A UFO is Here?! Miracle Space Live

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#193: A UFO is Here?! Miracle Space Live
[Live] 09/14/2018 – 09/21/2018
Operation Experience Gacha
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Kirio Nekoyanagi-icon.png Shoma Hanamura-icon.png Kanon Himeno-icon.png Shiro Tachibana-icon.png Kuro Kiyosumi-icon.png Nao Okamura-icon.png

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Translator: kale (Sai)
【Space Speaker】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Meow! There’s a space food sam-paw-ling corner here!
【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Ah, hold on, Nekoyanagi-san… We ought to be going to the zero-gravity exhibit now...
【Space Live】Shoma Hanamura T.png It wouldn’t hurt to take a look for a little bit. Touring the space center is part of our work too, after all!
【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I suppose you are right… We do have a bit of time to spare.
【Space Speaker】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png So this is space food… Nyamazing!! It’s delicious~!!
【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png H-huh? Really?! Powdered green tea that can be consumed in space?!
【Space Live】Shoma Hanamura T.png Ah, they have yokan too, Kuro-chan. That would be splendid with the tea!
【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I agree. Let us purchase some as a souvenir for everyone in the office.

【Space Speaker】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png This is pawsitively scary… I feel like I’m being squashed…!
【Space Live】Shoma Hanamura T.png Oh dear! We should have waited a little longer before coming up this high!
【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Please take some medicine before you get sick...
【Space Speaker】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Woah, this feeling… we’re entering zero-gravity!!
【Space Live】Shoma Hanamura T.png It looks like the airplane is doing a nosedive! Oh my, this is fun!
【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png We are floating! It feels as if we are falling, does it not?
【Space Speaker】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Kyupipipipin!
【Space Live】Shoma Hanamura T.png Boy, what on Earth are you doing with your hands?
【Space Speaker】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Nyahaha! I'm receiving a message from the unifurse!
【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png W-why now? We must be close enough to space, do you really need to do all this to communicate with it…?
【Space Live】Shoma Hanamura T.png Communicating with the universe… that sure is like you. Perhaps it would be fun to implement something like this into the live, don't you think?
【Space Speaker】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png What an exciting idea! That’s zero gravity paw-er!

Meow?! I feel like I’m being squashed once again!

【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png It appears the aircraft has resumed its ascent!

【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Everyone, my sincerest thanks for joining us today.

It makes me very happy that we can cultivate your interest in space through this live.

【Space Live】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Let’s proceed to the next song! Boy, Kuro-chan!
【Space Speaker】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png You’ve come to see a very unique purroduction!

As a matter of fact, ladies and gentlemen, all of us are aliens~!

You want purr-oof, you say? Watch me summon a spaceship… Bi-beep! Here it is! A UFO!

【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Come, let us board and embark on a journey into the unknown universe!
【Space Live】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Ah, everyone’s penlights look like stars in the sky. It really makes me feel like I’m in space!
【Space Speaker】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Let’s go to the ends of the unifurse, denyansu~!!

【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Producer-san, the space center is doing quite successfully. I saw it on the news.

Sales of space food are increasing as well. It looks like Tachibana-san’s talk was effective.

【Space Live】Shoma Hanamura T.png Speaking of the news, they also played our show on the television. Since the broadcast, it looks like Kirio's UFO summoning dance has become a fad of sorts with the kids.
【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png If I recall correctly, while I was coming here, I did happen to see some children waving their hands around....
【Space Speaker】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png So many people are trying to talk with the unifurse meow… Purrhaps I’ll get some new material from space!! I need to ask it for more!
【Space Live】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png … Nekoyanagi-san, do you reckon your correspondence is really being transmitted all the way to space?
【Space Live】Shoma Hanamura T.png Well, the show was a resounding success. Perhaps the universe really is responding to whatever you’ve been telling it~?

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