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Translator: Kelly
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png “I am a hero!!”

Thank you very much for coming to watch the final day of Shadow 9’s cheering movie shooting!

(Cheers and applause)
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png I’m Seiji Shingen, acting as “Rich Spencer.” Haha, thank you. This is just like a live!

But today, I won’t be singing. In place of that, I’ll fire the place up with the topic of our next installment! Now then, let’s get started. Let me introduce the exceptional staff members of our company, SION!

【Science】Pierre T.png Yahoo! Everyone, doing well? I’m engineer, “Bill Gram,” actor, Pierre! Thank you for your time!
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Good afternoon. I’ll be acting as SION’s scientist, “John D. Smith,” Yukihiro Kamiya.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Also a scientist, my character is “Jean Murdoch,” and I’m Sora Kitamura~. Please take care of us~.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Finally, I will be the protagonist of this movie. Acting as “Kenji Minamoto,” my name is Kuro Kiyosumi.
【Science】Pierre T.png In Shadow 9, did you watch how Kyoji and the others worked? So cool, right? I watched it a ton!
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png I wonder what kind of story the next one will be like? I’m already excited for it.
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png There might be some mysteries scattered here and there throughout the previous episode that will get uncovered in this one.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png The actors in this work will come together with their hearts as one, and we’ll challenge it with all we have, so please do expect good things from us~.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png We will strive with our utmost ability so that everyone will be able to enjoy this movie.

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【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Good morning~. Good work on the stage greetings the other day~.

Thundering applause / We learn that expectations / For us rise higher. We’ll have to get equally fired up too~.

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Exactly. Because it is part of a series, we’ll have to ride on the momentum from the previous work, and connect to the next one.
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png Shadow 9 was well received, so I’m sure that’ll be a significant hurdle to overcome, but that just means the worth in giving it a try is more than enough.
【Science】Pierre T.png Script I got, already read! So so interesting!
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Pierre-kun, you sure are excited. Though, really, I am too.

Since it’s a story that follows up from Shadow 9, this set of developments couldn’t have happened if it weren’t a series.

【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png Yeah. I was absorbed in flipping the pages, and time just flew by.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I felt the same. As I read the script, I began to anticipate the acting portion more and more.

I’m sure you must be thrilled to have such a pivotal role as well, Kitamura-san.

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png …You’re right~. I sure am excited~.

(But there’s no way I can openly enjoy it, honestly~)

【Science】Pierre T.png Sora…?

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【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Kitamura-san, is there something that’s worrying you?
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png Please don’t hold back and talk to us about it. We might be able to help you out somehow.
【Science】Pierre T.png Yes. Sora is worrying, I’m worry. I, want to help.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Ahaha. It’s not that serious of a conundrum, really~. It’s just, I’m not skilled when it comes to science-related subjects~…

See, the script also has lots of difficult formulae and theories that show up in it, right~?

My role Jean Murdoch is young, and despite that, he’s a genius who’s become the head scientist. I guess I could say I’m worried whether or not I’d be able to act out that kind of role~.

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I see. That’s what you were worried about?
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png I’m not good at studying either, so I can really sympathize with how you feel.
【Science】Pierre T.png Everyone study, Chemistry, to do?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Studying~? Before that, I think it’d be best to improve my awareness on the parts that I’m bad with~.
【Science】Pierre T.png How to solve, bad parts awareness? Hmm. So hard…
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png What to do…

Oh, I have an idea. How about we try out some simple recreation to fix it?

We’ll do science projects that you can see as games. It’ll double up on how you become more familiar with things and deepen your compatibility with it.

I think that might be able to help out your awareness on your weaknesses, if only a little.

【Science】Pierre T.png Experiment!? Sounds fun! Sora, let’s do together!
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I’m in favor of it as well. Kitamura-san, would you like to give it a try?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Sure. I’m glad for the suggestion~. Let’s give it a shot~.

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【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Umm. Add color to the hot water, and then melt the borax. The amount will be…
【Science】Pierre T.png Put in glue, spin spin, mix, mix, mix… Ooh…! Kuro, look! It became slime! Fufu, so fun!
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Indeed. It’s quite the mystery. Should we try changing the proportions next time we make it?

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Yukihiro-san, I made the morning glory-extract watercolor~.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Thanks. I’m ready here, too. Let’s get started with the experiment.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Okay. I’ll mix in the citric acid now~… Oh! It turned pink~.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Mine has turned a nice, pretty green. It changes depending on whether or not it’s an acid or base, doesn’t it?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Depending on the amount you put in, the intensity of the colors will change too~. Interesting stuff~.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png You’re right… Ah, speaking of which, that thing’s also the same. Okay, later, let’s all…

【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png I’ll put dry ice into the box, and… Okay. Everyone, pay attention. Let’s get started…

* pushes the box *

【Science】Pierre T.png Wow! Round fog, came out! This, shape of air? Mystery.
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png Yeah. That’s why I chose to do this. I played with my niece using this before, and she was thrilled about it, almost like it was magic. I thought it’d go over well this time, too.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png I see. Magic, huh~? That way of thinking about it never occurred to me~.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,”…

We’re working with chemistry this time, but this phrase fits it to a tee~.

