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Translator: nemuruoogarasu
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png I’m grateful that we can perform alongside Shinsoku Ikkon for our anniversary live. Let’s work well together!
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png I was hopin’ we’d pair up with THE Kogadou too! Feels like it’ll be one hot stage!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png We’ve had multiple opportunities to work alongside each other up until now. As always, I’ll be in your care.
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png Yeah. Same here. Let’s all work hard together.
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki T.png You should be on cloud nine for bein’ able to perform with someone as awesome as me! Let’s do another glare battle, burnin’ dude!
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png My name’s Suzaku, dangit! Heh! But I ain’t losin’ when it comes to my glare!
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png We have a magazine interview leading up to the live too. It looks like we’ll be pretty busy.
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png I’m glad we’ll be doing this with partners who are in sync with us.
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png You’re right… Let’s both bring each others’ good points to the spotlight and make it the best performance it can be.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Sure! If the five of us work together, we’re unbeatable! BUUUUURNIN’!!

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【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png I wonder what kinda choreography this live will have! There’s no way I can’t look forward to it!
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png It’s a collaboration between THE Kogadou and Shinsoku Ikkon.

Won’t it be something passionate and full of energy that suits us?

【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png I heard that the choreography coach holds the PV we had on the uninhabited island and Bankara’s live in high regards.

The choreo this time might just become something even fiercer.

【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki T.png Hmph. No matter what comes, I’ll show you I can master it in the blink of an eye.

It’s ‘cuz I’m the strongest, best genius ever! Kuhaha!

【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png This live is an important crossroads. Our anniversary… It’s an important event especially for 315 Productions.

They want the best we’ve had up until this point… The higher the goals, the more fired up I get.

【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Awright! The five of us will make this live one that burns to the max! BUUURNIN’!!

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【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png One, two, three… four, five, six… and from a turn, here comes a… circle kick!

Haah, haah… Just like Genbu said, the choreo this time sure is some hard stuff…

【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Yeah. Our individual efforts are a given, but the performance this time will require complete harmonization of both our parties.

We’ll have to prepare ourselves. They expect only perfection out of us for the performance.

【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png …I brought water. It’s from Producer.
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png Oh! Nothing less of Master. I’ll have to thank them later. …Huh? What’s up with Ren?
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png He was sleeping in the hallway… It would’ve been better if he chose to sleep here instead of over there.
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png Haha. Even Ren looks like he’s a little tired out from that.
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki T.png HAH? No way I’d get tuckered out by somethin’ like this, idiot. Pipsqueak, fight me with dance!
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png It’s still break time, you darn… Well, at least you’re motivated.

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【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png So I want to talk about the staged battle performance during the interlude…

We’re planning to put in our “Suzaku Sky Drop” and “Genbu Ice Sword Wave.”

【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png It’ll be a live aimed for our fans who’ve always supported us!

That’s why we wanna make it a heavy-impact performance that suits Shinsoku Ikkon to a tee! Like this… BURNIN’!

【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png I get a lot more oomph from it now that I see it up close…! It’s such a thrilling technique, as always.

Since it’s the occasion of our joint performance, should we think up our own special killer moves, too?

【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png Special moves… Like a finishing pose, the same way action heroes do them? …I wonder what would be good.

I can’t think one up on the spot… I think I’ll take my time mulling it over when I’m back home.

【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki T.png What’s up with this special moves nonsense? Hmph, you’re a billion years too early to try ’n show off more than me!

Yo, pipsqueak! Ramen dude! Let’s have a match to see who can make the strongest killer move!

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【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png I’m back, sir! Thanks for always tending the store for me!
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png …You made ramen for us? Thank you, sir.
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki T.png *slurp*… This ain’t enough. Gimme seconds! Large size, of course!
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png UWOOOH! Eatin’ More Love Ramen after tough lessons is really makin’ it seep right into me!
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png Our ramen tastes as good as how hardworking the people eating it are… Yep, it’s good!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png I was wondering how we’d manage at first, but it looks like we somehow got the basics of it down.

At this rate, I think we’ll be able to finish more quickly than expected.

【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png …So what you’re meaning to say is, we can still afford to improve ourselves.

