6th Anniversary Live ~Sedulous Steps Forward~

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#282: 6th Anniversary Live ~Sedulous Steps Forward~
[Bingo] 07/22/2020 – 07/31/2020
Accumulated Bond of Trust Gacha
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Ken-circle.png 315プロダクション6周年記念ライブで、S.E.Mと彩が共演しました!

S.E.M. and Sai will be performing at the 6th Anniversary Live.
In addition to the show, this year they are planning a special collaboration with a confectionery company that has offered them work in the past.

When the announcement of the concert was made and the tickets were sold out, Sai thanked the fans and got excited about the concert.
On the other hand, S.E.M., who continues to do their difficult lesson, seems to face a challenge in their dance practice.
To discuss how to improve the situation, they gather at Yamashita-san's house as usual...?

The bond of trust built up over the years is the greatest weapon that no one can defeat!
Let's make the second half of this 6th anniversary live a success so that we can continue to move forward!

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