【Science】Pierre T.png Advanced technology… magic… Ah! That, I know! Arthur C. Clarke, right!
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png You got it. Ah, then by that vein, it’ll be easier to remember the difficult theories if I think of them like they’re curses~.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Fufu. When it comes to magic, you have experience as a mage. That must be in your field of expertise, Kitamura-san.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png I guess so~. Then, when I’m in trouble, I’d like a certain elite inspector to lend me his help~.
  • Clarke's three laws are three adages that were written by Arthur C. Clarke, the British science fiction writer, regarding the future.
  • There is a reference to the event Write for someone ~A Reminiscent Sky~ at the end of this chapter. The roles of Akahoshi Mitsumasa (Sora’s character) and Chuck Lowe (Kuro’s character) are brought up as the “mage” and “inspector,” respectively.

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【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve set up preparations for teatime.

I hope you’ll take a look at this one type of magical chemistry I have here.

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png A light blue herb tea… Is this…?
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png It looks like you know about it. This is herb tea known as mallow blue.
【Science】Pierre T.png Amazing! Color like the sky… So pretty ♪ Thanks for the drink!
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Oh, could you hold on a little bit? This tea has a surprise to it.
【Science】Pierre T.png Surprise, what is it? …Huh… Huhhh? Wait, little by little, color changing?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png It’s becoming more purple, bit by bit~. It’s like that watercolor from before~.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Exactly. I remembered this while I was halfway through that experiment.

Now then, everyone. For the end of the experiment, please squeeze the lemons you have on the side.

【Science】Pierre T.png Lemon… put in… Wow! This time, became pink! Yahoo! So cool, so cool!
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Lemons, huh… Aah, so that means this one’s…
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Yep, exactly. Like the morning glory-colored watercolor from before, this one makes use of antioxidants.

The mallow blue tea was alkaline when it had just been poured. That’s why it was sky blue, just like a jewel.

When it comes in contact with the air, it becomes more neutral, and it gradually turns purple.

And finally, when you sprinkle lemon juice on top, it’ll become pink due to the acidity… How was that? Interesting, wasn’t it?

【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png Yeah. It’s definitely intriguing. Maybe I should show it to Amane sometime.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I didn’t expect chemistry to be something that existed in such close proximity to ourselves.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Fufu. I’m really grateful that this sort of opportunity was prepared for me~. Thank you all~.

I feel like I’ll be able to face Jean Murdoch head on and be positive about things, going forward~.

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【Science】Pierre T.png Yaah! Tah! HAH!
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png You’re very skilled. Even though we were just warming up, I couldn’t help but get serious against you.
【Science】Pierre T.png Seiji, fighting technique, amazing. Thank you very much, for spar!
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png You two have worked hard today. That was amazing force behind those movements…
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Yeah. I was so engrossed in watching, I almost forgot to breathe~.
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png Thank you. But Pierre, you really are amazing. You’ll be a great mentor with this.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Yes. Being able to borrow Pierre-san’s help is terribly reassuring.

After all, my character, Kenji, has the character background of being a scientist who also dabbles in karate.

I considered heading to a dojo before beginning the actual training, but having Pierre-san accompany me for practice is an incredibly great help.

【Science】Pierre T.png For good movie, I, work hard! Let’s work well together!
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Same here. I will be looking forward to your guidance.

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【Science】Pierre T.png Lower, hip more. Aim body facing, here.

Ah, arm height, like this. Eyes, that way, look. And do this!

* lashes out *

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I see… With this posture, the previous movement will be… like this!

* lashes out *

…Was that correct?

【Science】Pierre T.png Yes! Kuro, amazing! Pretty stance! Did, do before?
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png No. I’ve never attempted karate even once before now. I am also surprised to receive such praise.
【Science】Pierre T.png Oh, really? But Kuro, did just like advice said! So fast at remembering!
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Hmm. This could be my experience in tea ceremonies aiding me. There are no textbooks when it comes to tea ceremony practice.

The principle behind it is “learning by watching” as you watch and imitate the teacher’s actions.

As a result, if that is why my movements are precise, that also means your actions are amazing, Pierre-san.

【Science】Pierre T.png Thank you, Kuro. So happy, getting praise!

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【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Take that! And that! And that!
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Kuro-sensei, you’ve been repeating the same movements and nothing else, over and over, for a while now~.

It already looks perfect to me. Is there a part of it that you’re not satisfied with~?

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png There is. Even if I trace the example with great dedication, that does not amount to me genuinely attaining the skill.

I have to refine all the movements even further until I am able to understand it from head to toe.

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png No matter what you do, you face everything with all your effort. So diligent~.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png It’s not like that. In the first place, I could say that my reason behind doing it is that I have no choice but to do it.

Because when it comes to moving my body, my ability to do so verges on being lacking in skill.

