2nd Anniversary Live ~Words of Appreciation~

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#089: 2nd Anniversary Live ~Words of Appreciation~
[Marathon] 07/14/2016 – 07/22/2016
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Teru Tendo-icon.png Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

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Ken-circle.png 315プロダクション2周年記念のライブで、DRAMATIC STARSとHigh×Jokerがコラボユニットを結成!練習の中で、ユニット内外の結束も強まっています!

所属ユニットが一堂に会する2ndアニバーサリーライブで、コラボレーションCDの楽曲をお披露目するDRAMATIC STARSとHigh×Jokerはライブに向けた合同レッスンを行うことに。
一方、レッスン後にどこかへ向かうDRAMATIC STARS。輝には2人に伝えておきたい話があった。

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Translator: mitsuba_to
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png It's here... Mega hyper exciting...!

DRAMATIC STARS and High×Joker collab concert... This isn't a dream, right?!

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png No matter how many times you make sure, it's real just like Producer said.
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png If you don't believe it, would you like me to pinch your cheeks? *pinch*
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png Ow... The pain is real... ! That means the collab concert is real too... !
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ... Jun... Shiki is teary eyed...
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png You're quite noisy, High×Joker!
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Teru-san! And Kaoru-san and Tsubasa-san. Sorry for being so noisy in front of the lesson room.
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png It's okay. It looks like we were the only ones there at the time anyway.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png U-Uhm... We'll do our best so we look forward to working with you on this collab concert.
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Yes. But just so you know, if you cause any troubles during the joint lessons, you will be kicked out, students.

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png Uhm... That part just then... Everyone's a bit out of sync.

Let's redo that part one more time from the start. Our tempo needs to match...

【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png Okay!

Dancing is definitely a lot harder than singing...

【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png ... Sorry I'm late! Ah, it looks like you guys have already been practicing.
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ... Ah, Haruna... Hi. Are you done with today's extra classes... ?
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Somehow. So... Are you guys practicing your parts now?
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png Hayato, since Haruna-san's here now, we might as well go through it from the beginning.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Ah, I've got the whole choreography memorized, so from anywhere's fine.
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png As expected of Haruna. Alright, let's go through that part one more time!

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png Phew... Let's wrap up today's practice for now.
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png Some of the fine details need improvement, but we didn't do bad for the first day.
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png Ever since Harunacchi came, it feels like everyone's gotten better!
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png Well, if you compare us to the first time we tried dancing... We sure have improved.
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Yeah... Haruna was good at dancing from the start, but... We were terrible.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Ah, you mean the Hip Hop Dance Battle we did? But that was a good experience, too, wasn't it?
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png It depends on how you look at it... But it certainly was an unforgettable memory.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Right? Even if we failed, it became a good memory afterwards!

【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Oh! Well if it isn't High×Joker! You're all here. Do you have a lesson today?
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png Terucchi! Good work today!! We all did self-practice today~!
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Oh? You're all fired up, aren't you!
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png It's not that big of a deal, really. It's just necessary for the concert.
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png I'm glad... we did today's practice... My movements have improved a lot...
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png Today was the first day of self-practice, so we're only just getting started.
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png That sounds nice. Shall we do self-practice too?
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png I approve of your determination, but overdoing it will also increase the possibility of getting injured.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png By the way, it's still a bit early but do you guys have the day off school today?
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Teru-san, we're already on summer vacation... ! I have extra classes though.

【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Summer vacation, huh... ? Sure brings back memories. *
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png Summer vacation is hyper fun! Our schedules have been tight since we became idols, though.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png And on top of that you have extra classes. That seems pretty tough.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png I have less subjects than last year, so even though it may not look like it, I'm making progress. Haha!
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png It's no laughing matter. If you're so carefree about it, things will be difficult later.
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png Haruna, seriously, do your best on the exam. It really won't be funny if you fail.
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png If it's a supplementary exam then the contents of it must be easy. As long as you study hard, you should pass.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png You're right. Now that Kaoru-san's saying it as well, I definitely won't fail. You guys can leave it to me!
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ... Yeah. You can do it.

* Teru makes a pun using 懐かしい (nostalgic) (summer).

