Aside Famille ~Hopes United~

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#124: Aside Famille ~Hopes United~
[Marathon] 04/07/2017 – 04/14/2017
A Desolate Dreamer of Flowers Gacha
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Ken-circle.png Through nomination by Kazuki-kun's father, F-LAGS and Shinsoku Ikkon have been tasked with singing the theme song for a drama! Overcoming all sorts of feelings, they created the best PV ever!

An offer from Tsukumo Kazuki's father has been delivered to sing the theme song for a drama based on a work that he had written.
Kazuki can't hide the mixed feelings he has toward the contact from his estranged father as well as the work he has deep ties to. In order to understand his father's true intentions, he decides to accept the offer. F-LAGS and Shinsoku Ikkon's participation is decided on, and Ryo and Daigo both promise to do their best to do their part.
To research the work's worldview, they also put into practice their gardening experience. As all the members are in the middle of organizing things completely, a gossip article on Shinsoku Ikkon is published in a weekly magazine. Although the PV filming has finally begun, due to the rumors, Suzaku and Genbu have begun to lose confidence in themselves as delinquents. However...

What do you think of in a world full of ephemeral aesthetics?
Engrave the work's worldview into your hearts and express the best sides of yourselves!

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See: Aside Famille ~Hopes United~/Event Scenes
Translator: Kelly
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png We're gonna be gardenin' all together b'fore we do the photoshoot. Feels like an extracurricular class, so it sure gets me excited!
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png Fufu. Let's observe these plants ourselves lots to connect them to the PV photoshoot too!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Yeah. Let's get started, then.
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png ...I did it! What do you think about the garden I made?
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png Ooh! It gives off yer air, and it's a cute li'l garden! Ya got talent as a gardener, Ryo!
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png C-cute!?

...Maybe I should put a bit more greenery, instead of having it just be flowers...

【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ............
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png ...Huh? Kazuki-san, is something the matter?
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...No. It's nothing.

(The book that father—... No, the book that I wrote is getting a drama adaptation. We were assigned to sing its theme song... I can't believe I've been forced to face my own past in this way. But I'll make it a success no matter what... I'll hit it with everything I have now.)

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png Headin' to the office today again! Let's gooo!

...Oh, hey! You doin' okay, gram? What's up?

Th... The weekly magazine's slanderin' us!? The heck's up with that! Lemme see!

"The gangster idols Shinsoku Ikkon"... "Shaking down money from regular people," it says!?

(......! This picture... It's the one taken from Chinatown a while ago!) *

Dammit! What kinda bottom-feeder would write an article like this... Don't screw with me!

...Oh, I'm real sorry! I'm not upset at you, gram... But, y'know... **

I'd never ever shake down money from anyone! Genbu wouldn't, either!

I... I see. Thanks for believin' in me! I'm real glad to hear ya say that...!

‘Kay then, I'm headin' off to work. Hope to have ya support us!

* Suzaku's referring to Three Kingdoms Chronicles ~The Strategists of Superior Beauty~.

** Suzaku isn't speaking to his actual grandmother; it's probably some old lady in the neighbourhood.

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png ...I'm real sorry, Producer. I got somethin' to talk about with you...

Wh— UOHH!? That magazine's...!!

...Looks like ya already know. Yeah. I'd expect ya to at least check the weekly magazines.

...Remember when I talked about how that guy who got into a fight with us in Chinatown during the Three Kingdoms job?

The guy in that pic... is the guy from that time... But, I gotta say somethin'!

He was the one who picked a fight with us! Plus, we didn't even lay a single hand on that guy!

It's our dream to become idols who kick away all evil guys... We'd never do anything bad!!

Huh? ...Ya wanna hear what happened that time... Once more, clearly?

Y-yeah!! I'll tell ya anythin' ya need to hear, Producer!!

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png Yeah. 'N that "regular person" in the picture is the guy who picked a fight with Genbu.

We did end up disputin' things through words, but we seriously didn't lay a hand on him, not even once.

B... But yeah, Genbu in the picture's seriously glarin' at the guy real scary, I know.

That's ‘cuz I was trying to stick up for him...!

...I-I'm real sorry. The blood rushed to my head.

...Huh? Y-yeah. The bystanders were also wildin' out and worked up too. What about it?