I can only attain it by continuing to repeat the movements candidly such that they are engraved into my muscle memory.

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png You also put in extra effort when it comes to dance lessons, don’t you~. I guess that’s a part of it too~.

…Ah, I got it. Basically, it’s like that~.

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png What are you referring to?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Fufu. Watching your approach on things has led me to realize something, too, I guess~.
  • There is a reference to another event that features a Kuro rank and Sora gacha SR pair. Sora commenting that Kuro puts in extra effort for dance lessons comes from Xmas Live 2017 -Side:Prelude-.

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【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Sei! Hah! Taah!
【Science】Pierre T.png Awesome! Kuro, gotten stronger! Form is also pretty!
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png Exactly. Each and all of your forms has great accuracy. I could hardly recognize you doing it.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Thank you very much. Everything was thanks to Pierre-san’s aid.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png I’m sure the trainer will be surprised, too. I can’t lose to you, either.
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png Oh, you’re getting fired up. I’ll keep on drilling you on the foundations again today.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png I’ll be in your care. Okay, first, let’s get started with the preliminary exercises.
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png Kuro, want to join? After you do your karate, I can teach you my self-defense forces fighting techniques too.

After watching you practice with Pierre, I started getting antsy. It might be worth drilling you.

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Fufufu. Ah, Producer~. I have a little something to consult with you about~.

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Kitamura-san. What were you talking about with Producer just now?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Fufu. It’s the second of Clarke’s laws~. And the answer to your question is coming soon~.
  • Clarke’s second law: “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”

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【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Good work, everyone~… Phew, I barely made it in time for the meeting~.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Sora-kun, you’ve been busy recently. Aren’t you a little tired?
【Science】Pierre T.png Sora, sit on sofa. When tired, rest, and recover. I, bring you drink!
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Thank you. Actually, there was something I wanted to do before the filming happened~.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Something you wanted to do…? Is it some sort of lesson?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Yeah. I asked an acquaintance from university to do a little bit of special training~.

They’re vital to me building my role~. It’s stuff like basic chemistry knowledge and how to use tools for experiments~.

【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png I see. An approach you can only take because you’re in university, huh?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png A large part of it was that I wanted to learn how to use the experiment equipment before we started filming~.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Was that what you were consulting with Producer about the other day?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png I asked them to get in touch with the creative side of things to hear about information on the machinery we’ll be using~.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png That’s some amazing diligence there. No one would even think twice that you were aware of your weakness towards that subject.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Fufu. There’s lots I have to memorize, so I’m still struggling, though~.

But “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible… is to venture a little way past them into the impossible,” after all~.

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png The second of Clarke’s laws, wasn’t it?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png You knew it, Kuro-sensei~?
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I was interested in the words you said previously, so I looked them up.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png I see. But with that being said, I’m currently pursuing my special training in earnest~. The real thing is yet to come, so look forward to it~.

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【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Pierre-san, thank you very much for accompanying me so late.
【Science】Pierre T.png Hey, on way home, let’s go eat takoyaki! I, stomach grumbly.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png “Time to analyze the blood sample… Hmm. It looks like the concentration of adrenaline to be found inside the blood is still high.

At this rate, the level of aggressiveness will be too strong and I won’t be able to use it practically…

Hah! So maybe with this combination, I… No, it didn’t work… Dammit. One more simulation…”

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Oh, Kitamura-san. You were here?
【Science】Pierre T.png Good evening, Sora. Practicing acting, here?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Yeah. I was rehearsing the way I’d use the equipment while looking at the video~.

I thought it’d be good to drop in a few lines from my character while keeping the act in mind, too.

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Is that so? I only had a brief glimpse, but you were very much in character as you did so.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Thank you. But I think I still have a ways to go~.

Even if I trace my example, that doesn’t mean I’ve genuinely attained the skill, right~?

I’ll continue to refine myself even more and pin down the Jean-ness perfectly~.

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I see. Then, that means your handling of the experiment tools is one of the “forms” you have thought up for it?
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png You’re the one who made me realize that, Kuro-sensei~. I’m grateful to you~.
【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png Oh, are the three of you also heading into final checks for the filming? You’re all so hardworking to be staying this late.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png * stumbling in *

Haah… haah… You too, Seiji-san. You ran twice as fast as I did.

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png What a coincidence! To think that all of us would be gathered up now.

You seem to be tired, Kamiya-san. Would you like to take a short break now?

【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Yes, please… Haah… haah… I can’t walk another step…
【Science】Pierre T.png Yahoo! I, go buy takoyaki! Everyone eat together!

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【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png “I tried out a simulation of the clinical study. Could you check this over for me?”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png “Ooh. You’re going with a percutaneous administration? Hmm, hmm. I’ll fill the capsule with the liquid medicine, then…”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png “Can’t it be done through inhalation? The mouse can be administered the medicine with a spray.”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png “I considered that as well, but neither its body nor consciousness will be able to withstand the sudden cell changes.

This is my predicted data for the experiment. It’ll go on a rampage if it doesn’t get gradually accustomed to the drug, given enough time.”

