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【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png It seems we'll be shooting parts of the movie in Macau this time around. Do the two of you have your passports ready?
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Already done. Hah. Work overseas, huh? My heart's pounding!
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita T.png This just might be my first time overseas! It's amazing how hard it is to get a passport!
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Eh? Rui, this is your first time going overseas? With how well you speak English?
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita T.png Yeah! That's why I'm stoked beyond belief to be on location this time around ☆
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Hehe. Me too. Macau means casinos, for sure. My goal... to make a killing!

Now, how many funds shall I bring... What should I do once I become a billionaire?

【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita T.png Dreams do come true! I hope you make lots of money, Mister Yamashita♪
【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png ...Ahem. I can understand to a certain degree how joyful you must feel about working overseas. However...

We're the equivalent of pupils on a field trip. Do try to act more like adults out there.

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【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png ...Hmph... So Asselin-san is to play a legendary card shark, and I, a crafty mafia executive...

I see. As far as the script goes, this looks to be the makings of a brilliant film.

【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png Hmph... This ordeal... Together, we shall weather...

W-We shall weather...

【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png ...Oh my, what's the matter? Your face is an awfully unflattering shade.
【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png Hmhm, thus spoke the foreign emissary... that, on this occasion, shalt Satan's appearance onstage not be forgiven... Such is the fact of the matter...

Though I conspired with our Lord to avoid this tragedy... My prayer remaineth unanswered.

【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png I see. You're worried about whether or not you can handle acting in a foreign country without Satan-san.
【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png ...Nevertheless... The Lord merely wishes to magnify our powers... This, too, is a trial sent by them.

Cutting through these accursed thorns...

Verily, shall I do so! Hence, and forthwith!

【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Now that sounds promising. Then, shall we try a special lesson in going without Satan-san, perhaps?

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【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Let's see here... Now, Asselin-san, let us try separating Satan-san from you, shall we?

Now, I'm only borrowing him for just a moment.

【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png ...Uu... ‘Tis only for a moment... I bid thee farewell, Satan...
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png I'll put him right on this chair. And now...

With that out of the way, try reading from the script, if you would.

【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png Okay...

"Fufu... S-So you've... s-seen... seen right through me... have you...?"

【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png That was... disgraceful, actually. What on Earth is wrong with you?

This calls for drastic measures. We shall try having you and Satan-san live your lives apart for a while.

【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png ......A-apart...?
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png ...Your face looks as though you've been dropped into the bottom of hell... It pains my heart to see.

Let's drop this plan for now. We shall search for another method.

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【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png When you become separated from Satan-san, it takes you out of your stride. So...

...Ah, that's it. Why don't we slip Satan-san inside your clothes?

【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png O-OHHHHH! ‘Tis a capital idea... AHAHAHA! Precisely what I'd expect of thee, Tactician of Darkness!

Once I place him in here, like so...

Kukuku, I sense it, a deluge of dark power...!

【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Now we're getting somewhere. However... Your stomach is clearly bulging. Unnatural, to say the least.

Our costumes will likely be fitted suits, so concealing him may prove difficult.

【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png Hmn... However, he is the only thing my physical form canst do not without...

Th-That's it! How's this?! We turn this role into that of a "now-plumpified person" !

【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Even if you ask me "How's this?!" ... Isn't that even more unnatural?

...I shall think of another way.

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【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Now then, how's this, Asselin-san? I'll place Satan-san here, right in front of you...

This way, we can make sure he's in your field of vision.

【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png ...So being able to touch him is but an unanswered wish... A-Alas... I am anxious... ‘Tis still so...
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Oh, come now, Asselin... Look here, right into Satan's eyes.

With a mighty gaze, he watches over thee, Asselin-san!

【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png Aah, Satan...! That's it... Even when not on my shoulder, Satan is always, always by my side...!
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Ah, your face is looking much better than it did before... Are you able to read the script under these circumstances?
【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png ...

"Fufu... S-So, you've seen right through me, have you...?"

H-How's that...?

【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Seems we still have a ways to go... Though we're certainly making progress.

So long as you continue to practice, I'm sure you'll... Keep up the good work, Asselin-san.

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【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Christ, this script is massive. Well, it is a movie, after all...
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita T.png How wonderful! The three of us have been cast as blood brothers!
【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png Hm. The character I'm playing, "Li Dao" , is the eldest brother of the three.

A king of the casino on the surface, but a mafia boss underneath. Such is the nature of this role.

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png I'm the second eldest, "Ma Jin" . He acts as Li Dao's arms and legs, a fighter who handles all the dirty work...
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita T.png And I'm playing the youngest brother, "Hu Yin" ! A genius dealer, the face of the casino!

But he has no ties to the criminal underworld, a cheerful and free character, to say the least!

【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png Hrm... We are, first and foremost, teachers... We should be setting an example for people.

And yet, we're being made to play such socially degenerate roles as this...

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Now, now. It's just acting. A movie for people's amusement. Take it easy, why don't you?

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【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png I've read this script front to back, but... This Ma Jin sure is a flashy-action kinda guy.

I'm not all that good at fighting, you know...? I get all awkward and shy, and pain's not really my thing...

Ah, but, since it's a movie, a stuntman'll probably stand in for me.

Hmm... Then, there's no problem. The acting itself doesn't sound so hard.

【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png Is that so? You're rather amazing, then, Yamashita-kun. This is turning out to be quite a toil for me.

My experience in being a mafia boss is null, after all...

【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita T.png Haha! Obviously, me and Mister Yamashita have no mafia experience either!

I have an idea! In order to get a better grasp of our roles, let's go rent out a movie!

【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png Ah... I see. That's a capital idea. We shall learn from the masterpieces of the past.
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Sounds good. Then, let's go right away, shall we?