Ah! I see! If we're the suspicious ones, then everyone can ask ‘em too! Then...

...You're believin' in me, Producer... Yeah, that's really assuring. Thanks!

【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png ...Hey, Bancho-san, Suzaku. What are the two of you deep in conversation about? Somethin' happened?
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png G-Genbu!? N-Nah! Nothin' at all! Just talkin' about our favorite foods, y'know! Right?

(Crap...! I lied since it was so sudden...!)

【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png I see... As long as it's nothin', I don't have to worry about it.
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png G-Genbu, you got some business to talk about?
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png A meeting for our next job is comin' up soon. I came over to call you over.
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png O-Oh, got it! I gotcha!!
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png ............

They were callin' you over too, Bancho-san. Looks like some business or whatever. I'm going ahead. Don't be late, Suzaku.

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png Genbu...

(Dammit, the hell am I doing! I decided that I wouldn't hide anythin' from Genbu!)

【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png That article ‘bout Shinsoku Ikkon's been makin' waves!

There's no way those two'd do anythin' crooked. That stuff's obviously lies.

【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png Yeah! I'm worried, but... let's work hard on our own job for now!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Yeah. That's all we can do right now.
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png By the way... Your dad was the one who assigned us with this job, right, Kazuki-san?
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png Didja talk with yer dad about the theme song or anythin', Sensei?
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...No. I didn't hear anything from him.

【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Ever since I became an idol, I haven't talked very much with my father.

...Regardless of us living in the same house, we haven't even met face-to-face with each other...

【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png That's... quite lonely, isn't it...
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Thank you for saying that. You're a kind person.

...I can't even imagine as to why Father designated us for this. ...I also want to know what Father is thinking. ...But... with these current circumstances, hearing it from him directly would be difficult.

【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png Ya wanna know what yer dad's got runnin' through his head, huh...?

【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png Could it be that... your father wants some sort of chance to change these current circumstances?
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png Yeah, I think so too.

He's probably thinkin' that he can't let things keep on goin' this way.

【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...It'd be nice if that were the case.

...Both Father and I... have to change. ...Because I think that way... (If I show Father how I am now, then it's possible that nothing will change. Would it be too optimistic to think that'll happen...?)

【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png ...Okay! So for now, let's practice, practice, practice...

Since we definitely have to show the best PV ever to Kazuki-san's dad! We have to make it so that Kazuki-san and Kazuki-san's dad can move forward.

【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png Yer right. We'll help ya out with anythin' and everythin', Sensei!

It's best if families are nice'n close together!

【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Ryo, Daigo... Thank you.

...I have some good partners with me.

【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png We'll be doing lessons for PV filming starting today. Let's put our energy into it, Suzaku.
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png Yeah!

...Ah, Director! I'll be in your care today... —Agh, that magazine's...!

...I-I see. I'm grateful to hear ya tell me that I shouldn't worry about it.

(...That article's gotten pretty spread around, hasn't it. Does everyone know about it already?

The staff members on the other side were also glancin' over at us and mutterin' stuff like 'gangsters' or whatever...

But Genbu's keepin' quiet... He'd usually talk about it straight-up and directly, though.

...Could it be... that Genbu also knows about it already?)

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png ...Just like I thought. You already knew about it too, Genbu?
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png Yeah... I'm sorry, man. I pretended I didn't.
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png D-Don't go apologizin'! I did the same thing, dude...!
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png What're you saying? You were trying to be considerate of me, so that's why you kept quiet, right?

...It's all my responsibility to deal with the thing that happened this time. Ya have nothing at all to go and apologize for.

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png You idiot! I was right next to you when that happened! It's not only your fault!

Hey, Genbu... Let's talk things out with Producer properly. Together.

We won't be apologizin' for things all over the place. Let's settle things clearly, between right'n wrong, as Shinsoku Ikkon!

【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png ...You're right. The two of us make up one unit.

I gotta thank you... Every time you scold me, I feel like I've been woken up.

【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png We apologize for causin' such a pitiful commotion, Bancho-san.

If we hadn't gone around scarin' people, things wouldn't have been misunderstood in this way.

