5th Anniversary Live ~Aiming for the Top~

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#233: 5th Anniversary Live ~Aiming for the Top~
[Marathon] 07/12/2019 – 07/22/2019
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Event Info[edit | edit source]


315 Production’s 5th Anniversary live is being held!
Jupiter and W are teaming up for this live and working together in a joint training camp to improve the accuracy of the songs.

During the rehearsals, the two units realized they hadn’t had the chance to perform together for a while, but respected each other and adjusted their performances accordingly.
In addition, a rivalry between the groups has led them to a soccer match during their break?

This training camp will bring these units closer together!
Let’s get in sync and make the best performance we can for our anniversary live!

Event Scenes[edit | edit source]

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Translator: masubis
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Seems like our anniversary live partner has been decided.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Touma must’ve not heard about it yet.
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Hokuto, Shouta, what are you both all smiley for?
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png We’re just talking about how we’re doing this year’s anniversary live with W.
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png With W… you mean with Yusuke-san and Kyosuke-san!
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png We know you admire Yusuke-san and Kyosuke-san, so standing on the same stage would be a chance to bring you closer together.
frameless I see! I’ve always been a fan of theirs ever since they were soccer players. Being given this chance to perform together… it’s making me pretty emotional…

But since we’re on the same stage, my admiration and our rivalry can coexist!

【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png A combination with W will be sure to stand out from the rest.
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png We can’t lose! Let’s get our spirits up!

【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Woah, we’re paired up with Jupiter! I’m really looking forward to having such a huge live with Touma and them!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Me too! ...but I’m feeling a little nervous. Jupiter always seems so busy. I’m sure they have other jobs too… I don’t think we’ll be able to have that much practice time together.

Plus, all the live’s participating groups have to sing a new song, but I doubt we’ll be able to practice it with everyone. We’ll have to focus on each lesson more than usual.

【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png I see. A lot of practice time huh… ...Ah! Actually, I think I have a great idea then! ♪

【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png What’s your idea, Yusuke?
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png How does asking the President about renting a training camp for practice sound? I mean, we’ve done it before with Michio sensei and them, right?
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Ohh… Like that time we used it for the detergent campaign . I’m sure there should be enough space to practice, plus we’ll only be there for a little while to practice the song.

I don’t see an issue with it. We should hurry and talk to Coach to see if we can use the cabin.

【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Cool! Let’s have a contest to see who can tell Coach first!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Huh-- Hey, Yusuke?! “A contest”… Geez, he can be such a child. But I still refuse to lose! Yusuke, wait up!

【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png ...Hey, Coach is back!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Speaking of, where’s the President? We wanted to ask if it’s OK to use the cabin. If there’s certain conditions we have to meet to use it… Huh? What is that?
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Are those the President’s conditions?! What do we have to do?
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png The President said “Perfect the best performance with overflowing passion”...
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Haha, that’s what it is! As expected from him!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png That being said, we’ll give it our all for this collaboration! ♪
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png You got that right!. We’ll tell Touma and them about the camp later!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Coach, thank you for discussing it with us! We’ll give a performance that will surprise you, so please look forward to it! ♪

【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Tomorrow’s when the training camp for the live starts! I bought a bunch of snacks too so I’m all set! I can’t wait for tomorrow! ♪
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Yusuke, you’re being too festive. You know we aren't going there to play around, right?
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Haha, I know that. We promised to give the best performance with overflowing passion so we’re not just gonna perfect it, we’re gonna make it the best live ever. It’s an anniversary live after all!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png This is one of the few times we can all practice together. We have to make the most of it. That being said, we should go straight to bed once we get home. Don’t stay up late, okay?
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png ‘Kayyy. You act like such a mom Kyosuke. Haha! ♪

【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png We’re here! Break time~
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Not so fast, Shouta. We still have to bring our luggage in.
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png We’ve come to this place before. For that time when we used water guns.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png The Splash Live. I remember that.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Touma was so nervous he didn’t even sleep.
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Sure, I didn’t sleep well that night, but it wasn’t because I was nervous!
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png That’s out of character for you. I always get enough sleep though. ♪
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Shouta, you… anyways! This training camp is a rare opportunity.

We shouldn’t waste time. We have to use it to our advantage.

【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png We must make the most of these next few days to make sure the best performance is complete.