【Science】Pierre T.png Ah. Producer, we were practicing. How was it?
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png We were just like real scientists? That’s the best compliment of all.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Phew. I thought of these lines as curses as I remembered them…

But due to my recent training, I think I’ve been able to understand the meaning behind them somehow~.

【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png That just goes to show that your hard work is definitely paying off.

Let’s keep going like this until we finish filming.

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【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Challenging lessons, / as we drink tea day by day, / the dates flow on by. We’re finally getting started with filming tomorrow, huh~.

I thought it was way ahead in the future when we did our onstage greetings, but time passed in the blink of an eye~.

【Science】Seiji Shingen T.png We read through the script and did the action training as best we could.

I guess it’d be fine to say that we’re perfectly prepared for things.

【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Thank you for also showing up from time to time for the lessons, Producer.
【Science】Pierre T.png Lots of snacks, made me happy. Please support, for filming, too!
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Phew. I’m confident that we’ll do things well, but when we have it looming in front of us, I can’t help but feel nervous.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Huh? Producer, is it really okay for you to designate this job a huge success when it hasn’t even started yet~?
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png You say that to us after having watched our training this whole time…

It’s very reassuring. I will be able to focus on the following shoots without misgivings because of you.

…Aah. Could this possibly be something along the lines of “The first law”?

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura T.png Fufu. Maybe so~.
  • Clarke’s first law: “When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.”

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【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “What’s the meaning of this!? I can’t get permission for the clinical trial… And what for?”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Can you resolutely affirm that T-315 is perfect, without flaws? You can’t. That’s the reason.”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “But the secondary effects have disappeared. Even the issue with it feeding off of emotions can also be altered by changing the tolerance level…”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “I will not condone any failures in the ‘Talos Project.’ Permission for the clinical study is denied.”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “I won’t accept this! Give me permission, now…! Hey, CEO! I’m still talking to y—…”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Please, wait! I can back up Jean’s research results as well.

There are also inhibitors to T-315, and we can deal with the unexpected outside circumstances well enough.”

【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “Thanks to the help of some helpful burglars, we’ve also finished demonstrating the results of the inhibitors.

So because of that, I’d like to request a test with the improved medicine on those persons…”

【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Those guys are already in jail. Are you going to do it in their place, John?”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “Yeek! O-Oh, you kidder, you… I admire superheroes, but I think I’ll refrain from this one…”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “I will do it. I decided on it with Jean a while back. I have no qualms about it.”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “…! No! For now, you have to improve the drug immediately. This is an order.”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “Why do you go so far to be this cautious on this issue? It’s not like you.”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Is there some other reason that you have no other choice but to do this?”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “…………Just improve the safety of the drug. I have nothing else to say.”

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png The filming is going well. Kitamura-san’s experimenting scene made it look as if his hands were flowing back and forth.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png It’s thanks to you~. I feel like a little bit of the weight’s off my shoulders now~.

But the filming has only just gotten started. We can’t let up, so let’s keep going~.

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【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Jean, you’re still in the lab? What are you plotting by calling me out here in the dead of night?”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “Sorry about this. I wanted to borrow your help.”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “…Adjusting the machinery? Are you doing some sort of experiment right now? And that drug… it’s—! Jean!”

* backs off *

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “You also agreed to the clinical trial, didn’t you? All I’m doing now is advancing the schedule.

If we produce results, that CEO will accept it. You and I will make this project a success!”

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “…Do you know what you’re saying? The CEO was acting strangely, but you’re just as odd.

Calm down. Don’t rush the results. Give up for now and wait for permission when it…”

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png * uses a taser on him *
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Guh!?”

* collapses *

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “You tried to settle things by negotiating… I guess I was right to have prepared a taser gun.

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to cooperate with me. I don’t have any more time left…”

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Nice work with that scene, Kuro-sensei~. That was a good fake-fall~.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Thank you for the compliment. I studied demo videos online about taser guns for this.
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png It was true-to-life. I’ll have to practice that too. I want to add it to my repertoire for when I’m playing around with my niece.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png With your niece…? I’d have to say, that seems to be quite the realistic kind of game…
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png I can do all sorts of ways of being done in. She won’t accept my acting if it’s half-baked, you see.

Hahaha! Leaving that aside, next up is your turn to shine. Go wild with all you’ve got, and make it flashy!

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【Science】Pierre+ T.png
“Jean-saaan~! Open up, please~! Jean-saaan~!”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png
“Chief, I understand how you feel, but please calm down a little~!”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “Tch. They already noticed, huh? I have to hurry.

Kenji, you have no need to worry. It’ll definitely be a success. We’re going to be heroes. Kukuku…

This is good. There’s no confusion, no intense fluctuation. The brain waves are also showing changes that are going according to the simulation.”

