes. Doing it like this is fine, right?
Rui Maita I have to learn from the misters some more!
Perfect Kyoji Takajo Whew… How was that just now... Good, right?
Michio Hazama Let us begin… a brand new future starting here.
Jiro Yamashita See, that’s what I got! ...Just kidding.
Pierre I, prince of frog kingdom! Let’s play together!
Minori Watanabe Fufu. Well done… Isn’t that right!
Rui Maita Ta-dah~! 2nd Anniversary~☆
Event Panels
Left Stage
Change positions Prepare water Look into camera
Greetings from members Excite the crowd Do fanservice
Prepare towels Ask fan Dance while having fun
Right Stage
Wipe sweat Do fanservice Talk about past memories
Dance together Call and response Put a spin on the lyrics
Show off outfit Show off dance Drink water
Center Stage
Say grateful phrases Make a wave Dance lesson
Drink water Do a 2nd Anniversary talk Solo part
Finishing pose Perform with mic Do fanservice

Event Scenes[edit | edit source]

See: 2nd Anniversary Live ~Forward into the Future~/Event Scenes
Translator: nemuruoogarasu
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo T.png DRAMATIC STARS and High×Joker paired up together for the collaboration to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.
【2nd Anniversary】Pierre T.png We, with S.E.M!

Please take, care of us~!

【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe T.png I’m sure we’ll be building up for the best stage ever on our end, too. Let’s work hard together!
【2nd Anniversary】Rui Maita T.png Yeah! We’ll be in your care, too! We’re forming a special sextet unit starting now ☆
【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe T.png And so, for what we should do first…

…Yes! It’s “deciding the unit name,” right, Kyoji ♪

【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo T.png Why are you saying “yes,” like that was aimed for me… I haven’t even said anything about it… Um… yes, uh…

Since it’s Beit and S.E.M… Why not B.E.M?

【2nd Anniversary】Jiro Yamashita T.png Wait, hold on. The S in Science went missing… Well, whatever, I don’t mind.
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama T.png Hm… We will succeed in our activities as a collab unit if we put our strengths together.
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo T.png ‘Kay… I’ll try not to drag us down, at least.

【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo T.png The lessons are getting started today…

Hazama-san’s pretty amazing. He moves so briskly and gives good advice, too…

Even though he’s dancing, he watches for the people around him, too… Like a teacher at school.

【2nd Anniversary】Jiro Yamashita T.png Hahaha. It’s ‘cuz he was an actual teacher… Along with me and Rui.

That level of passion is unbeatable, don’t you think? This old man’s just tired enough trying to keep up with him…

【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama T.png …I can hear you, Yamashita-kun. You have talent. There is no need for you to depreciate yourself so much.
【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe T.png Michio-san, I’d like to talk about the choreography for the chorus with you… Do you think there’d be more of a collaboration vibe with this if we arrange it this way?
【2nd Anniversary】Rui Maita T.png Good idea, Mister Watanabe! Let’s put that in our dance
【2nd Anniversary】Pierre T.png …L-like this?

Minori’s arrange, maybe hard. …Uuh… Collab… lots of work…

【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo T.png Don’t worry. I can’t do it right off the bat, either. So let’s practice together.

【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo T.png Haah… G’work there, guys…
【2nd Anniversary】Pierre T.png G’work—!

…Kyoji, very tired! Today, sleep early, important! Okay?

【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe T.png Ah… It’s a CD shop. Can we drop by? There’s a CD I want to buy.
【2nd Anniversary】Rui Maita T.png Look! They’re selling our CD ♪
【2nd Anniversary】Jiro Yamashita T.png Ah, you’re right… They’ve set it up with an exhibition, too… There aren’t very many copies left.

They’re selling surprisingly well… Is this how popular we’ve gotten? So that means, the salary’s also going to be… Hehe.

【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama T.png …I wonder if our songs are reaching the ears of the students as well…
【2nd Anniversary】Rui Maita T.png …Hm? What’s wrong, Mister Hazama?
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama T.png Aah. I was just—
【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe T.png Sorry for keeping you waiting! The register was all crowded up, so it took some more time than I thought…

All right, let’s leave the shop!

【2nd Anniversary】Pierre T.png Bye-bye, everyone in S.E.M!

…Today’s lessons, hard work. But fun!

【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe T.png Yeah. I don’t know if it’s because cross-unit jobs get me more fired up, but it was a refreshing experience!
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo T.png Uh… I’m heading down this path. There’s sorta a place I want to drop by.
【2nd Anniversary】Pierre T.png Drop by place? What is it?
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo T.png The convenience store I used to work at. I was thinking about giving the manager a CD and a ticket to our live.
【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe T.png Aah… I see. So that’s why you bought one of Beit’s CDs back then.
【2nd Anniversary】Pierre T.png Kyoji, meet manager? I also, want to meet manager!
【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe T.png So do I. At the very least, that person’s helped us out… Is that okay with you, Kyoji?
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo T.png Of course. If the three of us intruded onto the shop… I’m sure it’d be surprising, but also really enjoyable too.

…Okay, let’s go.

