5th Anniversary Live ~Principles of Bonds~/Event Scenes

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01[edit | edit source]

Translator: Cait
【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto T.png One, two, three, four... alright, that felt great!
【5th Anniversary】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Since we’re training together at the president’s vacation house, we can be more focused.
【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto T.png Yeah. I wish we could train here before all of our lives!
【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki T.png Ahaha, me too. By the way...

All of the idols appearing in the anniversary live came together to train here... it’s amazing!

【5th Anniversary】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...I agree. Everyone has their own schedule, so this is a rare opportunity.

...We can’t let this go to waste. We have to put an exceptional amount of effort into practicing every song.

【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki T.png Yes. This live might be the biggest stage we’ve performed on since we joined 315 Productions...

I have to show everyone at the live that I’m giving being a male idol my all!

【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto T.png You’re fired up, Ryo! Well then, let’s check our dance one more time!

02[edit | edit source]

【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura T.png Aroma of spice / Wafts through the air around us / Lamp-lighting at dusk.

Amehiko-san, Chris-san. I heard that today’s dinner is curry~

【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Speaking of, Amagase was awfully optimistic about something. So that’s what it was.

Ha, Amagase’s curry is delicious. It’s like I could eat any amount of it.

【5th Anniversary】Chris Koron T.png So it’ll be curry? If someone had asked me in advance, I would have prepared fresh seafood...
【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura T.png I think curry with summer vegetables is good too~ He said he’ll use marinated octopus as a garnish~
【5th Anniversary】Chris Koron T.png How wonderful. Even the garnish isn’t an oversight.

If wonder which he will use, common octopus or giant Pacific octopus...?!

Cooking for this many people can be difficult. Shall we go help?

【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png You’re right. Let’s ask Akizuki and company if they want to help too.

03[edit | edit source]

【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto T.png Looks like Yusuke and Kyosuke came to help cut vegetables.
【5th Anniversary】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...With everyone’s help, we should be done soon.
【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki T.png Cooking together with this many people reminds me of when we were hiking and made a mushroom hot pot.
【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto T.png Yeah, and we barbequed at the ranch. That was so good!
【5th Anniversary】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Speaking of the ranch... we made butter, too. That was a rare experience.

...We have the ingredients, so should we make butter rice as well...?

【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki T.png Good idea! Butter rice and curry go perfectly together!
【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto T.png If everyone eats delicious food from the same pot, we should all feel more connected!

Alright, I’m gonna switch on my motivation again and keep on makin’ this curry!

04[edit | edit source]

【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura T.png Hello~. Even though this is our first lesson after our training camp, is Chris not here yet?
【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Not yet. It’s almost the arranged time for our lesson, so I think he’ll be here soon.
【5th Anniversary】Chris Koron T.png Kitamura, Amehiko, hello. It is warm today, perfect weather for the beach!

I took a good photo while skin diving this morning, if possible I would love to show you!

【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura T.png We can do that later~ Our actual live is soon, but you’re as carefree as always Chris-san~
【5th Anniversary】Chris Koron T.png This time, my skin diving wasn’t just for the sake of my hobby.

While I was thinking of what I could do in order to prepare for the anniversary live...

I thought that I might find a hint in the sea, and I went to dive straight away.

【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png I understand how it feels to think that there’s nothing you can do.
【5th Anniversary】Chris Koron T.png If that’s the case, shall we make this an opportunity for a meeting to gather everyone’s ideas?
【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura T.png If you water the / Bud of an idea then / A flower will bloom.

I’ll try to think of something as well~

【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Then it’s decided. Let’s choose a time and place to meet sometime next week.

05[edit | edit source]

【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto T.png Readin’ these fan letters really fills me up with energy!
【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki T.png Yeah! ...Ah, this fan letter is from someone who says they’ve been my fan since I was working as a female idol.

Ehehe, that makes me happy...

【5th Anniversary】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...There’s a fan letter from someone who became a fan of F-LAGS after seeing The Barren Flower of Virtue, as well.
【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki T.png There’s a lot of fan letters from people who say they’re cheering us on for the anniversary live.

Everyone is anticipating it... we can’t give them a half-baked live!

