Baile of Love and Passion/Event Scenes

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Translator: madoka_asuran
【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Good morning...

Oh. You're all here.

【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png Ahahaha. I couldn't wait 'til the meeting time, so I came here early.
【Love and Passion】Saki Mizushima T.png This time we're gonna shoot a promotional video for our new song! We're gonna dance the flamenco, right?
【Love and Passion】Asselin BB II T.png Forsooth. Us four knights art going to hath't a bodkin square ov'r Saki…!
【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png No, the story doesn't go like that. Each of us are in a flamenco-like cast.

Asselin-san is a stubborn soldier, I'm a confident matador...

【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png I'm an affected noble prodigal son, Kamiya-san is a cheerful traveller!
【Love and Passion】Saki Mizushima T.png A cheeful traveller, eh...? Fufu, it suits Kamiya!
【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Haha, when it comes to acting as a character, things may go differet.

Let's do our best in lessons so we can act our characters in acting and dancing too!

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【Love and Passion】Saki Mizushima T.png Well then, let's do this—! Ready, set, go...

SaTanTanTanTan, TanTanTaTaTan ♪

【Love and Passion】Asselin BB II T.png TanTanTanTaN, TANTANTATA...

Ugh, this time is eke failure, m, mine most humble apology...!

【Love and Passion】Saki Mizushima T.png Don't be upset, Asselin. We're all starting from zero!
【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Yes, that's right. How to take the rhythm, how to use your legs, your posture...

It's different from dances we've experienced until now. It's going to be a tough path.

【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Yeah. But it's still the first day. If we work on it seriously, it should be fine.

Mm... what's wrong, Makio. You look displeased...

【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png I... don't really know how to act my character out.

"A cocky, sarcastic man" "I want you to show off that it makes us embarrassed" Hmm... what kind of man is he... can I do it...?

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【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png (It's been a few days since the lesson started but... I haven't understood my character fully yet...)
【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Makio-san, may I have a little talk with you? It's about the thing you were worried about the other day...

You and your character. If you look carefully, it seems like there are some similarities.

【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png Eh, really?
【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png For example, this courtship scene. There are many lines which makes us feel embarrassed but...

It's just as like when you see something you are passionate about.

【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png When I see something I'm passionate about...?

Ah. That's ca—...!

【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png That's right. See, don't you feel as though you can relate to him now?
【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png Thank you very much, Soichiro-san! I think I get the image now!
【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Fufu... I'm glad that the message got through.

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【Love and Passion】Saki Mizushima T.png Great job for today's lesson too! I'm glad that our dance is beginning to form!
【Love and Passion】Asselin BB II T.png Forsooth. Mine forks becometh less trembling like a fawn!
【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Well then, shall we go home...

Mm. Shinonome, what's wrong? You seem to be dazed.

【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png No... I just got pointed out by Trainer-san.

I want more passion from you that you want the main role...

【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png ...Shall I think about it too?
【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png No, it's fine. This is a problem of my feelings and I have to do something about it myself.

We have a practice tomorrow too... so please go home without me.

【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png Without you... then, what about you?
【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png I'll stay and practice for a bit.

Well, then, see you tomorrow... good job.

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【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png I wonder if Soichiro-san is okay by himself...
【Love and Passion】Saki Mizushima T.png Hmm. He said to go home without him but...
【Love and Passion】Asselin BB II T.png Mm... mm. Still I bethink we shouldst wend back.
【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Nah. We need times to think by ourselves, let's leave him alone.
【Love and Passion】Saki Mizushima T.png Kamiya, aren't you interested in how Soichiro is doing?
【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Well, I can't really say I'm not interested. But it's what he desires, surely there should be no problem.

Shinonome has been stubborn since long ago anyway... When he says he wants to be alone, it's better to leave it that way.

【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png Is that so... But... I...

I'm sorry! I'm going back to Soichiro-san!

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【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png ...

Ah... it was you, Producer-san. Fufu... you know I'm worried about things. I want a passion that you want to be the main role... they got me. So far, I was mainly in the position of supporting other members. I didn't really feel any dissatisfaction in these kinds of supporting role... Rather than the main role, these kinds of role fit me... ... Every single idol in 315 production is a main role"... "Balance of unit is also important, but first of all I need you need to shine" ... First of all, I...

??? Soichiro-san!

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【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png Soichiro-san!

...Oh, you were here too, Producer-san.

【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Makio-san... what's the matter, did you leave something behind?
【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png No. I came back 'cause I thought I should stay and practice too.

It might be my fault that you were called out by Trainer-san.

【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png ? ...What do you mean?
【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png That time... you gave me an advice although you were struggling too.

If I was more reliable, you could have concentrated on yourself...

【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Fufu... thank you for your thoughtfulness. However, how can you tell?

Being meddlesome is how I am. If you're too reliable I'll be troublesome. Well, that's a joke... This is my own problem. Please don't be concerned about it.

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【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png "A joke"... "Don't be concerned"...

Soichiro-san, you're actually amazing.

【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Yeah. That toughness is one of Shinonome's attractive points.
【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Kamiya... Mizushima-san, Asselin-san too...
【Love and Passion】Saki Mizushima T.png Yohoo, both of you! Here's a treat for you guys! We bought cakes from the front of station ♪
【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki T.png T-This is... the limited "Pumpkin, maroon and apricot on top, Autumn decoration tart"!
【Love and Passion】Asselin BB II T.png For a most wondrous trial, supreme foods and the power of the brethren art essential...! Don't thee bethink, Soichiro!
【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png ...In the end, we all end up staying behind and practice.
【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Sorry Shinonome. We're all unique members but...

In these kinds of cases we seem to have a good unity.

【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Fufu... we really have a lot of meddling people among us. *

* Here, Soichiro speaks in his Kansai dialect.

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【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png Finally, we're at the shooting. Everyone, are you ready?
【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki+ T.png Yes, of course!

...Soichiro-san, you look shinier than usual today. You look like you're full of confidence. I think it's very cool!

【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png And the same to you. Your prideful appearance looks great as well.
【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki+ T.png Thank you very much. 'Cause I practiced a lot, my preparedness is perfect too!

Our characters are rivals! I won't give Saki-chan to you!

【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png Me too. I'll ward off nimbly whomstever thwarts my love.
【Love and Passion】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Hey, hey, do that kinda stuff on the actual stage!
【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png And that actual stage is going to start soon. Now everyone, let's go!
【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png Got it...

Producer-san. Matador's gallant figure... please look at my shine!

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【Love and Passion】Asselin BB II+ T.png "Te necesito..."

"Beauty, please take my hand"

【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png "Me haces muy feliz..."

"Could you be an endpoint of my travel?"

【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png "Te amo..."

"This duel, I will give this victory to you"

【君に釘付け】Makio Uzuki+ T.png "Te quiero!"

"Everything, myself and my song of love too, is yours!"

【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png It somehow ended... I think the amount of hard work made it good.
【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png Yeah. 'Cause each one of us showed our ability!

We included Spanish. I hope we're noticed out of Japan too.

【Passionate Pasodoble】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png Fufu... I'll be troublesome. I'm not confident in the pronunciation.
【Love and Passion】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png No problem. What's important is your passion that you want to tell people your feelings.

So that Cafe Parade will be beloved by the whole world, let's keep on working hard and encourage each other!