BRAND NEW ME! ~Encounter with a Brand New Me~

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#215: BRAND NEW ME! ~Encounter with a Brand New Me~
[Bingo] 02/28/2019 – 03/08/2019
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Legenders and FRAME are suddenly requested to film a commercial for hair wax.
Our idols that don't normally use hair wax set out to research all about it.

FRAME decide to meet at Shingen's house to study hairstyles, but they can't seem to settle on what to do.
They find helpful hints from a certain someone for their filming.

On Legender's side of things, they are enthusiastically practising hairstyles on each for their preparation.
Chris seems to be quite captivated by the commercial's tag line ever since he heard it at the meeting.

Bring out a new you with a new hairstyle, and let's make this a wonderful commercial!

Event TOP
【An Overt Look】Chris Koron Let us set sail on a new course. We're adventurers after all…!
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura Today’s me is a capable me! I’ll ace any scene, and capture everyone’s hearts!
【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura The times when you can’t reach an answer by thinking, it might be better to start by moving your hands instead~
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen To motivate yourself starting from the outside… So that works too.
【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno Seems like there’s times when this scary face of mine can be good for me too. I’m glad, but it’s kinda embarrassing...
【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha It feels pretty hot out today. You alright?

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Translator: takanoko
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura T.png Seiji-san, Hideo-san. Producer-san said to use this for reference.
【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno T.png A hair wax sample, huh. We'll being shooting a commercial for this one, right?
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen T.png We were told at the meeting that we would be shooting in formal wear, at a bar with a night view.
【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno T.png Haha, that sounds kind of embarrassing, but I guess we do have to make the hairstyles stand out.
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura T.png I don't really know any fashionable hairstyles in the first place, though.
【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno T.png Ah… me too, actually. Shingen.... Well, he probably doesn't either.
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen T.png That's true… Even though there'll be a scene where I'll have to apply the wax myself...
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura T.png It wouldn't look very good of you to be stumbling around with it during the filming… Ah, that's it!

Since Producer-san went ahead and gave us these samples, we should practice with it!

【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen T.png Good idea. I was thinking it would be good to discuss the commercial step-by-step with the two of you as well.

In that case, why not come to my house on our next day off? I'll cook lunch for us too.

【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura T.png Is that okay? Alright! It's been such a long time since I got to eat Seiji-san's home cooking!

【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura T.png With just your fingers, and your hair as a canvas, your style is your art~… Hair wax, huh~ I don't use it very often~

I've sold it when I worked as general store clerk before, so I know how to use it at least.

【An Overt Look】Chris Koron T.png I don't personally use any either… It'll come right out when I go into the ocean, you see.
【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png To think there's not one experienced person here. Well, I'm not one to talk.

Sounds like FRAME is in the same situation, since they'll be practicing hair styling on their day off.

【An Overt Look】Chris Koron T.png It would probably be best if we were to practice with wax beforehand as well.
【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura T.png There'll be a scene where I fix Chris-san's hair, so we need to make sure to practice that too.

It seems like I'll be styling your hair with wax… Chris-san~?

【An Overt Look】Chris Koron T.png ...Ah, pardon me, Sora! These commercial documents caught my eye...
【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png This page is about… the commercial's tagline?
【An Overt Look】Chris Koron T.png Yes, the phrase is “Obtain a new you”...

It's a wonderful phrase… it's certainly struck a chord within my heart!

【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen T.png We've got the wax, so now all that's left is to put it into practice, huh.
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura T.png Dry wax, a glossy type… There's a lot of different kinds for just wax.

We have to make the viewers want to use it, so let's choose hairstyles with a real impact!

【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno T.png Seems like the right hairstyle depends a lot on your face's features.
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen T.png I see. You said you weren't too knowledgeable, but you sound like you know what you're talking about.
【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno T.png I just flipped through this magazine before I came. I'll let you guys borrow it later.
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura T.png Hmm, I wonder what kind of hairstyle would fit me the best?
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen T.png How about an slicked back style? I think that'd certainly suit you.
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura T.png That's pretty flashy! In that case, why not take it a step further and make it a ducktail style!?
【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno T.png You don't have enough hair for that. Actually wait, if you don't try then you won't know, right…?
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen T.png Haha. Once we decide on hairstyles, we still have to discuss our posing too.

Before that, we gotta eat. When we get to my house, I'll get cooking right away!

【An Overt Look】Chris Koron T.png This hairstyle that Sora has fixed for me is wonderfully done.
【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png I think so too. You're pretty skilled, aren't you, Kitamura.
【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura T.png It's thanks to all the wrapping I did at the general store. I referenced the hair catalogs too, so I got the gist of it~

When I saw the name of this hairstyle, I thought it was perfect for Chris-san~

【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png So what's the name of it? Let me see the catalog.

...I see, so it's called a fishbone braid. It really does fit Koron, huh.

【An Overt Look】Chris Koron T.png This hairstyle is called a fishbone braid…? That's definitely what you said just now, right!?

Now that you mention it, the summary indeed says it is meant to resemble a fish's bones…!

Hm… the roundness resembles the scales of the sotoiwashi as well- also known as the bonefish.

Could it have been meant to be so thoroughly similar…!? I wish to wear this hairstyle to the actual filming!

【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura T.png Calm down a bit~ If you show up with your hair already styled, there's no point in filming the commercial~
【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Alright, that's enough playing around for now. We should get to practicing for real.

【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno T.png Hmm… what to do...
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen T.png Hideo, you haven't decided on a hairstyle yet?
【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno T.png Not yet. Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with styling, but I don't really know what would fit me.
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen T.png The other day, when I saw you and Amane playing together, I was thinking…

Why don't you try a style with pushing your bangs out of the way?