【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto T.png Yeah! ...I can’t contain myself! I’m gonna go practice by myself right now!
【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki T.png I’ll go with you, Daigo-kun!
【5th Anniversary】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...I will too. Shall the three of us practice together?

06[edit | edit source]

【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura T.png Jupiter and W’s song is really exciting~
【5th Anniversary】Chris Koron+ T.png Once this song is over, it’ll be our turn.
【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Um... I know it’ll be our turn soon, but do you all want to get together in a circle?
【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Sounds good to me. Let’s get fired up!
【5th Anniversary】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...Yes. We have to decide who will lead.
【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Well I really want the oldest of us, Amehiko-san, to be a strong leader for us!
【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png ...Me?
【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Fufu, it seems like we’ll get to see a rare sight~
【5th Anniversary】Chris Koron+ T.png This may be as valuable as a phantom squid...!
【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png (...Any other time, I would have used an appropriate reason to decline this offer, but...)

(...Hah, maybe I’ve changed a bit myself.)

Honestly, this sort of thing doesn’t suit me... but if you’re requesting it, I’ll give it a shot.

Well then, let’s do this. We are...

Everyone 315!

07[edit | edit source]

【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png Well then, it’s our turn from now on.
【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura+ T.png It looks like you are all excited after Jupiter and W’s performance~
【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Touma and the others have been firin’ y’all up from this stage so far.

We won’t lose to them! Right, Ryo?

【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png That’s right! Everyone, let’s get even more and more excited!
【5th Anniversary】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...Good response, everyone. Please look forward to Legenders and F-LAGS’ collaboration.
【5th Anniversary】Chris Koron+ T.png Let’s make this stage as vibrant as a sea of coral reefs!
【5th Anniversary】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...Like a coral reef? What a Chris-like simile.
【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Please accept our gratitude that we send all the way to you!

Now it’s time to start our first song! Don’t take your eyes off of us!

08[edit | edit source]

【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png (Everyone is working together smoothly. Everything's arranged well.)

(We didn’t practice that many times, but could this be the result of our training camp?)

【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Now this venue is / Shaking with accomplishment / My heart is brimming.

Thank you for cheering for us, everyone~

【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png To think that there would be this many voices doing calls with us.
【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Just to let you know, this isn’t our last song~
【5th Anniversary】Chris Koron+ T.png Yes...! We will continue this irreplaceable moment, with everyone!
【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png (That’s right... I can hear them clearly, same as always...)

(The only way I can respond to the voices I’m hearing now is to do a flawless job.)

09[edit | edit source]

【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Thank you for the encore! We heard your voices all the way from backstage!

C’mon, Touma-kun and everyone else, get on stage with us!

【5th Anniversary】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...Celebrating this anniversary together with everyone makes me feel happy.
【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Today’s live was really fun! All of us here have gold star smiles!
【5th Anniversary】Chris Koron+ T.png However, just as an aquarium has a closing, this live must also come to an end.
【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura+ T.png The next song is the last one~. I’m reluctant to leave too though~

This moment right now / Will never be forgotten / It has been engraved

【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png Let’s sing with all we’ve got, so that this moment stays in everyone’s memories forever.
【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Again, thank you for coming to today’s anniversary live everyone!

From now on, we’re going to keep on giving it our all to run towards the top!

10[edit | edit source]

【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Wahaha! We did it! We really pulled out all the stops!
【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png It’s thanks to you that we were able to make it this far.
【5th Anniversary】Sora Kitamura+ T.png I don’t know about that~... Just kidding~ I’m grateful to you, Producer~
【5th Anniversary】Chris Koron+ T.png It’s been a very wonderful voyage. However, our journey is not over yet!
【5th Anniversary】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...That’s right. We who continue with our flag flying high will not stop here.
【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png We’ll definitely become top idols! Let’s do our best together, Producer!
【5th Anniversary】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png By the way... it seems like Jupiter and W have already started headin’ towards the closin’ party.
【仲間と描く希望】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png What, really? Then let’s hurry everyone!
【信頼を背に】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png Haha. Don’t be in such a rush, the closing party isn’t going anywhere.

(...The anniversary live venue was so beautiful that it was refreshing.)

(From now on, I’ll continue to clean... as an idol.)