4th Anniversary Live ~Supportive Friends~

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#188: 4th Anniversary Live ~Supportive Friends~
[Bingo] 08/09/2018 – 08/15/2018
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Event Info[edit | edit source]

Ken-circle.png For 315 Production’s 4th anniversary live, Mofumofuen and Altessimo performed together!
They echoed their singing voices filled with emotion throughout the venue, didn’t they!

Mofumofuen and Altessimo will showcase their songs together in a 4th anniversary live.
For this commemorative live, the members will work hard at their joint lessons, giving each other advice all the while.

After the lessons, one particular idol comes up with the idea of going on a combined retreat.
The events that occur there create deep bonds and joyful memories between the units...

Since then, an unbeatable bond was formed.
With their voices and teardrops showing their gratitude, let's make the second half of the 4th anniversary live a success!

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