【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Alright, let’s begin our lesson without delay. Jupiter, we look forward to working with you.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Of course. Same to you as well, Yusuke-kun, Kyosuke-kun.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Touma, don’t hurt yourself by getting too excited to work with your beloved W, okay~?
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Got it. I slept for 8 hours yesterday, so I’m prepared to nail these exercises! Even though we work at the same place, being on stage together will be our chance to get closer. This special stage gives us more of a reason to get our spirits pumped up!
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Right on, I’m ready to do this! Kyosuke, let’s do our best!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Of course. We’re keeping our W side and adopting Jupiter’s strong points. I think a greedy performance like that would be nice.
frameless Great idea! I hope we’re able to encourage each other here at the training camp!

【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Phew… Alright, now’s a good time for a break.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Sounds good. Hey, Producer-san. Did you bring some drinks? Oh, that’s Yamanashi grape juice! That’s my favorite~!
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Thank you for giving it to us once again. Do you like this juice too, Touma?
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Yeah, the fruits there are real sweet!
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Phew~! This fruit juice hits the spot! Producer-san, more please!
frameless The natural sweetness that flows throughout my tired body… I can’t get enough. I think I’ll buy one for myself. It’s a perfect gift for the ladies.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png This stuff is the best. Ah, I think I’ll have another glass. ♪
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png I’ve drank my fill. I’ll give some to Yusuke-san and Ky-- Hey, hold on Shouta!!

【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Take note of this backflip and…! Hehe, kinda like that~.
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png As expected Shouta-kun, your dancing is always so professional! I’ll treat this like any soccer match and give it my all!
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png I’m sure soccer is similar, but I don’t really get it.
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Oh, wanna try it out? If you have a soccer ball on you, we can use that.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png I just saw a soccer ball around here. Here it is!
frameless Hey, isn’t that my ball?! Why do you even have it?!
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png I figured we’d play a little bit while we were taking a break so I borrowed it. ♪
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Yeah! Let’s have a match while we’re at it! Kyosuke, you wanna join?
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Sure. But let’s make it quick so it doesn’t interfere with the lessons.
frameless Yayyy!! I’ll go if Producer lets me.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png A match with the real pros. Sounds like a good idea to me.

【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png The rules are simple. To win, you have to score 3 points within the 15 minute time limit!
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png I understand it’s a unit showdown, but it’s 3 vs 2. Shall I sit this one out?
frameless No worries. 3 vs 2 is ok. Hokuto-kun can stay, right Yusuke?
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Of course! If we weren’t at a disadvantage, it wouldn’t be a game ♪
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Wow, such confidence... I guess I was in over my head earlier. Though, the real ace here is Touma-kun. We’ll just work together to win this.
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png It’s not that simple. I’ve seen W play long enough to know their true skills. But we’ll give it everything we got. Let’s aim to win!
frameless Hehe, now you’re talking. Here we go, one two…
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Kick off! 【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png

【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Game set! We won by a landslide ♪
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Damn, we bombed that game! It was over the second I slipped up!
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png The coordination in that last shoot was amazing. You two really get along.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png I agree. With such a good relationship, I assume arguments are rare.
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png That’s not true. We bicker and have small fights quite often.
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png We sure do. We even had a huge fight build up after the sports festival.
frameless Sports festival… Oh, was it that one time you had to go against other productions with the Kogadou? Good times. Watching that relay race got me so fired up! But you guys fought during that time?
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Haha, well...

【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Yusuke doesn’t have to worry about using his leg past his limits now. But back then, I thought that if he pushed himself, his injuries might return after all that time
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Oh… yeah. I couldn’t keep calm then. We both couldn’t. I... I wanted to prove that I was fine, and I was determined to prove it even if it meant pushing Kyosuke away…We didn’t talk or interact with each other at all then.
frameless Yeah… but we both realized that we have to be there for each other no matter what. That’s what happened at the sports festival.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png I see… and it resulted in you winning the championship trophy. That trophy must hold strong memories for you.

【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png The Aoi brothers…. You guys really opened up to us. Still, it’s no match to our bond as Jupiter!
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png That’s true. We’ve been through a lot too.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png After all is said and done, and even though the production changes, we’ve made it here today. The short time we’ve had together has passed by so fast, yet it feels like we’ve known each other for so long.
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi T.png That makes sense. Time really does pass you by. That being said, our break is done! We should get back to training soon.
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Right! All of us need to team up to perfect the best performance ever!
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png I know a great method to strengthen our teamwork. You guys want to help make curry tonight?
frameless You don’t think we’d ruin your cooking? Well, I guess I shouldn’t worry about it!
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi T.png Everyone’s gonna cook, huh? It’s like we’re really camping! C’mon, let’s help out!

