An Idol With a Past!

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The episode starts with a concert being held by 315 Productions, with Jupiter, DRAMATIC STARS, Beit, High×Joker, Beit, S.E.M and W, which transitions to the SideM logo.

We get a memory of Teru Tendo, about a case he got withdrawn from, where he promises to protect a kid. Teru then gets woken up by an employee of the bar, asking him to leave, mentioning that his companion paid his bill. Teru tries to remember what happened but is unable to due to how much he drank. He notices a business card and a contract from 315 Productions, with his name on it, about becoming an idol.

He then goes to the 315 Productions’s office, and enters only to find Ken Yamamura, being aware of his visit. Producer and Teru end up having a talk about the contract, mentioning how he signed his contract while being drunk. Producer then says he approached Teru since he stopped a client from causing a big commotion in the bar, and helping said client with his personal issues. After that happened, Producer went to talk to Teru, which revealed that he got fired since his company had withdrawn him from the case due to policy issues, becoming a freelancer to protect his client, a kid. Producer then asked Teru if he wanted to become an idol, and, Teru getting so excited, wrote the contract himself before signing it. Producer believes Teru could become an idol since he could bring smiles to a lot of people, which Teru gets a flashback about the kid he wanted to protect, saying that they are buddies, both wearing the same scarf on their right arms. Producer tells Teru he can still cancel the contract, but before he is able to give an answer, Kaoru Sakuraba and Tsubasa Kashiwagi arrive at the office, which Producer presents as the two other new idols.

Teru then greets himself as an idol too, before realizing he still didn’t decide if he would become an idol or not. Kaoru then tells Teru that he should leave if he isn’t motivated, which Teru takes as a provocative remark. Tsubasa tries to calm them, but Kaoru continues saying here is where hard working people make their dreams come true, to which Teru replies saying he has a dream of his own. Producer decides to bring them to Jupiter’s concert at the Astoral Hall, in which Teru realizes everyone in the hall is smiling due to Jupiter’s performance. Kaoru and Tsubasa then start talking about the contract, and Teru comes to the office, saying he will become the brightest star of the idol world.

After that, Producer and Ken decide to have Joint Lessons with the three of them. While Tsubasa and Teru get excited about working as a team, Kaoru reminds them this is only temporary.

They get to their singing lessons, where Tsubasa’s voice needs more practice, which Kaoru points out bluntly. In the dance lessons, Kaoru is exhausted, and to make fun at him, Teru points out his lack of stamina, imitating him.

To get better, Teru decides to practice outside of the lessons all together. Tsubasa invites Kaoru, but he refuses, saying he can do alright on his own. They eventually do the dance again but still aren’t matching, and Kaoru is exhausted. Tsubasa comes to give him a water bottle, telling Kaoru to give him advice on mistakes he could make, which Kaoru replies saying he should be able to point out his own mistakes. Teru and Kaoru end up having an argument, and Kaoru leaves.

Teru and Tsubasa then eat together at a ramen shop, where we discover Michiru Enjoji working there and also that Tsubasa eats a lot. They talk about Kaoru: Tsubasa says he thinks Kaoru is amazing and that he likes how straightforward he is. For him, working to become idols together makes him happy.

Producer talks to President Takashi Saito about Jupiter’s scouting, and then receives a call from Teru where they meet on the roof, where Teru talks about Kaoru’s absence at the training, making him out-of-sync. But Teru reassures Producer saying they will be a great team someday, as they share the same dream. Producer then brings Teru where Kaoru is training, and Teru joins him, accompanied by Tsubasa. They end up working together, and manage to dance in sync. Kaoru then goes back to what he said about Tsubasa’s voice, saying he has to sing with confidence if he wants to get better.

Producer then arrives, telling them they will work as a 3-member Unit, DRAMATIC STARS. President Saito comes out of nowhere, congratulating them for the unit “DRAMATIC PASSION STARS”, and leaving by saying “Boys be passion!”.

The end cards show DRAMATIC STARS meeting Jupiter as they get scouted, then shows High×Joker, S.E.M and Beit right before they get scouted and Touma Amagase reading a magazine showing Kyosuke and Yusuke Aoi.

Featured Songs[edit | edit source | hide]

Ending Song: DRIVE A LIVE (Dramatic Stars Ver.)

Characters Featured[edit | edit source | hide]

Ken Yamamura
DRAMATIC STARS (Teru Tendo, Tsubasa Kashiwagi, Kaoru Sakuraba)
Jupiter (Touma Amagase, Hokuto Ijuuin, Shouta Mitarai)

Outro[edit | edit source | hide]

S.E.M (Michio Hazama, Rui Maita, Jiro Yamashita)
High×Joker (Hayato Akiyama, Jun Fuyumi, Natsuki Sakaki, Haruna Wakazato, Shiki Iseya)
Beit (Kyoji Takajo, Pierre, Minori Watanabe)

Others[edit | edit source | hide]

Michiru Enjoji