315RPG ~The 9 Trials and 46 Adventurers~

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Look, a helpful fairy!
315RPG ~The 9 Trials and 46 Adventurers~ (315RPG ~9つの試練と46人の冒険者~) was SideM's 2019 April Fool's joke. The game included an 8-bit version of DRIVE A LIVE, which can be heard here.

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Adventurers[edit | edit source | hide]

# Sprite Name Occupation Quote Adventure Action Location
1 Toma Amagase-315RPG.png Touma Amagase Swordsman Touma Amagase started seriously looking for spices. Charge! Near the Devil King's Castle
2 Shota Mitarai-315RPG.png Shouta Mitarai Martial Artist Shouta Mitarai did a spectacular backflip. Land of the Fire Breathing Cliffs
3 Hokuto Ijuin-315RPG.png Hokuto Ijuuin Magic Swordsman Being able to use both a sword and magic is useful. However... the problem is whenever I say "Ciao☆", something explodes in the distance.

Hokuto Ijuuin did a smart pose. Ciao ☆ Sanctuary of Light
4 Teru Tendo-315RPG.png Teru Tendo Sorcerer Teru Tendo performed all his jokes. But no one laughed... Charge! Near the Devil King's Castle
5 Kaoru Sakuraba-315RPG.png Kaoru Sakuraba Priest You want me to use healing magic? ...I don't mind, but if it's only a scratch, just put a bandage on it. It'd be a waste of MP. Kaoru Sakuraba did magic tricks with practiced hands. Amashima
6 Tsubasa Kashiwagi-315RPG.png Tsubasa Kashiwagi Knight Look at this big shield! This will help protect everyone! ...Also, on the back of this shield, there's even space to store a bento! Tsubasa Kashiwagi opened a large lunch box. Lost but Mysterious Woods
7 Kei Tsuzuki-315RPG.png Kei Tsuzuki Summoner When I sing, musical notes fly out and overwhelm the monsters, but I sometimes make too many notes and get myself buried in them. Kei Tsuzuki is humming a song to himself. Beginning Woods
8 Rei Kagura-315RPG.png Rei Kagura Priest The Rumbling Sky and the Demon Sea
9 Kyoji Takajo-315RPG.png Kyoji Takajo Hunter I've played games that have archer characters. I'm not confident in my control, but I think I've got the feel of it. Leave it to me. Kyoji Takajo started to check the details on his new magic tool. Charge! Near the Devil King's Castle
10 Pierre-315RPG.png Pierre Summoner Kaerre, I can summon lots! Kaerre beat bad monster! I ride on big Kaerre and cheer on everybody! Everybody, do your best! Ribbit ribbit! Pierre summoned a lot of Kaerres. Lost but Mysterious Woods
11 Minori Watanabe-315RPG.png Minori Watanabe Magic Swordsman Although I'm a magic swordsman, I can actually only use magic that makes flowers bloom. It's strongest in forests. Minori Watanabe is enjoying the scent of flowers. Land of the Fire Breathing Cliffs
12 Yusuke Aoi-315RPG.png Yusuke Aoi Swordsman Kyosuke and I wanted to make a special move! We tried holding hands and spinning around, but our swords got caught in a tree... I thought it was a good idea though~. Yusuke Aoi juggled a potion like a soccer ball. Lost Woods