I want to aim for the best I can do, and even beyond that… Let’s work hard tomorrow, too.

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【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png The magazine interview job’s comin’ tomorrow, right? Aight, looks like I gotta motivate myself!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png It’s an interview connected to the start of the anniversary live, right? That’s a huge responsibility on our parts.

In that case, it’d be best for us to review the jobs that we’ve completed up until now.

【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Should we check pictures, too? Or watch videos of them?
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Speaking of which, they’re doing an exhibition of “Bakumatsu Shunsei Roku” at TV stations at the moment.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Ooh!? Why didn’tcha tell me that earlier! It’s so soon! We’re goin’ right now!!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Hey, wait up. So that’s what’s happening, Boss. We’ll be heading out for a bit.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png I’m riled up’n ready for the surprise attack! If we don’t go right now, the exhibition’s gonna be over!!

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【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Whoaaa… This “Bakumatsu Shunsei Roku” corner is decked out with all kinds of stuff!!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png This special corner is pretty big. It sure is one large-scale event.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Those outfits are the ones we wore’n ran around wearing. Takes me back…!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Oh, looks like the crowd’s noticed us. Well, that’s to be expected.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Huh? A handshake? Of course, that’s fine! Thanks for supportin’ us!

…Hm? You want us to wear the outfits? Hmmgh, but we can’t touch the stuff on display on our own.

【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png You said it. …Oh, it’s the program producer. It’s been a while. We were in your care before, so thank you… Wait, what?
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png You’ll let us wear the outfits on display, since it’s a special case? WHOAAA! I’m real grateful!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png It’s also been a while since I wore Hijikata Toshizou’s outfit, too. My memories from that time are wellin’ right back up.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Oof, this is so nostalgic…! “This is a police search!” …Heheh, that was cool? Thanks!

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【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png We didn’t exactly “fire up the special corner” quite as much as we just interacted with the fans…
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Doesn’t it feel nice that everyone was happy about it? We got a good story to tell now!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Another flower of reminiscent conversation has bloomed. It’s also a good thing that we got to hear their opinions directly.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Hey, man, don’t you think we should do lots’n more other things if we wanna make the fans happier?

I’m sure the little props we used in our previous jobs are still in the warehouse’n all.

If we show ‘em that sorta stuff and talk about what we remember about them, I think the fans’ll be real happy with it.

【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Great idea, partner. We’ll be preparing for the interview too, so I think that’ll be two birds with one stone.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png I hope you’ll help out too, Producer! We’re gonna drag all our memories outta the warehouse!

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【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png These are the gun and sword I used with the pirates thing, huh? The warehouse has got a good number of different stuff in it!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Seeing the actual article makes me feel pretty emotional. Let’s take a picture of us standing with them.

…Oh, this is the tea set we used during the butler movie, right? Can’t believe this is still here.

【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png “Elegant Days with the Butlers,” wasn’t it! Both of us really struggled that time, huh?
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Yeah. The sensation of it is still stuck in my muscle memory.

“Welcome home, Master.”

【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Yeah, that! You couldn’t shake off your role a while after we finished filming, right?
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png It’s become a funny story for us now, but I even felt like acting like a butler in front of the lil’ bros too…
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Hahaha! If they saw that, they would’ve been real riled up!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Oh, what’d you find, Boss? Let’s take a picture with that, too.

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Michiru Enjoji+ T.png The job this time will be a gravure photoshoot and interview for the magazine.

Since it’s a special feature to commemorate the anniversary, it’ll be a pretty big deal!

Ren Kizaki+ T.png This is a pain. But it’s the perfect chance to teach everyone who the strongest really is…

Yo, staff dudes! Come at me with all ya got for the photoshoot AND the interview!

Takeru Taiga+ T.png …That guy’s not the only one being featured, though. It’s for all of us in THE Kogadou.
Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Haha. Having motivation is a fine thing. Takeru, how are you faring?
Takeru Taiga+ T.png I’m fine. I want to show everything that THE Kogadou has done up until now, for the fans.

…Who knows. My little brother and sister or any of them might pick up the magazine somewhere.

I have to be proud of myself… so that I can properly communicate who I am right now.