【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png Everyone's here! Our joint lessons start from today!
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png You're really excited. I take it that you've been practicing quite a lot so far?
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png I wouldn't say we're perfect, but we're at a somewhat satisfactory level.
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png That's right. But we won't know unless we try and team up...
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Yeah. Let's team up right away. I'm looking forward to dancing with everyone.
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png This job is a big event in honor of 315 Production. Let's do our absolute best.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png We want everyone to see the best of us!
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png DRAMATIC STARS, we look forward to working with you from now on!
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Yeah. We look forward to working with you too, High×Joker!

【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Your breath should be shorter here. You'll stand out when you start singing the first line if you're too loud.
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png Ooh, Kaoru-san's advice is amazing! It's so easy to understand!
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Right, left, turn...

If you pay attention to the position of your shoulders, it will look good.

【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png Shoulders? I was paying more attention to my feet. Thank you.
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Jun, your movements have gotten better since self-practice...
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png We better work hard too, Natsuki. Let's go through it once more.
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png At this interlude part, Teru-san and I cross the stage and move like this...

Which would attract the audience's attention. Good idea! Let's try it!

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png Joint practices sure are motivating. I'm having so much fun... !

【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Huh, that's weird... Even if I apply this formula the answer doesn't match... Hmm.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Studying during break as well? That's rough. If you don't mind, would you like me to teach you later?
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Really? That would be great!
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png What's the subject? It's not my specialty so let's get Sakuraba and Tsubasa to help too.

Hey, Sakuraba, Tsubasa! Let's look at Haruna's homework together after practice.

【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png It takes three people to help a student with their studies? Do you intend to get him into Todai or something? *
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png If the three of us teach him, I'm sure it will get finished right away. Let's do it, Kaoru-san!
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Oi, Kashiwagi... Good grief. If I'm going to do it, I'll do it thoroughly. Are you fine with that?
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Ugh, please go easy on me... !

* Abbreviation of University of Tokyo, one of Japan's most prestigious universities. / This line seems to have been recently (need source) updated to say 東慶田 (West Keida), instead of 東大, which is a fictional university that appeared in the event Campus Festival 2014. However, it is assumed that they use the same abbreviation (with possibly a different reading e.g. Higashidai) and/or that Higashi Keida is the equivalent to University of Tokyo.

【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png I taught you this auxiliary verb earlier, didn't I? The conjugated form is "ki" in the past tense...
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Oooh, amazing! I can solve it so easily!

As expected of a lawyer, doctor, and pilot!

【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png Haruna-san is actually understanding something... Amazing. Your method of teaching is really good.
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png It was easy to understand even just by listening...
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png Impressive. So you three really were smart since your high school days?
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Hehe... Well, if you're talking about studying, then I guess so.
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png It seems like you have the knowledge to teach students, Tendo.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Hey, have you been doubting my knowledge until now?!
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Now, now, you two, not in front of the students. Please settle down.

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png Haruna, you passed the exam? Congrats! I'm so happy for you...
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png You did your very best... Congrats, Haruna.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Thanks! But you didn't have to come all the way here to wait for me.
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png We had summer classes so it was just a coincidence. It's not like we came for your sake...
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png Oh, come on~! Juncchi, you were really nervous about the results!
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png Ugh... ! Shiki-kun, don't talk nonsense... !
(Shiki runs off)
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png Wait!
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png No~! Because I only tell the truth~!
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Ahaha... Those two never change, do they? I never get tired of watching them.

【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Uh, hey...

Guys... Thanks.

【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Haruna... ? What's this all of a sudden... ?
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png Haruna-san, are you okay? Don't tell me you're repeating another year...
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png No. I just wanted to say it for some reason.
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png If you're worried about something we'll listen, so just say it!
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png He's right, Harunacchi! Don't be so distant! If you there's a problem-...
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png No, no, really, it's not like that! You guys worry too much.

Ah, look. Let's hurry up and go to the studio to do our lesson!

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png ... Okay, break's over. Let's go through it once more from the start. Sound good?
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png ... Yes, let's do it. We've had plenty of time to catch our breath, so it's fine.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png I really do like moving my body more than studying.

When I imagine dancing on the stage, I get really excited!