【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Alright, the next interview’s for a magazine photoshoot. Guess we gotta prep for it...
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png It might be faster to take a train to the location…. Shouta, what’s wrong?
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Ughhh!! The photoshoot for the TV performance, now an interview?! This schedule is too tight! Ever since the training camp ended, there’s been no room to breathe.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png It’s all to prepare for the anniversary live, so unfortunately it’s out of our hands.
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Plus our schedule got adjusted for the training camp. I know it’s been a pain in the neck since we came back, but let’s get our head in the game, okay?
frameless Urgg… Well, all the interviews are important to promoting the anniversary live. I won’t show everyone how tired I am, so I’ll do my best.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png That’s the spirit. Although it’s trouble, it’s for the sake of giving the best stage. There’s a lot to handle, but let’s be courteous through each one.

【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png I’m back ---. Man, my stomach’s growling.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Just when I thought we could come back to the office, it’s already night time.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Ugh, no more… At least Touma got some onigiri from the convenience store.
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Geez you guys.. We have a meeting for tomorrow’s interview, so we can eat dinner afterwards.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png ...fufu. All this busy work reminds me of when we used to work at 961 Production.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Ah… Now that you mention it, it does. But unlike back then, we have Producer-san now.
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png You’re right. That’s why we’re able to go straight towards our goals. We’ll make our way to being top idols fair and square… By using our own strength.
frameless ...we really went through a lot to get here, huh?.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png We have. Getting here wasn’t all fun and games either.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png It felt really frustrating whenever something didn’t work out.
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png But.. It’s because the three of us were together that we were able to get through those hard times.

【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Hey… I’m sure we’ve talked about this before. Back when we were first introduced to each other as members of Jupiter... “How the hell am I in a unit with these guys?!” was what I honestly thought.

Shouta’s always so cocky, talking with that big mouth of his. Hokuto’s hokuto. I thought he was just some playboy at first. But still, the three of us could get through any crisis together...that’s when I understood that you both had more inside you.

“These guys got my back,” is what I began to think. That’s why when you stuck with me after I quit 961 Production, I was really happy.

It’s really embarrassing for me to say this again, but I mean it. Thank you for staying with me.

【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png .... 【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png W-What the hell you two. Quit the silence and say something!
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Pft… hehe… Ahahaha!
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png Wha...?! I-I’m serious..! What are you laughing about?!
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png B-because, haha, to think it took you this long…!
frameless E-exactly… We’re not making fun of you, Touma. Right?

【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png I mean it, Touma, you’re so interesting that I can’t take my eyes off you. We’ll always be by your side ♪
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Once you put your head to something, you always go through with it. Besides, best friends have each other’s backs, so we’ll always be together.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai T.png Hey. Remember what you said at the training camp? You said, “W is no match compared to Jupiter’s bond!”. I honestly feel the same. Don’t you, Hokuto?
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png (Hokuto nods)
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png ....
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Woah, are you ok? Are you crying?
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase T.png ...Haha, you dummy. There’s no way I’d cry. After all, the three of us are Jupiter. I can’t think of it being any other way.

...The show’s almost here. We know what to do. Let’s give our best performance and bring our fans smiles, ‘kay? This anniversary is gonna be a great one! If it’s us, it’s an easy victory!

【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase+ T.png Today’s the big day. Let’s give it our all today and get everyone pumped up!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Agreed! We’ll show them the results of our boot camp! ...Huh, what’s up Yusuke?
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Hmmm… I’m a bit antsy. I can feel myself getting nervous.
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png It’s normal to feel that way, especially with such an important live on a big stage.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Don’t sweat it, you’ll be fine! We trained together at boot camp for this! Besides, you did amazing at the last rally!
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png ...haha, you’re right. This ones for all our friends and fans. I’ll treat it like an away game, not a home. I’ll do it all with a smile! It’s a… easy victory*! Right? ♪

* He said Touma's catchphrase

frameless Hehe, now you’re talking Yusuke-san! Let’s get dressed into our gear!