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Ren Kizaki+ T.png Kuhaha! Yo, you with the camera! Take bigger pics of me!
Takeru Taiga+ T.png Hey, you. You’re too close to the camera. You’re covering us up, so shove off a little to the side.
Ren Kizaki+ T.png HAAH? Then I won’t be shown as big as I can be. You should be the one scurryin’ off to the corner!
Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Come on, you two, leave the squabble at that! …I’m really sorry for causing problems for you, cameraman!

…Huh? You got a picture fitting THE Kogadou, so it’s all okay? You want powerful images that match the unit, just like the one you took just now? I see… If that’s the case, how about I do a judo technique… How’s this pose? …Oh, that’s okay!

Takeru Taiga+ T.png So I’ll do a boxing pose… Hey, you. Do something too.
Ren Kizaki+ T.png …Tch. DUMBASS! The way all y’all are still sucky beginners shocked me! …Just watch.

If ya want the strongest, then with just a pose… HAAH! This is how you put force into it!

Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Oh, looks like they caught a good shot! That’s nice to hear. That was a great success, you two!

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Takeru Taiga+ T.png We’re having the interview next? Something that remained profoundly stuck in our memories, huh… What would that be for you, Enjoji-san?
Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Let me think… It’d have to be “HEAT UP SUMMER LIVE,” which made use of our muscles…

I remember “Valentine Live,” where I got to show off my skill in cooking with full force. But…

The number one for me would have to be the promotion activities we did in the movie village! I competed with both of you to achieve results, remember?

Since we’re part of the same unit, I didn’t really have those sorts of experiences up until then.

It’s an unbelievably important memory for me where I managed to improve by yet another step. What about you, Ren?

Ren Kizaki+ T.png Uh… Lemme think… The food from Hawaii, the uninhabited island, and Kagawa were pretty good.
Takeru Taiga+ T.png Enjoji-san said something meaningful, while everything on your mind is just food.
Ren Kizaki+ T.png Oh, shaddap. My own existence itself gets profoundly stuck in people’s memories! Y’all better be freakin’ grateful!
Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Haha, it’s just like Ren to say that. What about you, Takeru?

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Takeru Taiga+ T.png For me? …Umm…
Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Which one of “A Tale of Bonds” or “Cybernetics Wars,” your protagonist works, would it be?
Takeru Taiga+ T.png …Neither, actually. It’d be “Fresh Green Live.”

On that day, I built up my resolve to aim to be the strongest with THE Kogadou… It’s a precious memory for me.

Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Now that you mention it, that job was an indispensable one for us all.
Takeru Taiga+ T.png Strongest, right…? It’s sometimes. Only sometimes. The things you say actually serve a purpose. Sometimes, though.
Ren Kizaki+ T.png HAH? The hell was that? The hell’s that mean, you dipshit!
Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Haha. Our upbringings and origins are all different, but the future we aim for is the same.

Let’s keep aiming for the peak, just like how we talked about in Hawaii!

Takeru Taiga+ T.png Yeah… You’re right.

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【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Not a lotta time left… until the anniversary live…! *wheeze, wheeze*… We’re done… with running…!
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki T.png Looks like ya got some guts, burnin’ dude. You’re no match for me, though!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png *wheeze*… Managing to finish a former athlete’s training menu… means that building up muscle is a given…
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png We sure built up stamina…! We’ve become able to catch up to THE Kogadou for the most part, too!
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png Honestly, it’s amazing enough that you can keep up with our menu.
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png The training seems to be taking a heavy toll on you, Genbu-san. Should we take a break?
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Nah… I can keep on going. This is to show off the best performance ever at our anniversary live…!
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Heheh… I can’t lose to Genbu…! I can keep goin’ too!!
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png It looks like both of you are fired up. If that’s the case, let’s go for another run!
Shinsoku Ikkon Yes sir!!