* The ground rumbles, and flashes of light spark. *
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Haah… haah… haaah…”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “I did it! It’s a success! Hahaha! I finally did it! HAHAHAHA!”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Hah… haaah… Kuh— uggh… UWOOOOOOOHHH!!”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “Kenji!? Dammit! What’s with these number values…? Impossible! WAAHH—…!!”
* flash of light *
【Science】Pierre+ T.png Oh my gosh! The explosion-proof door got blown apart! At least he saved me the effort of unlocking the door!”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “B-b-b-but this— Isn’t he going on a rampage!? Oh to the noes, my figurines are…!!”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Was I too late!? John, hand me the inhibitor! Bill, restrain Kenji with your gadgets!”
【Science】Pierre+ T.png “I don’t have my laptop, so I can’t do anything~…!”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “At a time like this…!? Oh, fine. I’ll have to strain my body… C’mon, Doctor Karate!”

* Rich fights Kenji. *

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “GAAAAAAHHHHH!!”
* The ground rumbles. *
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Guh— This is unbelievable! I can’t believe it could also manifest extraordinary strength! This went beyond my expectations…”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “OOOOOOHHHH!! …Ugh!?”
* A drug hits Kenji. *
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “I-It hit…! The inhibitor was a hit! Kenji-kun, are you hurt…?”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Ugh… Kuh— G-get away from me! It’s too dangerous for anyone to… get close to me…! UWOOOH!”

* Kenji escapes the lab. *

【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “D-don’t let him get away… Ugh… Professor… I dragged… even your son into this…”

* Rich collapses. *

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Shingen-san, do you have any injuries retained from the intense action scenes?
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png Haha. No problem. As you see here, I’m perfectly fit as a fiddle. I could go two or three more takes while I’m at it.
【Science】Pierre+ T.png Yahoo~! I, also can keep going! Kuro, one more time, go?
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png N-no, thank you… I’d rather not. If I were to do that, I think I would collapse…
  • Pierre's Oh my gosh! line was originally written as Holy shit!, which makes for one of the few times an event story was altered after its installment.

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【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “Kenji… I’m sorry… This shouldn’t have happened…”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “Ummsies. Chief, wanna hot dog?”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “John… What do you want? I’m not a chief or anything any longer. I’m just a criminal.

Damn it all. There were no mistakes in my composition. The drug was definitely complete…!”

【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “With this, your transaction with the army has gone down in flames. Your little sister must be worried, huh?”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “…!? You— Why do you know about that!”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “Ehehe. I’m well-informed. I know basically everything about the lab’s staff members.

For example, the CEO. He’s hired an exceptional agent behind the scenes. Basically, he’s employed a spy.

Plus, Bill-kun is secretly developing gadgets for that same agent.

Oh, and might I add. Chief, you’re leaking data to the army in exchange for your little sister’s medical treatment.

There still isn’t a cure, apparently. The fee for her hospitalization must be one hefty thing. I know.”

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “Who… are you…?”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “I was late in my introduction, it seems. My name is ’T’… I’m an agent of the organization known as Phantom.

How would you like to consider coming to our side? We can pay much better than the army if your brains are with us.”

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “…I refuse. Like hell I’d let my research be used for crimes. Security! Come get him!”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “Too bad, so sad. That won’t work. Both the camera and microphone have been set up. Underestimating the Phantom is a bad thing to do.”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “Is there no one here!? Dammit! The door won’t open… Hey! Someone, c… GWAH—!?”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png * John incapacitates Jean, who collapses. *

“…There’s no way around it, then. I’ll silence you and have you help me out for just one last thing.”

【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png John’s finally revealed his true identity. I’m already looking forward to how the audience will react.

Hmm. Shinonome said before that acting as an antagonist was interesting to do… He’s right. I might start getting hooked on this.

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png You say that as if you haven’t played a villain before~. I think Felix Han suits those prerequisites far well enough~.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png You think? Ahaha. I didn’t really feel that personally. He’s just a refined, dandy guy in my head.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Fufu. If you had such a lack of self-awareness that you could say stuff like that, I guess you’re incredibly suited for villains~.
  • When John reveals himself to be T, his speech pattern changes from a dinky scientist to a smooth information agent. Fittingly, his pronoun of referring to himself changes from 僕 (“boku,” a more unassuming, polite method) to 私 (“watashi,” which is usually used for males who have a higher regard to themselves).
  • The character mentioned here is Yukihiro’s Felix Han, from Best Game 2 ~The Crucial Trigger of Destiny~, while Sora’s character in that was Justin Le. Reading/listening to the event may allow you to form your own opinion whether or not he was an antagonist.

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【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “…………Ugh…”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “You’re awake? Please wait a moment. I’m finishing my preparations right now.”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “…What are you doing… lining up your figurines…”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “Cute, aren’t they? The angle is most important. …Okay, I got a nice picture.

Are you surprised? There’s a hidden camera set up inside my figurines. See, over here.

I put a lot of ingenuity into things. Actually, it’d be more appropriate to call it struggling.

You see, this lab has such strict security. I can’t even take a piece of candy out of here.

Thanks to that, trying to sneak out the test drug turned into a hot mess, just like a spy movie.”