【2nd Anniversary】Rui Maita T.png Mister Yamashita, Mister Hazama! I received our fan letters ☆
【2nd Anniversary】Jiro Yamashita T.png And with a thump they fall… This is an amazing amount… I guess that’s what you’d expect from two whole years.
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama T.png This one is for Yamashita-kun, this one for Maita-kun… This one is written for me…
【2nd Anniversary】Rui Maita T.png Mister Hazama, what’s in that letter?
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama T.png … “Honestly, school was a little boring to me, but I like S.E.M’s songs.

I’ll be going to watch the lives with everyone in my class, so please do your best,” …it says. …Our songs… properly reached the students…

【2nd Anniversary】Jiro Yamashita T.png Haha… You seem happy, Hazama-san.
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama T.png Yes, I am… But… happiness is not the only thing I feel.

I did not think I could be this nervous about singing in front of my former students…

【2nd Anniversary】Rui Maita+ T.png …Our wonderful students! Are you enjoying our party?
【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe+ T.png The ball has just gotten started. Let’s all dance… together.
【2nd Anniversary】Pierre+ T.png Yahoo! Jiro, dance the sparkly dance, with me!
【2nd Anniversary】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png S-sure…

We’re gonna be doing THAT with THIS atmosphere? You serious…? …Oh, fine. Since it’s a long-awaited collaboration, we’ll finish it through and through.

【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png The cheers… are amazing… It’s like the cheers are echoing throughout my entire body…
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama+ T.png You’re right. But your voice won’t reach them with your microphone down.
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Aah, I guess so… I can’t just keep thinking about stuff. I have to actually put it to words…

To everyone in the venue! Today’s cheers are amazing… I’m really overwhelmed! Thanks! I’ll return these feelings through my performance… so let me hear your voices some more!

【2nd Anniversary】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Phew… I’m glad to have this short break… I’m so grateful for this time they’re selling merchandise…
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama+ T.png There is still the second half to challenge. Let’s recover our stamina now…

Hm? But it seems Takajo-kun isn’t here.

【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe+ T.png You’re right. I wonder where he’s…

Huh? I hear someone’s voice coming from the hallway…

【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png ...Don’t screw with me, you piece of shit!

I'll decide my own future! I said it before. I'm not going back... Don't show up in front of me ever again!

【2nd Anniversary】Pierre+ T.png Ah… Kyoji, you… okay…?
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Yeah… I’m fine.
【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe+ T.png ...It seemed like a pretty intense dispute just now...
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png ...It was Takajo Kyoichi... My older brother.

【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png To hell with that “Are you pretending to be popular?” To hell with that “Have your childish whims stopped yet?” bullcrap…

Saying whatever he wants all high-and-mighty because he’s looking down… He’s always… always been like that…!

【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama+ T.png Takajo-kun. You must never forget that resentment… those feelings that you’re holding right now.

Those emotions are proof that you are heading down the road of being an idol with straightforward conviction. In that case, you should show him how you are now… What it means to be an idol.

【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe+ T.png You’re not alone. We’re with you, so… let’s face it together.
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png …You’re right. I became an idol so that I could prove my strength…
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama+ T.png …It is almost time for the performance again. Everyone, prepare yourselves.

Takajo-kun… Prove to your elder brother what the charm of being an idol is, through your best performance.

【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Yeah…! I’ll show him…

I’ll show him what Takajo Kyoji’s true worth really is!

【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Sorry to keep you all waiting! Let’s keep on getting fired up for the second half, too!
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama+ T.png Hm… It seems Takajo-kun is brimming with even more motivation than before… It’s wonderful.
【2nd Anniversary】Rui Maita+ T.png Wow! Look over there, Mister Hazama!
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama+ T.png Aah… My former students. Hah… Just as their letters said. It seems they’ve come.
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Wow… Hazama-san, your students really admired you…
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama+ T.png While I was working as a teacher, that likely wasn’t the case… Even in the letters, they said that classes were boring.
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png You can’t change the past, but… you can change your future. “Your possibilities are infinite,” right?
【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama+ T.png Indeed. As long as passion is not extinguished, you can change as many things as you need… This scenery is the solution of that.
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png “Your possibilities are infinite.” …Haha. That sure is cool.

Okay… I’m going to change my future too!

【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Let’s continue on together… forward into the future! 【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama+ T.png

【2nd Anniversary】Minori Watanabe+ T.png That was a live that totally suited the 2nd anniversary! Aah, these overwhelming emotions… I want to talk with someone else about them…

…I have an idea! Do you want to have an ending party right now? Let’s eat really well and talk things through!

【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Really well… I want to eat meat.
【2nd Anniversary】Pierre+ T.png Meat? Barbecue, yahoo!

I, tummy rumbly! I agree!

【2nd Anniversary】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png I guess youngsters gotta go with the greasy, fatty stuff… I’ll join in, though. I’m hungry too.
【2nd Anniversary】Rui Maita+ T.png How would you like to come along too, Producer?

…Once you’re done finishing things up? I see!

【Logical Memorial】Michio Hazama+ T.png Allow us to reserve the location in advance. When you’ve finished, please contact us.
【A Step To My Future】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Good work, Producer. Don’t work too hard, okay…? I can’t put it to words really well, but…

…The reason I’m standing here— the reason we’re standing here right now is thanks to you… So… thanks for everything!

Haha… H-hope that you get back to us soon for the ending party! We’ll be going on ahead, then.

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