6th Anniversary Live ~Within This Heart-Pounding Moment~

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#281: 6th Anniversary Live ~Within This Heart-Pounding Moment~
[Marathon] 07/13/2020 – 07/22/2020
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315 Production's 6th anniversary live will be held!
Beit and DRAMATIC STARS have worked together many times in the past, and they are eager to show their performance in perfect harmony again.

With the help of the companies that have helped them in their past work, they are also planning a campaign to spotlight the idols of 315 Productions this year.
DRAMATIC STARS whose interviewed by the magazine and reflects on their memorable work.
Meanwhile, Beit visited the campaign venue and shared their thoughts on the anniversary show on the talk show.

Embracing the passion in our hearts, we are grateful for our time together!
Let's deliver a breathtaking, amazing performance that will make the most exciting stage!