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Login O Lord, wherefore dost thou keepest me from my trials, my pilgrimage? I am... Ha, this itself is but a trial brought forth to me by the Dark Gods, ‘tis destiny’s law!

MWAHAHA! My Lord, a new future dawns upon us! Together, we shall paint this realm of ashen darkness ‘til it is naught but pitch!

Event Login MWAHAHAHA! Accept this offering, and awaken the darkness slumbering within thy very soul! Ggh... My power... Calm thyself, Asselin! Thou must take this, with haste...! Afore I run amok...

MWAHAHAHA! Accept this offering, and awaken the darkness slumbering within thy very soul! Ggh... My power... Calm thyself, Asselin! Thou must take this, with haste...! Submit to the darkness, together with me!

Lesson Come! I shall teach thee the most forbidden of hexes!

Live Formation Great Brothers of the Dark! Now is the time! Let our arias bring forth a new age of pitch and darkness!

Audition Battle Formation There is nary a man who can stand against my iron rule! Wielders of Light, feel free to tremble in fear!

Featured Unit

Hehehe... My Lord! Satan and I would be pleased to heed thy summons... Together, we shall engulf this world in darkness!

Leader N~R+ If I am to be the bellwether of our flock, thou shalt all be loyal servants of our Lord Satan... Now, my brethren, together, we shall dye this world in pitch black!

N~R+ Trust MAX Oh, my Lord. I was just in the middle of gathering the magic rhetoric necessary to easily convey my divine revelations... These, too, are the divine orders of the Bellwether of Darkness!

Leader SR~SR+ MWAHAHAHAHA! The hour draws nigh! Let the great banquet of the Tribes of Darkness begin! And the driving force behind ye all... the Lord Satan himself, and I, his loyal servant!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX For thee who fightest for our sakes behind closed doors, away from the eyes of the masses, we deliver a song of blessings and gratitude! Now then, listen carefully! My Lord! Ma~ster♪

Leader (Other Producer) My Lord shows mercy even to the Tribes of Darkness; they are truly the Chosen Summoner! Satan and I swear our eternal allegiance to our Lord!

My Desk (0% Trust) MWAHAHAHA, MWAHAHAHA!! ‘Tis a fine morn to do thy Lord’s bidding!!

My Desk (5% Trust) FUAHAHA, I have arrived! Wh-why dost thou turneth thine eyes away from me? My Lord!

My Desk (30% Trust) Ah! Producer-san... H-Have you seen Satan anywhere...? Huh? The laundry...?

My Desk (MAX% Trust) The power... IT FLOOOWS!! Could this be thy wicked energy, my Lord?

Business (0% Trust) My servant’s ranks have increased by one once again. I must thank thee, my Lord, for the magic words thou bestowed upon me prior.

Business MWAHAHAHA! Harken to the cries of our servants! A fine feeling indeed, my Lord!

Business (MAX Trust) My Lord’s magic words, which resound to the heavens like die Zauberflöte! They granteth us blessings, wherever we may go!

Trust UP! On my days off... Nay, I mean, on the Sabbath Day, when I walk the path... the Denizens of Light part before me, like the splitting of Moses’ Sea... How enigmatic......

I see, my Lord. The Denizens of Light feel great horror at the prospect of coming into contact with my wicked soul. Without a doubt, this is the reason they part before me! MWAHAHAHAHA!

...My Lord, dost Satan’s presence cause you unease? Enough! Satan’s existence is one clad in each and every bit of darkness in this very world. Touchest him not, lest thou burn thyself!

Trust MAX I am beholden before your military might, my Lord! Thousands, nay, tens of thousands of servants beg for my presence as their religious icon! Let us continue to lay down thy hammer of darkness, together!

Refreshments An offering from my Lord! Savor it slowly... Savor it carefully!

Cheer Servants of darkness! Bask in my encouragement!!

Convo Chance! My Lord! Let us enjoy a transient social exchange together!

Break Time MWAHAHAHA! Come, now is the time to liberate the spirits from the words within our very souls!

Ah, the hour waxes full... Come, let us face our fate enveloped in thorns.

mini Shout MWAHAHA!

mini Thanks My dark power grows. I give my thanks to thee! MWAHAHAHA!

Audition Battle Preparation So, ‘tis thee who standest before me, Wielder of Light... Hmph, this must be destiny.

Audition Battle Come. Let us match our magical strength!

Burn into thine eyes the darkness of the abyss!

Program Audition Preparation MUAHAHAHA! My servants are my sacrifice! Be obedient and die a noble death!

Program Audition (Rival) Burn into thine eyes the darkness of the abyss!

Program Audition (Self) You fool! Bow down before my power!

Audition Battle (Backup) Servants of darkness! Bask in my encouragement!

Audition Battle (Win) MWAHAHA! Now, begone!

Audition Battle (Lose) Ggh... Hah...Defeating me... A commendable act, indeed!

Live Preparation Fall to the darkness, and become our servant...!

Live Continuation Ggh... The darkness is eternally oppressed. Nevertheless! Not yet! I have yet to surrendeeer!!

Live Success! How exuberant! Thou feelest the breath of new servants, dost thou not, my Lord?!

MWAHAHA! Behold, my Lord, I have converted the Tribes of Light into our own servants! A joyous occasion, indeed!

Kukuku...... Now, then, Citizens of the Light. Resonate with our aria, and devote to us thy mortal selves!

MWAHAHAHA! By the hand of our powers, the Darkness of Chaos reigns throughout the stage!

Birthday Effect (2015) The time waxes full! Behold, the power of Asselin Beelzebub II!!

Birthday Effect (2016) We who are newly burdened with sin, raise to us, your voices of despair!

Birthday Comments

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White Day 2019[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album At this moment, we are criminals, trapped within the deepest of darknesses…. We shall seek through to the means of escape through unlock by overcoming the many mysteries levied upon us! Mayst we now challenge the game of breaking free!
To think, a member of the household of darkness such as myself could be dressed up in this way… No— This method of dressing art befitting of this occasion. A black-and-white pledge to those who provide us with their support. I may as well offer up mine own eternal gratitude!
Scout The project I have chosen art the game of breaking free… The theme of this performance art “fallen angel”! Kukuku… O Master! Mayst we surely solve this together! Aaahahaha!
Through freedom, we have alighted upon the transient world once more! Hm, selling stickers to commemorate the escape they are… Master! Together may we procure these to celebrate this happening!
Change! For this, I have considered the pose entrusted by mine own family of darkness… No, ’twas mine own mastery. O Master! Mayst thou gaze upon my form!
My Desk (0% Trust) Baking… Level of that on Soichiro’s skill art highly unattainable, though I do know of the method of purification.
My Desk (MAX Trust) Master, to where art thou headed? Convenience st… No, the marketplace of darkness? Allow myself to accompany thee for such a travel!
Business (0% Trust) A sweet atmosphere… Hmm. Though it may be an arduous trial, I shall surely complete it to its fullest!
Trust MAX The game of breaking free… ’twas my first experience with such, but to think it could be such a livening experience… O Master! Some day may we surely return to alight upon this location once more!
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