【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Haruna... You look like you're in a good mood today... More than usual.
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png Ah, I know! I bet you're happy to be released from those evil extra classes!
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png Ah, I see. You've sure had it rough until now... Good job.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Well, there's also that, but... That's not the only thing.

Being able to do lessons and stand on the same stage with everyone is really fun.

【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Y'know, at first... I joined the band and became an idol... because I wanted to move up a grade.

But now, it's something I can face seriously. And, I feel this way... Because High×Joker was there for me... I could have never done it alone. Haha... Saying things like this over again... It's kinda embarrassing.

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama T.png Haruna... I feel the same way. Because the five of us are High×Joker, right?

Even if one person was missing, I'm sure I wouldn't be the person I am today.

【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya T.png Yeah! We wouldn't be High×Joker even if anyone was missing!
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ... Yeah... Me too... I'm so glad I met Hayato and Haruna and Shiki.
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi T.png That's right. Everything changed when I met you guys... I'm sure that's the same for all of us.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato T.png Haha... Really?

Alright, let's make this 2nd anniversary concert a success!

【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Today's lesson was good. At this rate, it looks like things will go smoothly until the actual performance.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png ... Hey, Tsubasa, Sakuraba. If you don't mind, do you wanna go somewhere after this?

There's this favorite store of mine where we can have a chat about the lesson and at the same time take a break.

【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png That sounds good. It's been a while since the three of us sat down and relaxed.
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png I refuse. The sound of Tendo's "favorite store" worries me.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png C'mon, don't say that. I may not look it, but I was a lawyer. I know some good places.

It's a good store with a mature atmosphere so you'd definitely like it!

【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Let's go, Kaoru-san. We need to take a break once in a while.
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png ... If it ends up being some strange store then I'm going home.

【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Ahem. Uh, thank you all for coming here today. Well then...

It's a bit early, but here's to the 2nd anniversary of 315 Production and the founding of DRAMATIC STARS!

【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Cheers! 【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png This is a lovely store, isn't it? I didn't know such nice place existed.
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png The atmosphere is decent. It's not bad overall.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Right? It's my secret place. I'd be happy if you like it.

2 years ago, I was scouted by Producer here in this store.

【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Here? Well that makes it a place of special memories, doesn't it?
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Yeah. You could also say it's the place where my idol life started.

【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png The reason I became an idol... was because of a certain young boy's plead.

I wanted to help that kid who didn't have anyone on his side, so I ran about frantically. But once the law firm realized it was unprofitable, they withdrew from the case.

【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png ......
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png In order to defend that child, I left the firm and became a freelancer.

It was great that we got as far as to appear in court. But after that I suddenly lost my job... Of course, no one would ever entrust a job to a lawyer who has no support. I knew that, but I was able to endure it. And then I came here to sulk.

【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Teru-san...

【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png It's a story of the past now but... The law firm that I worked for was well-known.

I studied so hard and finally got employed... And yet I threw it all away. ... But I have no regrets. No matter how many times I start over, I will choose the same path. "No matter what you're going through, live honestly." That's my way of life.

【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png ... Hmph. Even though you're not drunk, you're quite talkative, aren't you?
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Sorry. I just wanted you guys to know about me.

... I don't intend to keep secrets. Because we're teammates, right?

【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png I think Teru-san's way of living is cool.
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png I'm not interested but I won't deny it. If that's what you've decided for yourself, then do whatever you like.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Thank you. In order for the three of us to aim for the brightest star, once again, I look forward to continue working with you guys!

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png We're finally performing... Ooh, I'm nervous.
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png It's okay, Hayato-kun. We're all going to work hard together.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Yeah. We've practiced a lot so it'll go well.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo+ T.png Hayato, even though you're nervous now, aren't you the type that let's it all out when you stand on stage?
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png If you say that, then isn't everyone here that type?
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png I'm calm at all times.
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Being calm is important too, but how about this time we all enjoy ourselves to the fullest?
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo+ T.png Having fun is contagious, after all. Let's have a blast!
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png ... Yeah! We'll definitely make this collab concert a success!