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png Yeah. And how it turned out this way is ‘cuz we're delinquents to our very souls!!
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png Idiot. That's exactly why we caused problems this time.
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png O-Oh yeah, that's right...!

I'm real sorry, Producer. Since we're delinquents 'n all that...

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png I see... You saw good things in us, what with us bein' delinquents and all.
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png Yeah. You took an interest in us, you had expectations of us, because of these defiant looks and souls of ours.

You were the one who acknowledged us. There's nothin' to be ashamed about.

As the two of us are Shinsoku Ikkon, we'll believe in our own justice and blast right through it all.

Plus, there are people who'll support us... We can't have our spirits broken like this!

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai T.png Thank you, Producer! Heheh. Sorry for gettin' all weak on you!
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono T.png The three of us won't lose to any opponent no matter who it is. We'll get through this situation!

【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png It's finally the day for the PV filming!
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Yeah! We're totally prepared! Last night, I even slept ten hours! Wahaha!
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png ...Let's definitely make this photoshoot a success, Kazuki-san!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...Yes. Of course.

...I'll exert my best effort. Please watch me, Producer. (I'll make sure that my feelings... no, our feelings reach Father.)

【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png We'll be taking a momentary break from filming? I understand. Thank you for your work!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...Director, I have something small that I'd like to talk with you about the performance.

...One of the themes of this work is "solitude." ...As such, I thought it better if I were to bring out a sense of loneliness in a more direct way. ...No, it's a given that I'd be knowledgable about this. The original work was... made by my "Father."

【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png (But it was actually the novel that Kazuki-san wrote...)
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Sensei...
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...We'll go with the way I proposed my idea? Thank you very much, Director.

【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Hey, Sensei... Doesn't this sorta situation hurt ya?
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Everyone thinks that the one who wrote the original work was your father.

But the one who actually wrote that novel was you, Kazuki-san...

【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...Are you two worried about me? Thank you. But I have no problems with it.

...I'm used to something around this level. That's what it means to live as a ghost.

【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png That sort of thing is just so...
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...I was wrong. But I can't change my past.

...However, I can change my future. And the only one who can do that right now is my present self. ...I want to make this PV the best it can be. ...Ryo, Daigo. If either of you have any questions regarding the product, you don't need to hold back. You can ask me.

【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Kazuki-san, the way you looked during filming was so cool! You're amazing...!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...The way I am now is thanks to you, Ryo.

...It's a strange feeling, being complimented by you: someone incredibly special to me.

【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Oh, Sensei! You sure got a nice expression just now! It's a lovely smile!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...Really? I'm a little embarrassed...
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png The way you've been recently, Kazuki-san, you're really growing a lot as an idol.
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Yer right~. Both yer singing 'n dancin' carry a lot more force to ‘em compared to before!
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png When I see you, Kazuki-san, I can't help but think that I can't lose to you either!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...You two... your words resonate with me. Thank you.

【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Bancho-san's been firm'n hard-set on supportin' us since the very beginning...
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Plus they told us that we're fine the way we are.
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png They must've been feelin' a difficult way from that article, too... Geez, 's no one better than them.
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png We gotta return this huge debt to ‘em somehow. Ain't that right, Genbu!
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Yeah! Let's show off the best performance we have!
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png UOOOOHHH! I'm gettin' fired up!!

......And also, where's that same Producer gone off to?

【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Now that you mention, I haven't seen ‘em since a while back...

Wait, it's almost time for us to start with filming. Let's go on standby, Suzaku.

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Y-Yeah!

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png (...So the camera's located over there, and... 'n then, I lower my gaze... right...?)
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png (That's a good vibe you're givin' off, Suzaku. I can't let myself lose to you either.)
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png BWAHH—! It's been a while since our last PV filmin', so I was seriously nervous!
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Though you say that, you weren't exactly lackin' on the fighting spirit side of things.
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Ya think? Heheh, I actually thought I was gonna do pretty well!
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png That's the spirit. Let's relax our nerves during the break and rush through the rest.
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Oh? Ain't that you, Producer? Where've you been up till now?

Plus, you're grinnin' for some reason... Did somethin' happen?

【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Doesn't look like it's just because... our performance was goin' well, huh.

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Wait, WHAAAT!? Producer, you got proof that the scandal was all made up!?
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png You disappeared to do somethin' like that... This sorta thing is absolutely earth-shattering.