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【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png All right, it’s finally time to take a break. There are lots of boxed lunches, so play nice and eat them.
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki T.png All these inzarizushis are mine! …Hm, this is pretty good…
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png This fried chicken is really good. Did Genbu-san make it?
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Yeah, he did! Genbu’s real skilled! Even the food he makes is the best!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Quit saying stuff like that. It’s embarrassing. But the taste of Michiru-anisan’s stewed foods is nice…
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png I’m glad to hear that. All of you are still growing, so don’t hold back and eat as much as you like.
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Oh, yeah. I forgot I made a lunch for Nyako. Here y’go, Nyako.
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png Oops. I made one too, but… I don’t think it’ll be able to finish two portions.
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki T.png Gimme that lunch if the cat’s ain’t eatin’ it!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png This is for cats, you know? Are you seriously gonna eat it, Ren-anisan…?

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【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png Since we’re full, we should get practicing our special moves soon.
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png We thought ours up using our previous occupations as a base, but you two have your own personal style, correct?
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png Suzaku-san, your dad’s a pro wrestler, right? You’re not going to reference pro wrestling techniques in it?
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png I ain’t a wrestler, plus, pros’ techniques can’t be imitated too easy.

Also, even if my pops is a pro wrestler, doesn’t mean I’m plannin’ to do the same!

【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Both of your parents still haven’t given up on making you a pro wrestler, huh.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Don’t matter what my parents think. I’m gonna keep goin’ to do Shinsoku Ikkon with Genbu!!

But no matter how much I tell ‘em that, they just won’t give up. I’m gonna keep headin’ right through with this delinquent style.

The Akai family’s teaches that “Men keep shut and speak with their hearts,” so,

It’s gonna be a message for my parents that I’ll pierce right through with my own way of livin’ and not yieldin’ to anyone else!

【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png That way of living has captivated me time and time again. Let’s head for the peak together, Suzaku!
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki T.png Yo, ya might be gettin’ worked up, but I ain’t givin’ up my throne of bein’ the strongest!

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【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png With this, the final lessons before our anniversary live have finished. Good work, everyone.
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga T.png I think we’ll be able to pull off the special moves that everyone thought up together.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai T.png Yeah! It’s really the best! I can’t help but look forward to the moment when we show ‘em to the fans!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png Now that we’re completely prepared, I can’t wait for the performance. I wanna hurry up and stand on stage.
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png Okay! Let’s have a meeting to set things in motion at my place.
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki T.png Motion set things? The hell’s that. Is there gonna be food?
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji T.png I’m planning to have us all gather around a Hoto hot pot to improve our motivation and unity.
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki T.png Heh. If that’s what it is, I’ll bless y’all with my presence’n go there specially.
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono T.png If you’re cooking, allow me to help out. We’re working together as one for tomorrow’s live.

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【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Our warming up went perfectly. All that’s left is to wait for the real thing.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png WHOAAA! It’s finally happenin’! I can feel the audience’s passion even from here!!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png The stage is ready. Let’s make a strenuous effort and make the live a success!
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki+ T.png All these screams’n cheers are annoyin’, but it’s a stage for me, ain’t it?

I’ll show everyone just who’s the strongest in the universe!

【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga+ T.png Everything we have… Let’s show everyone in the audience how we are right now.

Suzaku-san, I’m counting on you for the call to lead us.

【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Awright! Let’s get fired up! …We are…
Everyone 315!!!

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【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Sorry to keep ya waitin’!! Here’s where Shinsoku Ikkon and THE Kogadou will be doin’ their special tag team!

My flames are gonna burn your hearts right up! BUUUUURNIN’!

【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga+ T.png If Suzaku-san’s the flames, I’ll be the wind. I’ll make the force behind the fire even stronger!
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Kuhaha! If it’s the pipsqueak we’re talkin’ about, that wind’s gonna be nothin’ to write home about.

If he’s the wind, I’ll be a typhoon. Yo, yo! I’ll blow all y’all away!

【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Then how about I be the sun, so I can shine on the audience! How about you, Genbu?
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Haha. Choosin’ roles is interesting. I… gotta go with ice.

Sometimes hot, sometimes cold. I’ll show you a performance that won’t even give you time to blink.

The real value of the anniversary live is right here and now! Give us the best cheers you got!

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【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga+ T.png (We’re finally at the interlude. Here comes the staged fight with Shinsoku Ikkon…

Not even an instant of mistake will be allowed… Let’s go!)