13 Kyosuke Aoi-315RPG.png Kyosuke Aoi Swordsman There are priests here, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have potions... Wait, one of the potions I bought is missing. Where'd it go? Kyosuke Aoi pulled out his sword to test it. Lost but Mysterious Woods
14 Hideo Akuno-315RPG.png Hideo Akuno Martial Artist Hideo Akuno practiced smiling. Lost Woods
15 Ryu Kimura-315RPG.png Ryu Kimura Swordsman As a swordsman, I'll stand in front of everyone and do my best! I'll absorb the bad luck and do support, so it's like I'm playing 2 roles! Lucky! Ryu Kimura fell into a pitfall. Sanctuary of Light
16 Seiji Shingen-315RPG.png Seiji Shingen Knight It's different from SDF combat in a few ways, but the fact that the timid lose doesn't change. The strongest shield and muscles will push up the front line, so leave it to me! Seiji Shingen showed off his proud muscles. Charge! Near the Devil King's Castle
17 Kirio Nekoyanagi-315RPG.png Kirio Nekoyanagi Hunter Nyahaha! The combination of my lightness and this bow is cert-nyan-ly strong! However, the monsters of this world are truly unique. I'd like to see more of them! Kirio Nekoyanagi prepared to observe rare beasts. Lost Woods
18 Shoma Hanamura-315RPG.png Shoma Hanamura Priest Lost but Mysterious Woods
19 Kuro Kiyosumi-315RPG.png Kuro Kiyosumi Sorcerer Kuro Kiyosumi started to act as guide. Beginning Woods
20 Hayato Akiyama-315RPG.png Hayato Akiyama Swordsman Heroes are definitely swordsmen, after all! If I show off my sword skills in front of everyone, it'll be popular for sure! No doubt! Hayato Akiyama studied trendy poses. Beginning Woods
21 Jun Fuyumi-315RPG.png Jun Fuyumi Sorcerer I think magic is generally associated with attributes like fire and ice. My magic is a little different. It looks like a piano that's playing by itself, doesn't it? This is an application of gravity magic. Jun Fuyumi repeatedly read his spell book. Amashima
22 Natsuki Sakaki-315RPG.png Natsuki Sakaki Priest ...I casted a support spell to help everyone work together. I've also... been teaching Nao a lot of the basics of healing magic... Support magic... is it too soon? Natsuki Sakaki is absentmindedly looking at the sky. Charge! Near the Devil King's Castle
23 Haruna Wakazato-315RPG.png Haruna Wakazato Magic Swordsman I could have been a knight 'cause I'm confident in my physical strength, but I wanted to use both magic and a sword, so now I'm a magic swordsman! If I could summon donuts, being a summoner would've been nice too. Haruna Wakazato took out a hidden donut. Crystal Temple
24 Shiki Iseya-315RPG.png Shiki Iseya Apprentice Swordsman Course, I'm a mega swordsman... Wait, I'm an apprentice swordsman!? I'll do my best to get acknowledged as soon as possible~! Shiki Iseya is already tired from warm up exercises. Land of the Fire Breathing Cliffs
25 Suzaku Akai-315RPG.png Suzaku Akai Martial Artist Whoaaaa! I've got wings of flame growin' from my spirit! Oh, Nyako! You're on fire too! That's it! Let's ram the enemy and unleash a torrent of fire! Burning!!