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Everyone! Thank you for coming to 315 Production's thanksgiving festival today!
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Isn't it amazing? It's been 2 years since High×Joker and DRAMATIC STARS debuted!
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo+ T.png We're standing here because of you guys. We can't thank you enough.
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Today, with feelings of gratitude, we will sing with all our heart!
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png Since you came all this way to the venue, I do not intend to bore anyone.
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Follow us to till the very end, okay, guys!
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png We've grown in these past 2 years, so take a close look at our performance!
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo+ T.png Alright then, let's go to the next song! We're gonna deliver the best song!

【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png ... Phew. It's been a while since it got this intense on stage.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo+ T.png What's wrong, Sakuraba? You're not tired already, are you?
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png Don't belittle me. I haven't conveyed all of my feelings yet.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Look at you, all fired up. I guess we can look forward to the next song then?
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png Hmph, of course. I promise to deliver the best time.
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Did you hear that, everyone? I'm looking forward to hearing Kaoru-san sing too!

I still want to keep singing! So please let me sing some more!

【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo T.png Now you're talking! Alright, let's do the next song with all we've got!

【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Hey, everyone! Are you having a good time? Let's have even more fun!
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Our dancing and talking skills are at their best today, right, Haruna?

Ah, that's right... Let's join shoulders!

【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Alright, let's do this!

Ahh, I'm having so much fun right now! Concerts are great.

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Yeah! But... This song is gonna end soon.

I wish I could stay standing on this stage...

【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png That's just how it is. Fun times will always come to an end, right?

That's why we'll make this performance the greatest moment... so that we won't regret it later!

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Yeah, you're right...

Alright, let's carry this out to the very end!

【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Yeah, that's the spirit!

【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo+ T.png When this song is finished, it's our turn. It's the last encore song. Are you ready?
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Yes! Let's liven up the stage till the very end!
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Fufu. My body is supposed to be at it's limit, but I feel like I can still sing.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png We're still full of energy so we can overcome that limit!
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png The encore will impact the concert's outcome. Let's use up all the strength we have left.
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png This last number is High×Joker and DRAMATIC STARS' combined effort!
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo+ T.png Haha. We've come this far, so all we can do is run until we're out of breath!

Let's go, guys! It's the last big performance from here on!!

【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo+ T.png The 2nd anniversary concert is over... Was becoming famous a dream... ?
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png Are you still half asleep? Yesterday's concert certainly did... feel like a dream, but...
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png ... Kaoru-san? Are you okay?
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png Everyone's exhausted...
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya+ T.png I'm still feeling excited~ I'm completely worn out but that was an amazing performance~
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png It was awesome, wasn't it... ? That sense of unity and excitement was something special.
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png I see... It really is over, huh?
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png I can't believe we were able to experience a stage like that. It was like a dream...

【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png We should hold a review meeting for the concert... Huh?
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png ... Producer-san. How long have you been there... ?
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Eh, Producer-chan?! I didn't notice you! If you're there, say something!
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Producer is kind of spaced out as well... You haven't recovered yet, have you?
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Producer is tired from watching over the preparations and performances the whole time.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo+ T.png Haha, it can't be helped that your like this today. Everyone's in the same condition too.
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png It isn't a rush job. You should at least take it easy today.
【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png Producer-san, thank you very much.
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Let's do our best and have a mega hyper recovery time together, Producer-chan!

【2nd Anniversary】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png It's almost time. Shall we head off to the after-party?
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Yes. The other units are already on their way as well.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo+ T.png Party, huh... ? I want to talk with Producer all night about our journey so far.
【2nd Anniversary】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Hey, Terucchi! Keeping Producer-chan all to yourself isn't fair!
【Those Important Memories】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png Shiki, you should talk to other people besides Producer-san...
【2nd Anniversary】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png You should talk to us too. About things like yesterday's concert.
【These Important Days】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png We can talk as much as we want today, right? There's a lot I want to talk about.
【2nd Anniversary】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png I'm still excited as well. There's so much I want to talk about, I can't keep calm!
【2nd Anniversary】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png So noisy. How long are you going to keep wasting your breath? Let's hurry up and go.
【Growing Radiance】Teru Tendo+ T.png It looks like today will be a really long day. Producer, prepare yourself!

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