【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png (Nice! The link movement with Takeru-san went off perfectly!)
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png (With every little movement, the cheers keep surging up… These are the results of our training.)
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png (All that’s left is Ren and Suzaku’s performance. Do your best, Ren!)
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Hmph. It’d be borin’ if we kept it the same as practice, right? …Take that!
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Whoa! …Hittin’ me with that… Heh, interestin’, Ren-san, bro! …Ya wanna go!?
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Ohh, here comes the glare battle! I haven’t seen this since Bankara live!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Heh… This is also the real charm point of lives. Let’s go wild too!
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga+ T.png I’d want nothing else… I can’t let that guy stand out all on his own!

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【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png WHOAAA! The encores just keep comin’ and comin’!

This is really what gets me hooked! Whenever I hear these voices, my heart just fires right up!

【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Yeah… It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I’m still an idol because I can’t get enough of these moments.

That’s just how powerful these feelings are for me.

【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png …All right, my breathing’s in order. I can go out at any time!
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga+ T.png I used up everything I had. Honestly, it’s taking me everything to just stand right now…

But I can keep holding out for the people who have brought me this far.

【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Enough with the small talk. I’ll just stand on stage ‘cuz I haven’t gone wild enough. That’s all there is to it.

Hey, all y’all! Let’s hurry up’n go!

【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga+ T.png …We’re heading out, Producer. Please watch over us until the very end.

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【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Thanks for the encore. You guys were… the best during today’s live…!
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Don’t get all serious on us, Genbu! The audience ain’t burnt out just yet!

Hey, everyone! You still wanna go buck wild, right!? You can keep yelling, right!?

【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png …Heh, I can’t keep quiet after hearing these voices, I guess!
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png (I really do love standing on stage. I can’t help how much fun I’m havin’!)
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png (We can’t show off a pitiful side to THE Kogadou either. We’ll rush right through until the end!)
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Aight, laughin’ or cryin’ won’t change anything about the last song! And the title’s…
Shinsoku Ikkon DRIVE A LIVE!!

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【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png …With this, the anniversary live’s also ended. Did you all have fun, everyone in the audience?
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Today’s performance was just the best. It was number one outta all the ones we’ve had up till now! Seriously!
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki+ T.png You’re the luckiest people in the world to have the strongest, best genius’ performance slammed into your heads! Kuhaha!
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png But this isn’t the end. After this, we’ll show you an even greater stage.
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png The word limit doesn’t exist for us. We’ll go beyond our limits and keep running to the points beyond that!
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga+ T.png We’ll always show you the best performances we have, so keep following us!
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Today, y’all were burnin’ the best of all! THANKS, ALL—!!

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【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Good work, everyone! Thanks to everyone, we made this stage the hottest and most passionate it could be!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png I’m glad we pulled it off without messing up. Looks like the muscle training we did to death was worth it.
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga+ T.png This time… was an amazing stage, like the ones we’ve had all gathered up until now.
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki+ T.png …Hmph. Stuff like this ain’t enough to satisfy me.
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png The stage this time is a step closer to running even more forward.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png This time was an awesome stage, but what about the ones that come even after that?
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png I’m sure something unbelievable’s lying in wait for us. That’s a given.
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga+ T.png We’ll keep running on and on to make sure that’s the case.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png You’re right! Let’s all run right ahead with all we got together! BUUUUUURNIN’!!

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【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga+ T.png Good work to you, too. Thanks for watching over us until the very end.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png We can go crazy with all we want on stage ‘cuz you’re watching over us!
【4th Anniversary】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Yo, that ain’t important. But what is important is me bein’ hungry. Gimme something to eat now!
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Ren-anisan, you’re always hungry… Are you bad at managing your energy efficiency?
【4th Anniversary】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Ren moved a lot, after all! We’ve got food, too, so let’s go to the place where we’ll be holding the closing party.
【Honest Fist】Takeru Taiga+ T.png Now that we’re done with things, I feel hungry too. I hope we can eat something good.
【4th Anniversary】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Our live also went off without a hitch, so let’s go to raise a few cheers, Partner.
【Courageous Fist】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Yeah! Let’s all celebrate’n be real loud, just like we should do for an anniversary!!