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “…What are you planning to do with me?”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “Well, I dunno. Might just put you in an experimental capsule and put you up for display at a museum or something.”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “…Hmph. That sounds a lot better than making me go crazy and forcing me to climb some skyscraper.”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “Hahaha! That sounds good. I’m looking forward to you making top news tonight.

The headline will be… Ah, yes. Dr. Murdoch… or should I say ‘Mad Dog,’ Howls at the Skyscrapers. Sounds good?

Fufu, I have to stir things up real nice. Let’s see. How about we double the concentration of the drug used on Kenji-kun?”

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “…! What’d you say just now…? Kenji… You did that to him… You were the one who…

So YOU meddled with things that time! You did that to Kenji…! You did that to my research!

Damn it all, damn every last thing! When this takes effect, you’re the first one I’m crushing! I’ll destroy you!”

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Phew… I guess my scenes as the scientist Jean Murdoch end here for the time being~.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png Good work there. And starting now, you’ll be engaging in scuffles as the Mad Dog Jean.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Yep. I’m going to go on even more of a rampage than Kuro-sensei did, as a villain~.

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【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “…Agh… Haah… They’ve cornered me… They don’t seem to be the army…

* He staggers as he continues walking. *

(What’ll I do… The inhibitor has taken a significant effect. I don’t have any strength to fight back now…)

There’s nothing else I can do left… But I can’t just stay quiet here…!”

* The air around him flashes, and someone comes to save Kenji. *
??? "хорошо. That’s one good Japanese soul you’ve got.

I’m done getting a hold of the situation. Hmph. Those are Phantom’s underlings following you. Pathetic guys.”

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Who are you…?”
【S.AGENT】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png “Mister Karate, the boss is waiting for you. Ride this drone. Don’t worry. It’s on autopilot.”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Is this… Is this all right…? Um— Please don’t push me— UWAAAAHHHHHHH!!”

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “…Gaah… Haah… I thought I was dead for sure…”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “The runaway boy’s made his way back home. Good grief. You’re really making me meddle too much.”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “CEO? …I… I deeply apologize… I will most definitely take responsibility for this.”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “If you mean that, then you better stop Jean with your abilities.”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Stop Jean? What does that mean?”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “We don’t have any time, so I’ll cut to the chase. John— No, Phantom used T-315 on Jean.

And he used an excessive amount. Thanks to that, the guy’s gone crazy and run riot in the streets of New York before disappearing without a trace.”

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “That’s terrible! Jean’s… But I… I don’t have any more strength to stop him now…”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Use the drug one more time and regain your strength. I’m reluctant to make you do it, but you’re the only one who can do it.

I would’ve done it, but there’s a mountain load of tasks that require my attention aside from this.”

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “I’ll… have to come into contact with that fear again…”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Your father… Professor Minamoto stood up to that, too.

It was for the world’s… No— For your sake.

Follow me. I have to tell you the truth behind the Talos Project.”

【S.AGENT】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png And here’s where my scenes end. It’s been a while since I acted as Nazarov, so I had fun.
【Science】Pierre+ T.png Kyoji, good work! So cool! Excited for completion!
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png I’m sure the scenes where Nazarov appears were enough to spark joy in the fans as well.
【S.AGENT】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Thanks. You guys better work hard, too. I’m gonna watch it on the release date.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png I look forward to it. We will make it a wonderful movie that won’t lose to the likes of Shadow 9.
  • Same as when Nazarov talked to Shinobu about his Japanese soul in Shadow 9, he calls it his “ヤマトソウル” (YAMATO SOUL).

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【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Level 8… I can’t believe that there was a section like this here…”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “The only ones who knew were myself and Professor Minamoto.”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “What in the world is this for?”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “It’s the most crucial, top-secret information that could turn the world on its head. Sit down on that chair. Your legs are going to give way if you don’t.”
* A flash of light fills the scene. *
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “…!? Wha—!!”

* Kenji falls backward. *

【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “How do you feel with this first contact? It’s already dead, but the impact packs a punch.”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “A-an alien…?”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “That’s right. And the one who defeated this guy was your father… in a tie.”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “What’d you say!? So you mean to tell me that his death wasn’t an accident during an experiment…?”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “In order to protect us, he made use of the incomplete T-315 to fight…

Those guys were completely overwhelming until then. Regular humans won’t stand a chance.”

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “And for that sake, you used… the body-enhancing drug… T-315?”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Exactly. We had to create warriors to protect the earth from the threat of invaders from space.

That’s the true goal of the Talos Project.

…Kenji. I didn’t want to make you shoulder this responsibility…”

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “…My father often said… Power is used to save others.

I’m sure that my father had those words etched into his mind more deeply than anyone else.

He… truly was an amazing man…

I will do it… CEO. Please grant me the power once more.

I will save Jean.”

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【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Okay, let’s get started!”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Before you begin, I’d like to request something. Please give me the same concentration of T-315 as what was administered to Jean.”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “That’s bull. Are you planning to make a second monster run loose in the city?”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “We have no choice but to do that if we wish to hold him back.

