Amehiko Kuzunoha

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Amehiko Kuzunoha
葛之葉 雨彦

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"Do you require the power of a janitor?"
Member of
Character Data
Age: 30
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Shoe Size: 28 cm
Birthday: October 31
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Astrology
Skills: Origami
Writing Hand: Ambidextrous
Horoscope: Scorpio
Hometown: Nara
Ex-Job: Custodian
Attribute: Intelligent
Voice Actor: Jun Kasama

The leader of Legenders, possessor of the "Eye" that sees all that is unclean!

Amehiko Kuzunoha is one of the Idols available to produce at 315 Productions. He was a former janitor before forming the Idol Unit Legenders with Sora Kitamura and Chris Koron.

Profile[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Amehiko is a former janitor. With an aloof attitude and deep, meaningful jokes, he's a shrewd personality who bewilders and perplexes others. Born to a family with the power to see through all things, he has the ability to see the stagnation in people's hearts. Amehiko lets no filth escape his eye, and believes that as an idol, it's his responsibility to purify the world of show business. Not one person, however, knows his true intentions¹.

Resume[edit | edit source | hide]

Reasons for Becoming an Idol
To clean the filth out of show business.
Personal Motto
To clean is to create a place to live.
Comments for the Future
I was once nothing but a humble janitor. I thought that it would be easier for me to clean the filth out of this business as an idol. However, half-done work would be just as filthy. I’ll show you a performance that even you can comprehend.
Comments about Unit Members
Koron is as he is, a soul taken prisoner by the sea. Kitamura is still young, but his determination to be himself is nothing to scoff at. Compared to one as uninteresting as myself, they’re rather amusing fellows. Am I wrong?

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Translated Commus[edit | edit source | hide]

Birthday Comments[edit | edit source | hide]

See: Amehiko Kuzunoha/Birthday
Character Commu
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png The destiny of all humans are predetermined by the time of their birth. Our fated encounter with each other too was predetermined by the luck of the stars above.

Character Commu
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png Celebrating my birthday at my age makes me feel bizarre. That being said, I am thankful for this.
Sora Kitamura-icon.png I had to think for quite a while for a birthday gift to give to someone as secretive as you, Amehiko. How do yo like these cute cotton gloves? There's a kitsune mark on them.
Chris Koron-icon.png I have brought you an ornament of a Bluestreak cleaner wrasse as a present! They are very famous as cleaners of the ocean! I believe it suits you well, Amehiko-san!

Character Commu
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png I've heard that on one's birthday, if they play their cards right, they're able to manipulate people into doing what they want. I don't think one should be too discreet about it though... huh? Me? Ah no, I don't want anything.

Character Commu
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png Huh? It's surprising you two are celebrating for me. Or are you caught up trick or treating and have come to beg me for Halloween candy?
Sora Kitamura-icon.png Are you asking if we're actually celebrating or just pranking you? Having a birthday on Halloween must be hard, huh? Our gift to you are both Tricks and Treats~
Chris Koron-icon.png I will give you some treats. This jelly is like the beauty that's contained within the ocean... a star shape with an array of colors, beautiful isn't it?

Character Commu
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png A birthday wish? That' s funny, I thought my birthday was last month... Haha, you've been tricked nicely, Don't look so pale, I'm just kidding. Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday.

Character Commu
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png Oh, this is an unusual cleaning product. Cleaning the office is going to be a breeze. Thank you for being thoughtful about my birthday.
Sora Kitamura-icon.png Walking around the city/ trying to decide/ what to buy as a gift. Amehiko-san seemed to have all the usual cleaning products alreadyー. So we looked at a lot of various things.
Chris Koron-icon.png I thought the fish slippers were cute too, but...I figured that I must adjust to Amehiko's preferences here!

Character Commu
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png Birthdays are just one of many things that are already pre-ordained. I don't really understand the details to all of that stuff, but I do know that at the very least that today is a fortunate day for me if you're celebrating it.

Character Commu
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png Oh. You're celebrating my birthday this year too? You know that your sentiments are enough for me, but did you prepare a present too?
Sora Kitamura-icon.png We got you some hand creamーwhen you're cleaning wet areas, it might be effective to prevent dry and rough hands, at least that's what we discussed―
Chris Koron-icon.png Indeed! The moisturizer utilizes seaweed as a component... Ergo, the power of the ocean will protect the hands of Amehiko! Please, I hope you will put it to good use!

Character Commu
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png Looks like it's that time of the year again. It's not like me, but thinking about you celebrating my birthday again this year really set my heart aflutter... This is one of my usual jokes, you say? Well, is it really?

Character Commu
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png I came here because I heard there was food prepared... Nori, vinegared rice, ikura, and cucumbers... Ah, I see. Temaki sushi, huh.
Sora Kitamura-icon.png The three of us don't really get a lot of chances to eat together after all. Doing something like this is fine once in a while, right? Ah, we have inari sushi too.
Chris Koron-icon.png Sora said everyone in the office can also join in on the celebration with this. I have personally chosen all the ingredients for the meal! Please do help yourself to the food.

Side Memories[edit | edit source | hide]

See: Amehiko Kuzunoha/Side Memories

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Etymology[edit | edit source | hide]

  • The name Amehiko means "rain" (雨) (ame) and "boy, prince" (彦) (hiko).
  • Amehiko's surname Kuzunoha means "arrowroot" (葛) (kuzu), "this" (之) (no) and "leaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, counter for flat things, fragment, piece" (葉) (ha).

Trivia[edit | edit source | hide]

  • Standing at 191 cm, Amehiko is the tallest idol in the entire iDOLM@STER franchise.

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Amehiko Kuzunoha
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