【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Welcome everyone! Wowww, there’s so many people here!
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase+ T.png Thanks for coming to 315 Production’s anniversary live today!
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Ciao, Angel-chans and angel-kuns ☆ It’s a special day to be able to meet you all.
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Jupiter and W are tagging together to stir things up! We hope our combination surprised you all!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Just for this anniversary live, we all did a training camp together! We had to cooperate as units to give you the best performance after all!
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Kyosuke, I can’t wait any longer. Hurry up so we can sing to everyone!
frameless I know, I feel the same way. Alright everyone, let’s go!
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png We’ll show you the improved version of our combination! 【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png

【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase+ T.png Everyone, did you all enjoy our solo song?
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Clap if you thought I was the best!
(Audience claps)
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Ah, I should ask too, huh? Was I the best?
(Audience claps)
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Haha, I guess you’re both number one. I’m glad.
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png I'm reluctant to say, but our anniversary live has to come to an end. Our closing song will be performed by all members!

We hope Jupiter and W’s passionate and intense performance exceeds your expectations!

【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png This is the conclusion! Before we start, everyone yell on the count of three! Let’s start our all member song! Everyone! One, two…!
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png We are… 【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png
Everyone 315!!!!!

【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Everyone! Thank you all so much for coming today!!
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase+ T.png From here on out, please keep supporting us and 315 Production!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Good work today everyone! I’m glad we were able to pull off the last song! ...Haha. Wow, that encore is pretty loud. Yusuke, you up for one more?
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Haha, naturally! Kyosuke, you need a breather?
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png No way. I’m just excited to sing more.
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase+ T.png I haven’t sung enough either. We’ll have fun with our fans up until the last minute!
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Agreed. This special stage has to end on a sweet note.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png I was thinking that I didn’t dance enough either. Let’s enjoy this encore!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Yeah! Our anniversary live doesn’t end here… Our conclusion will end with a climax!

【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase+ T.png We’re back everyone! Thanks for the encore!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Hehe. Your encouragement made us so happy, we decided to come back out again!
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Fufu. Angel chans and angel kuns, we’re here to answer your call.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png That’s right! Our last song will be… what do you think? Tell us your answer, everyone! I see I see… huh? “Touma-kun’s… rakushou ondo”?! Wow, that’s correct!
(Audience claps)
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase+ T.png That’s not it! No one said that… Don’t listen to him, everyone!
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Haha! I want to hear Touma sing that too, but that’s for later!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Hehe. That means he’ll be performing in the dressing room!
frameless I'll record it all for you, Angel-chans. ☆
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase+ T.png I’m not doing that!! ...Oops, we got a little sidetracked. We’re ending with this song! Everyone, let’s all sing together! Here we go!
Everyone “DRIVE A LIVE”!!

Everyone ( singing DRIVE A LIVE together)
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png That concludes “DRIVE A LIVE”! Thank you all for listening!
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Angel-chans and angel-kuns, is it everything you hoped for?
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Was it spot on? Hehe, it was, wasn’t it?
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Without a doubt, this is the best performance we’ve ever had!
frameless True, but our goal wasn’t just this stage. From here on out, we promise to keep aiming for the top!

The reason we’re still going is because of the encouragement you all give us!

【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Not just Jupiter, W will do the same too. Everyone, thank you so much!
frameless The next stage will be even better and more exciting than this! We’ll always keep improving, so look forward to it!

【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Today’s live was a huge success! Great work today everyone!
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png I’m at my limit… Goodnight… Zzzzz….
【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase+ T.png Shouta, don’t sleep in your stage clothes!
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Shouta-kun, you can sleep after you change!
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Fufu, that big stage took up a lot of energy. He can’t help it.
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Same here. I feel like lying down and knocking out too.
frameless Yusuke-san we still...Well, if you feel worn out I understand.

There’s a still closing party too, so it’s far from over. Actually… Producer, can I talk to you alone?

【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png ….Producer? Ya---wn, I want to talk to you too
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Woah, you woke up quick. Hehe, Coach’s effect is pretty strong, huh? ♪

【最高のライブ】Touma Amagase+ T.png There you are Producer. We’ve been waiting for you. ...I wanted to say thank you. Jupiter is still here today because of you.
【5th Anniversary】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png That’s right. We owe it to you for letting us perform on this big stage! Thank you for always being there for us!
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Don’t overwork yourself either. We’re always gonna be here to support you.
【5th Anniversary】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Same thing Touma-kun said. W couldn’t be here without you, Coach. I want to keep having fun with Kyosuke and everyone everyday. I’ve never been happier.
【最強の試合】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Yusuke, me, and you are in this together from here on out! Take good care of us, Coach! ♪
【5th Anniversary】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Now that we’ve said our thanks, we should be heading to the closing party.
frameless Of course. All the other idols met up already, right? We don’t want to keep everyone waiting. Let’s go, Producer!