Please believe in me. I will most definitely be able to control my power this time.”

【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “…Yeah, yeah. You got that from your dad. When you set your mind on something, you don’t listen to anything else!

All right, then. I have one condition, though. Don’t die, no matter what.”

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Of course!”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png * Rich injects the drug into Kenji. *
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Uggh… UUUGGGHHHH… GUOOOOHHH…!”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Please, Kenji… It’s all up to you.”
* The ground rumbles, and the wall is smashed open. *
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Wha— What’s going on…!?”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “givE me… Hand mE the dRug… T-315! I haVE to… saVe my SiSt… UOOOOHHHH!!”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Jean! Pipe down, would you!? …Damn. The strengthening hasn’t finished yet!”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “…!! …Ken…ji! You’re tryiNG to HURT Kenji aGAin, AREN’T YOUUUUU!”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Don’t get in his way!”

* Rich attempts to stop Jean, but he’s affected by the backlash. *

“Guh—…! Wait… I’m not finished yet… I’m not letting you lay a single finger on Kenji.”

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “Uggh… GAAAAAHHHHH!”
* The ground rumbles. *
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Haah… haah… Jean…”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “You made it in time…! Kenji, are you all right? Hey! Can you hear me?”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “UWOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!”

* They clash. *

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png It’s time for the final battle~. We’ll have to fire things up the best we can~.
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png Even behind the scenes of the battle between you two, we’ve got an all-star lineup of appearing characters. It’s sure busy here. Go and excite things with all you have!
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png We will. Taking care not to get injured, we will strike each other to the utmost of our abilities.

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【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Hey! Are you trying to destroy the building!? I’m docking the repair bill from your salaries!”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Uugh… UWOOOH!”

* Kenji leaves the scene and lures Jean out with him. *

【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “…I guess my words got through in a sense. I’ve left him to you, Kenji.”

* Rich’s phone rings. *

【Science】Pierre+ T.png
“Rich-san, I found John-san! I’m pursuing him right now.”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Quit it. Your opponent’s a pro at this. Your role here is over. Come back and provide support.”
【Science】Pierre+ T.png
“There’s no need to worry. With my prized gadgets, I’ll… eek!?”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Bill, what’s wrong!?”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png
“I’ve got quite the zealous fan here, don’t I? But I can’t say I condone stalking.”
【Science】Pierre+ T.png
“I’m so sorry…! He found me! Ah— My laptop’s…!”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png
“If you think of chasing me any further than this, I’ll smash this guy into itty-bitty pieces. Toodle-oo.”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Damn! Good grief. Making me meddle again…”
【S.AGENT】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png
“Boss. Perfect timing. Right now, I’ve lost contact with Bill.”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “John captured him just now.”
【S.AGENT】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png
“…! I’ll head over to rescue him.”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “No. You keep hindering the army’s movements. Kenji’s close to capturing Jean.

I’ll send the ‘newbie’ that you’ve been talking about to deal with the Phantom.”

【S.AGENT】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png
“I see. He’s the perfect man for the job. Roger that. I will carry out my mission.”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Phew… I should’ve called my secretary to do this. I’ve never had to make this many calls at once.”
??? “…Yes.”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “It’s time to exterminate some ghosts. You ready?”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png All right. It’s finally time for me to show off what I’ve got. I’m really looking forward to the next scene.
【Science】Pierre+ T.png Me too! Practiced in my head, time and time again! End, practice together?
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png Good idea. Please, let’s. We can work together and make this the best scene it can be.

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【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “All the necessary data is in place. With this, my job has come to an end.

Though it pains me to do this, you’ll be parting with me here.”

【Science】Pierre+ T.png * trembling *
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “Oh? You’re shaking, aren’t you. No need to worry. I’ll finish it in an instant.”
【Science】Pierre+ T.png “Ooh! …What ideal circumstances I’ve found myself in! I can’t believe I was able to be tested in a scene of actual combat!”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “Don’t try to escape reality. You can’t even do anything without your laptop.”
【Science】Pierre+ T.png “Yes, I can do something! Well, not now, but it’s ‘coming’!”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “…? Don’t m—…!”
* A drone shoots John and knocks him back. *
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “A-a drone!? It carried your laptop to you…? Kuh…”
【Science】Pierre+ T.png “Now the tides have turned! Come on, take a look at the possibilities of the new-model drone army!”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png * rushes over at Bill and hangs him off the building. *

“Feh. You really underestimated me, didn’t you. Did you think you could defeat me with toys like that?”

【Science】Pierre+ T.png “H-huh…? Huh huh huh!? Isn’t this bad!? Uwawawawa!!”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “It’s checkmate for you! …Wha—!?”
* Something knocks John away from Bill and places him in safety. *
??? “Jeez, man, don’t go sending chills up my spine. If I weren’t here, you would’ve kicked the bucket, right?

