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Common[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Login Today’s work location seems to have some stubborn filth attached. You’d be wise to take me along.
You’ve got the mark of bad luck with money, so be careful...What, it’s a joke. I’m not that good at reading people.
Event Login What, this is nothing suspicious, so go ahead and take it… The time will come sooner or later when it proves useful. Brace yourself and go forward.
What, this is nothing suspicious, so go ahead and take it… The time will come sooner or later when it proves useful. Stay focused right to the end.
Lesson If you want good luck, first you must clean.
Live Formation A live in front of a large audience, huh. It’ll be a good chance. I’d like to test out my true ability.
Audition Battle Formation I’ll never lose in a professional rivalry. This job is in my grasp.
Featured Unit To feature me, you really are a fickle one. Nonetheless, I won’t make you regret it.
Leader N~R+ I’ve been chosen as the leader, you say. No, I’m not doubting your guidance. If you say I’m suited for it, I’ll give it a try.
N~R+ Trust MAX There’s all sorts of odd characters put together, but I’m enjoying being the leader. Well, the oddest character of them all is right next to me...Haha, it’s a joke.
Leader SR~SR+ If I become the leader, the number of places I can go will increase. In that case, I’ll happily accept it. No, just talking to myself.
SR~SR+ Trust MAX Without your support, my work wouldn’t go smoothly. Despite how it looks, I’m thankful to you. It doesn’t show? I’m told that a lot.
Leader (Other Producer) Producer is someone I can trust. They’re a rather hard to find type of person. The type of person that I like, that is.
My Desk (0% Trust)
My Desk (5% Trust) I’m good at reading the stars. Shall I read your fortune as well?
My Desk (30% Trust) I’ll be leaving early today. There’s some filth that’s caught my attention.
My Desk (MAX% Trust)
Business (0% Trust)
Business Hm, that’s not good… You, stay away from over there.
Business (MAX Trust) ...Since I’m here, I’ll do some cleaning. You can leave before me.
Trust UP! You don’t know the proper ways of cleaning, I see. Lend me that. This is how you use a feather duster.
It’s easy to become filthy in this business....I hope that you and my colleagues at 315 Production will remain clean as you are now.
I’m glad that I was chosen by you as an idol. Your work is refreshing and enjoyable.
Trust MAX
Refreshments Our producer was worried about you. If you have the time, go show your face.
Cheer Is the power of a janitor needed?
Convo Chance! Yo, Producer. What a coincidence.
Break Time Won’t you take a short rest? I was looking for someone to talk to.
It’s already your appointment time? You’re working hard yourself, huh. Well then, I’ll be going as well.
mini Shout It’s time to clean.
mini Thanks The treat you brought was pretty good.
Audition Battle Preparation You’ve got bad luck too, huh. Sorry, but won’t you come compare strength with me by dressing up?
Audition Battle Demons or snakes, you never know what might come up...
Program Audition Preparation If this is a true battle, there’s no way I’ll surrender.
Program Audition (Rival) I’ll be taking this job.
Program Audition (Self) If we go like we always do, it’ll be fine.
Audition Battle (Backup) Is the power of a janitor needed?
Audition Battle (Win) It went well. Tonight we’ll celebrate.
Audition Battle (Lose) It seems my training wasn’t enough.
Live Preparation Very nice. I’ll show you my skills.
Live Continuation Haha, I just can’t be satisfied with this. That’s fine, let’s continue. It doesn’t always go perfect. Being resilient is my nature.
Live Success! Standing on stage and receiving cheers isn’t bad at all.
Thanks to you I have confidence in my stamina. This is only the start.
Don’t get haughty from one success. People’s hearts can easily change to snakes.
We managed to clean this job up nicely. Call me again, any time.
Birthday Effect (2016) A meteor’s appeared on the astrolabe. Is it a good omen or a bad omen...This is getting interesting.
Birthday Comments

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Agent[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Hey, you. Could you face this tie pin and repeat what I say right now? For what, you ask? I’ll use it for a prank. I thought up something amusing.
“Shadow 9, you’ve got an enemy approaching you now. The number of them is… Ah, it’s zero. I got rid of them just now.” …Casper’s a shrewd guy. Well, you’d expect that from an agent, anyway.
Scout Ooh. What kinds of voices can you imitate with this? The progress of crafts is an amazing thing. It’s like magic.
Oh, whoa. Haha. It’s nothing. That voice just now was that sort of thing. I just messed up a little at recording. I have to cleanly erase it, then.
Change! My role uses all sorts of machines as tools, but I have to make sure I don’t break them. At any rate, I’m just not compatible with them.
My Desk (0% Trust) The lengths of my footsteps don’t match up with the people around me, so it’s pretty hard adjusting my speed.
My Desk (MAX Trust) I’ll give this to you. It’s a snack I got delivered from Nara. It’s pretty good.
Business (0% Trust) I can’t tell you the source, but I got some information that’d be welcome news to you at the previous location.
Trust MAX There are still things I haven’t told you. But I think that me telling this to you would be enough progress in itself.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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