...You went out of your way to go to Chinatown and searched for some witnesses on the incident?

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png You found people who'd testify that we were the ones who got bothered in the first place...

Wasn't that a huge lot of work to do!? You ran around doin' that stuff all by yourself...!

【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png It's already surprisin' enough that you found it in such a short time, but your willpower's somethin' fierce too.

You didn't just believe in us. You went that far to do something like that too... I'm really grateful.

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Dammit... Producer, you better watch us! We'll do the best work ever today!
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png As Shinsoku Ikkon, we'll show you a performance that'll answer your expectations, Bancho-san!

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png UOOOHHHHHH—!! Ooh... I'm all burned out, Genbu... I feel like I totally just burned up my life for today...
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png You really went with it all you got, didn't ya. It's obvious that your energy's been used up that much. Good work there.
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Heheh! I'm lookin' forward to the PV's completion! I did a good job, if I do say so myself!
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png ...Bancho-san. I'm truly sorry that I caused problems for you this time.

I like doing work as an idol. Though I may be inexperienced, I'll continue to be in your care from now on too.

【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Me too! I seriously, really love doing idol work with Genbu and Producer!!

I'm real glad you believed in us! I'll be in yer care from now on!!

【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png ...They left. Even their exits are in perfect form, too.
【Aside Famille】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Hey, Genbu. I'm glad that Producer was the one who scouted us.
【Aside Famille】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Yeah. We can believe in them. We'll keep followin' them from here on.

【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png Ryo, Sensei! The PV we took a while back is finally airin' on television!
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png Really!? Let's watch it together, Kazuki-san!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...All right.
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png Hoo wee, it's such a good PV no matter how many times I watch it! Wahaha!
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png It's being raved about on the internet and stuff, that the original work's worldview is being splendidly expressed here!
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png ‘Zat so! That's also thanks to Sensei, too!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...For that job, I managed to express everything about how I am now.

...But that was because Ryo and Daigo, as well as the two from Shinsoku Ikkon, were there with me. ...Thank you. I'm sure these feelings will get across to Father as well. (...I'm sure Father will watch it, too...)

【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png So did I! It's hard to put it in words, but... it was a beautiful drama.
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png Yeah. I thought that it was a work that spelled Kazuki-san all over it.
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...It's most important to me that you two enjoyed it.

...Now that I think about it, I started helping Father out with writing because I wanted to please him. ...At the time, Father was in a slump. When he read the manuscripts I wrote, he said this: "Kazuki, you have talent. Would you like to try writing my novels?" ...And I answered with this. "That's fine, as long as I can help you out." ...Father was pleased. And I was happy about that. It had made me happy...

【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png Sensei...

【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Becoming Father's ghostwriter was for no one else's sake...

...When I realized that, I had reached a point at which I couldn't turn back any longer.

【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png ...Even though it was somethin' ya did for yer dad... Ya couldn't keep on goin' that way...
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...And since then, I struggled over and over, day by day. Whether or not I should stop being his ghostwriter.

...But I couldn't pry myself away... There were times I cursed my own talent.

【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png ...I think your feelings of taking action for your father were true.

That's why... you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. Plus... because you had that past, we were able to meet.

【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...You're right. It's as you say. I'm sure my past wasn't a waste.

【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...When work's done, can I drop by a bookstore? Today's the release date of a literary journal I've been reading for fun.
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png Ah, the feature of this weekly magazine... It says "Shinsoku Ikkon's Scandal Was Forged!"
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png Looks like the case's closed with this! Thank goodness!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png *trembling* ............!
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png Wassup, Sensei. Is that the magazine you were lookin' for? Gonna buy it?
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...My father's... Father's going to write something new, it seems.
【Aside Famille】Daigo Kabuto T.png Y-ya serious!? Basically... yer dad's made up his mind to write on his own now!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Yeah... Father will likely be writing slowly, but... He really is an accomplished novelist.
【Thinking of that Day】Ryo Akizuki T.png That's great, Kazuki-san!
【Unforgettable Memory】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Thank you. I'm looking forward to Father's brand new work. As his fan... and as his son.

...When the novel is complete... I'm sure my relationship with Father... will definitely move forward.

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