But, I guess these were the ‘ideal circumstances’ and timing for a helper like me to make his grand entrance ♪”

【Science】Pierre+ T.png “Wizard-san!”
【Agent】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png
“There’s a ninja here with me, too!”
【P.AGENT】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png “Phantom, prepare yourself! HAH!”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “It’s hopeless for you, even if you have more people on your side now! Haaah!!”
【P.AGENT】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png “Hmph. Then suit yourself. How will fighting 100 people feel like? Wizard! Bill!”
【Science】Pierre+ T.png “Yes! Namu Amida Butsu! Huh? Abracadabra? Anyway, here you go! Ninja technique, body split!”
* Multiple Shinobus appear, and John knocks them out as they fade out. *
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “…! Holograms, huh? A cowardly tactic… Hah! Tah! …Tch. Where’d the real one go!?”
【P.AGENT】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png “Right here! Haaaah!”

* Shinobu punches John, who falls. *

【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png “Ghha—h… Fu… Fufu… But it’s already too late… No one can… stop the Phantom any… longer…”
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png Good work out there, Kaoru-san. It was perfect. Thank you very much for the help.
【P.AGENT】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png I could say the same to you all. Those were movements well-trained by practice. I’m looking forward to the complete movie.
【Science】Pierre+ T.png Yahoo! I’m sure, audience, also surprise! We also surprise! Become good movie!

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【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “UGAAAAAHHHH!!! Don’T gET in mY WAAAAYYYYY!”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “UWWOOOOOHHHH!!! JEEEEEAAAANNN!!”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “What kind of… It’s like a storm. Kenji… don’t get sucked up by your emotions.”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png * Jean attacks Kenji. *
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Ugh… UUggh…

(My urge to destroy more and more keeps welling up like magma… At this rate, Jean will lose into it… And everything will be destroyed…)”

??? “Kenji. Power is used to save others.”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “…Father!


…Control one’s heart. To not let one’s heart be disturbed… For that is the understanding of martial arts… For that is becoming clear and serene as a polished mirror and still water.”

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “GAAAAAHHHH!”
* Jean attempts to attack Kenji, but the latter parries. *
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Jean, I’m going to save you right now! Haaah!!”

* Kenji hits Jean multiple times. *

【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “Ghaack—…!! Haah… hah… haah… Ugh—“
* The inhibitor is administered, and he collapses. *
【Science】Pierre+ T.png “The inhibitor has met its mark. I’m sure his rampage will stop here now.”
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Good grief. Each and every one of my staff members… They’re always making me meddle in their business.

…Jean. Why did you keep quiet about your sister? Why did you depend on someone else when I’m here?

Who do you think I am? I’m Rich Spencer, the super-rich genius!”

【Science】Pierre+ T.png “…Um. He means that in the ‘I’ll definitely manufacture a medicine for her, so leave it to me!’ way of things.”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “…Ugh… Uuuh… Uwooh!! …ThaNK yOU, CEO… ThANk You, Kenji…”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Thank goodness, Jean… I’m also… glad for… you…”
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Phew… It’s done~. For some reason, I feel like I’ve burnt myself out~.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Yes. It’s almost as if I’ve used up all the vitality I had in my body.
【Science】Pierre+ T.png Ah, Producer! How was, scene back there? Amazing?
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png Hm? “Clarke’s first law”? Umm, so basically…
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Fufu. I guess it was a huge success after all~. Since it’s you saying that, you’re most certainly right~.

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【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “With the birth of these new heroes, the Talos Project will head into its next phase.

Here and now, I announce the establishment of the Earth Protection Agency [PASSION]!”

【Science】Pierre+ T.png “Um, I’ve been curious about this for a while, but does Kenji-san have a codename or anything?

See, like Nighthawk or Shadow 9. Is he actually going to be working with his real name?”

【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png “Don’t just change the subject on your own… But if you’re worried about that, it’s already decided. C’mon, Kenji, go and tell them.”
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png “Yes. Allow me to re-introduce myself, then. I am Kenji Minamoto. My codename is…


??? “So that’s Earth… It’s a beautiful planet.

The more I look at it, the more I want it for myself.

I wonder what kind of greeting they’ll welcome me with? Kukuku… My blood is boiling!”

【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Thank you very much for coming to view Rampage today.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png A standing ovation! Fufu. The audience’s excitement really came through to us~.
【Science】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png It looks like we were able to answer everyone’s expectations that were carried over from Shadow 9.
【Science】Pierre+ T.png Yahoo! Surprise Nazarov, surprised you? Kept secret so long. Wanted to say, but I held back.
【Science】Seiji Shingen+ T.png Hahaha! I’m sure people were shocked when Kaoru and Kyosuke showed up, too.
【Mad-Scientist】Sora Kitamura+ T.png I can also hear people saying that they cried when the conclusion happened~. Thank you for that.
【Subject-T2】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png This one film brought out all sorts of emotions and became a lovely movie.

I’m also quite relieved that I was able to fulfill the assignment I was tasked with.

Though I may be getting ahead of myself, I am highly convinced that the next installment will be the best as well.

When that time comes, I would be glad if you were to come watch my companions’ skillful actions once again.