【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno T.png Eh… But, my face is kinda scary, so pushing my hair out of the way is…
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura T.png I want to see that too. Hideo-san's usual bangs are good, but…

We never get to see your hair up, so it'd feel refreshing to see!

【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen T.png Even in the magazine you lent us, the styles showing more forehead looked pretty mature.

I think it would go well with the commercial theme this time. Why not try it out?

【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno T.png I see… It wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. Thanks, you two.

【An Overt Look】Chris Koron+ T.png It's finally to time to starting filming. It seems Amehiko will be up first. Let's make this a success!
【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Amehiko-san, will you be alright~? You won't take such a big scoop of wax again, will you~?
【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png I won't make the same mistake again. Well, just watch.
【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png (The right amount of wax… is probably about this much. Alright, now for the styling.)
【An Overt Look】Chris Koron+ T.png Good work, Amehiko! Your natural sex appeal has really shown itself.
【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Not so long ago, this surely and handsome man.. looked himself a fool.

I can't believe this is the same person that messed up with the wax before~

【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png That so? I'll accept your kind words.

I'm not familiar with wax, but I was fine since I usually style my hair anyway.

The tool might be different, but the method is still the same.

It wasn't very difficult, but it seems it turned out fine in the end.

【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno+ T.png Starting with me, huh. I still can't get used to my forehead showing like this, and I'm still kinda nervous, but…

I want the people that'll see the commercial to think I look cool… Alright, here we go!

【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen+ T.png Good work, Hideo. That went great, didn't it? You were real charming.
【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno+ T.png R-really? That's great… ha… I feel like I can relax now.
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen+ T.png We got to see some never before seen Hideo charms. So, next up is Ryu?
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura+ T.png Yes! I'll show you charms that can't lose to Hideo-san!
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura+ T.png (Here is when I touch my bangs… and then look toward the camera… h-how's that!)
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura+ T.png I'm so glad it went over well! Seiji-san, Hideo-san, how was that!?
【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno+ T.png Good job, Ryu. You looked real cool out there, even the staff praised you.
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura+ T.png Really!? Hehe, that makes me happy! Good thing we worked so hard on our practice!
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen+ T.png Haha, you're back to the same old Ryu already. You seemed like a different person during filming.
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura+ T.png You too, Seiji-san! Your atmosphere is completely different than usual today.
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen+ T.png That's right. And I'll make this a success so it's not just for show.

【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura+ T.png I'm glad we got an OK on our first take~ Our practicing was worth it~
【An Overt Look】Chris Koron+ T.png That was a fine job, Sora!
【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura+ T.png It's also thanks to Chris-san for letting me practice with you~

That said, your hair is very easy to work with. It's very silky and smooth~

That's why even a beginner like me could make it look good~

【An Overt Look】Chris Koron+ T.png Is that right? To think my hair would be so praised...
【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura+ T.png It's a wonder how your hair isn't damaged at all from going into the ocean all the time~
【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png Koron's hair is just as strong as his heart.
【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Next is Chris-san's solo scene, huh~ Do your best~
【An Overt Look】Chris Koron+ T.png Thank you! I can't be losing to you two after all! Also…

Ever since I saw the tagline, “Obtain a new you”...

My heart has been aflutter, just like the mornings of a new voyage.

Please, behold this brand new me!

【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen+ T.png (The three of us practiced posing and expressions. I shouldn't worry about being nervous)

(Now to lean on the bar counter… like this)

(...Alright, the staff's reaction looks good. I'll keep it going like this.)

【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen+ T.png Good work! ...Eh? That went well? Thank you!
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura+ T.png Good work, Seiji-san! You did great - everyone's really loving you!
【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno+ T.png The maker looked pleased too. If it's this muscular Shingen, then the sexiness will be at full power.
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura+ T.png That's right! They even said Seiji-san's maturity adds a new appeal!
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen+ T.png I see, that's a relief. I'd say it feels.. how to put it.. refreshing.
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura+ T.png Refreshing…? What do you mean?
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen+ T.png Well, up until now I thought this sort of thing wouldn't suit me…

But changing up my appearance like this feels like casting off my shell a bit.

【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno+ T.png Wow, it's unusual to see Shingen saying something like this. You're actually pretty confident, huh.
【A Wild Look】Seiji Shingen+ T.png Well no, actually, Amane thought this hairstyle was cool too, so… haha.
【B.N.M!】Hideo Akuno+ T.png Ah… I see now. Well, that is a pretty Shingen reason too.
【B.N.M!】Ryu Kimura+ T.png He seemed like such a different person before, but Seiji-san is definitely still Seiji-san after all!

【An Overt Look】Chris Koron+ T.png With this, the filming is done. All we can do in the meanwhile is to wait for the commercial to be televised.
【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png Koron, you really took a liking to the slogan here, huh?
【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura+ T.png “Obtain a new you”, was it~?
【An Overt Look】Chris Koron+ T.png “Obtain a new you”... That is, to transform into a you more different.

If I were to speak about it in ocean terms, it would be like finding a new course on the sea.

On a new course, we would be able to see new sceneries and gain new knowledge.

That is surely what it means to “obtain” a new you.

I'm happy that we were able to show everyone how enjoyable it is to explore the unknown…!

【B.N.M!】Sora Kitamura+ T.png That old Chris-san from before has really become someone that looks forward to filming work now~
【B.N.M!】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png Heh, it's times like this when Koron's face is truly glowing.

Now I'm really looking forward to the commercial airing.

【An Overt Look】Chris Koron+ T.png Yes! I can't wait for everyone to see the “new me” soon!

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