Suzaku Akai started playing with Nyako.

Really Hot Desert
26 Genbu Kurono-315RPG.png Genbu Kurono Martial Artist Empty handed... Without swords, shields, or magic, a martial artist that fights with a single fist feels like a manly role. Now, let's see how far my fists can reach in this world.

Genbu Kurono is lost in deep thought.

Crystal Temple
27 Yukihiro Kamiya-315RPG.png Yukihiro Kamiya Priest Healing spells can heal wounds, but you can also use herbs to heal. Well then, I'm going to go pick herbs... Hm? Why are you guys stopping me? Lost Woods
28 Soichiro Shinonome-315RPG.png Soichiro Shinonome Sorcerer Makio once complimented me by saying "Your handiwork in making sweets is magical!", but... I feel like this and that are different things. Soichiro Shinonome cast spells with ease. Sanctuary of Light
29 Asselin BB II-315RPG.png Asselin BB II Summoner Asselin BB II started to draw a summoning circle on the ground. Really Hot Desert
30 Makio Uzuki-315RPG.png Makio Uzuki Swordsman Look at this sword! It's long now, but when you eat sweets, voila! It quickly turns into toothpick size. How convenient... Makio Uzuki bumped into his party mate as his head was full of cakes. Amashima
31 Saki Mizushima-315RPG.png Saki Mizushima Magic Swordsman Crystal Temple
32 Nao Okamura-315RPG.png Nao Okamura Apprentice Priest I don't have a sword because I thought it was dangerous, but this is difficult. I don't like seeing anyone hurt, though, so I'll do my best to learn! Nao Okamura is anxiously looking around. Beginning Woods
33 Shiro Tachibana-315RPG.png Shiro Tachibana Apprentice Swordsman Why am I an apprentice swordsman!? Well, I've just got to get stronger from here on out. 'Cause this is a big sword... Um... I'll aim to be a big swordsman!! Really Hot Desert
34 Kanon Himeno-315RPG.png Kanon Himeno Apprentice Sorcerer Kanon wants to learn a lot of cute magic! Cute poses and cute spells.. Yeah! This could work! Ready, justice cute Kanon Himeno is trying to think of a cute special move. Sanctuary of Light
35 Michio Hazama-315RPG.png Michio Hazama Sorcerer Magic seems to be an unexpectedly logical thing. It seems there's some math involved... It's very interesting and seems worth studying. Michio Hazama recited pi instead of spells. Land of the Fire Breathing Cliffs
36 Rui Maita-315RPG.png Rui Maita Magic Swordsman It looks like Kanon is struggling with magic, so I'll give him a little lecture. There is a lot of English in magic, so we'll start with pronounciation first. Ready, fire!! Rui Maita showed off amazing magic and cool swordplay. The Rumbling Sky and the Demon Sea
37 Jiro Yamashita-315RPG.png Jiro Yamashita Summoner You want to know why I'm a summoner? I thought if I was a summoner, I could summon gold or something, but that didn't work out so well. Really Hot Desert
38 Takeru Taiga-315RPG.png Takeru Taiga Swordsman Takeru Taiga jogged on the road. Really Hot Desert
39 Michiru Enjoji-315RPG.png Michiru Enjoji Knight Michiru Enjoji explored with a donburi in one hand. Amashima
40 Ren Kizaki-315RPG.png Ren Kizaki Swordsman Kuhaha! In my next adventure, I'll take down more monsters than Shortie! I don't know if this is a game or what, but I'm gonna prove I'm stronger than him! The Rumbling Sky and the Demon Sea
41 Ryo Akizuki-315RPG.png Ryo Akizuki Priest I thought about being a swordsman, but... this ended up fitting best for me. I'm going to be a cool priest! Crystal Temple
42 Daigo Kabuto-315RPG.png Daigo Kabuto Martial Artist Daigo Kabuto is creating special moves one after the other. Amashima
43 Kazuki Tsukumo-315RPG.png Kazuki Tsukumo Hunter ...It's harder to shoot the prey than I thought. There are many realizations to be made through actual experiences, especially here... I want to know more about this world. Kazuki Tsukumo started to harvest mushrooms. Beginning Woods
44 Amehiko Kuzunoha-315RPG.png Amehiko Kuzunoha Summoner Amehiko Kuzunoha is fighting something else. Sanctuary of Light
45 Sora Kitamura-315RPG.png Sora Kitamura Magic Swordsman My brush-like weapon can be used as a sword and a staff. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but what does that mean in this case? Sora Kitamura took a brush in his hand and is in deep thought. Charge! Near the Devil King's Castle
46 Chris Koron-315RPG.png Chris Koron Swordsman Chris Koron is thinking about the ocean. The Rumbling Sky and the Demon Sea

Bosses[edit | edit source | hide]

# Sprite Name Location
1 315RPG-Boss1.jpg Great Devil King Saito

2 315RPG-Boss2.jpg Game Master Yamamura

Let the adventure begin!!

Rewards[edit | edit source | hide]