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【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png ...I feel like I've seen this mafia movie before... I saw this in theaters when I was younger.

Back then, I barely paid attention, but if you look carefully...

【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png "...Snitches wind up in ditches."
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Wha?!
【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png Hm... What's wrong, Yamashita-kun?
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Y-You scared the hell outta me, talking all scary like that all of a sudden...
【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png Ah... My apologies. I got engrossed in watching all of this mafian behavior.
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Haha... You're really taking this seriously, aren't you? You taking this in too, Rui?
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita T.png Yeah! The dealer in this movie, his technique's just like magic!

I've gotta learn how to handle cards properly, just like him ☆

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【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png And that's the fifth one... I'm sorta startin' to get a grasp of this, somehow or another... What about you, Hazama-san?
【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png I as well. I've learned that even mafians have a certain standard. A bountiful harvest, indeed.
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png ...What about you, Ru... Huh? Rui, you feeling alright?
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita T.png Ummm... I thought the dealer's job was just entertaining customers, but...

There's a lotta stuff you have to remember... It feels like I got the hardest role!

【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png I heard from the director that it's possible for us to use body doubles for scenes that require technical ability.
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita T.png Hmm... But, Producer-chan trusted me with this role, so...

It may be selfish, but I wanna do as much as I can on my own!

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png That's pretty remarkable, Rui... In that case, this old man's gonna try his best on all the action scenes, too.
【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png Hmph. Then, in order to complete our various assignments, we'll undergo some crash courses before our departure.

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【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png "...Here. Take this."
【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png "Tch... What's with this chump change? This ain't some kid's game, yanno."
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png "That's as much as I'll give to a penniless man like you. I'd like to see a little more gratitude."

"Moreover, you're a rather... uncommon gambler. This should be more than enough... no?"

【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png "Hmph... You make me sick to my stomach."
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png "The feeling is mutual. Now then. I shall send you to the casino."
【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png Huh?!
【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png S-Satan... H-H-H-H-How was that?! M-My acting... Uuu...
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png Fufu... The second we cut, he flew right off to Satan-san right away...

I'm still a bit uneasy... But I suppose we have no choice but to get by like this.

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【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png "This is the the casino the Casino King... I mean, the mafian Li Dao operates! Are you insane?!"
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png "You need money. And I want to... ‘cut down' the opposition's financial power."

"You could say we share a common goal... Am I understood?"

【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png "You idiot... If I'm caught, we'll both end up sorry in the end!!"
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png "What does the Legendary Gambler have to be afraid of...? Ahh, yes. You've been caught once before."

"They made an example of you, your wife killed, your daughter reported missing."

"Like a beast stripped of its fangs... It's not so unreasonable for you to be such a coward, now is it?"

【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png "You bastard... Don't you ever say that to me again...!"
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png "My most gracious apologies... Well, that'll be all from me. Your first goal is one hundred-million. Contact me once you've made your preparations."
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png ...Asselin-san, are you alright? We're done for the day, so let's head back.

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【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png I was wondering how this would go from the start, but... you managed to do rather well, Asselin-san.
【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png Kuku... I am a descendant of the Dark Tribes! ‘Twould be folly to thinks me unable to weather a trial like this!

...Is... what I was about to say... Alas, I am yet immature, so...

Because Satan watcheth over me, I was able, and yet, what of tomorrow...?

【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png You musn't be timid. Face forward, and do your best. However...

Satan-san really is quite special to you, isn't he, Asselin-san?

【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png ...My Dark Tribe, perusers of antiquity that they were, often left our dwelling unattended.

Ergo, since jejunity, the times I spent in solitude were many. Satan and my family of puppets, they...

They were my only companions... Satan, who gave this cowardly heart courage...

No matter what manner of calamity layeth afore me, so long as Satan is here... I fear nothing.

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【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png So Asselin-san and Satan-san have been friends since the tender age of childhood... What a shocker.

Satan-san has the power to bestow courage upon you, doesn't he, Asselin-san?

【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png Uhuh...

I-I mean, AAHAAHAHA! ‘Tis only natural! The magical might of the Fallen Angel Satan is beyond reproach!

I could not possibly imagine a life without Satan! ...Ha...!

H-However! Thinkest not that Satan is the only one I want by my side!

You and Kamiya, Saki and Makio, all of ye, my fellow countrymen, are important to me...

Therefore, I would be ever so grateful... if you were to... not think badly of me...

【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Fufu... I understand. Now, now, don't huddle up like that...

Our next shooting will finally be on location in Macao. Let's pool together our strength with those other three and do our best.

【Trickster】Asselin BB II T.png Very well! Let us etch a brand new legend into the very ground of this foreign land!

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【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png "(This man who calls himself Long Fei... Is he going to bet on 19 again?)"

"(...19! Well done... But... I just let you win a minute ago.)"

"(No way... Can he see through all my tricks?)"

"(Somehow, this guy doesn't seem like any ordinary guy...)"

"...Magnificent! You've got a streak even Lady Luck herself would be jealous of!"

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Well, well, it's finally begun. We're shooting overseas. Wonder how this'll go.
【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png We're cutting it rather close with how packed our schedule is before we leave the country.

We walk a hard path in an unfamiliar land like this, but so long as we take care of ourselves, we shall surely overcome this.

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png ...Rui, you were making a fuss all the way until we left the country. You already alright?
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png Huh? ...Haha... No problem! I'm...

Don't worry about it!

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【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png "Ten hundred-million?! You've gotta be shitting me! At the beginning, you said one hundred-million, you bastard...!"
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png "My, my, you must be quite the hot-blooded person if you're raising your hand against me."

"I found your missing daughter for you. Ten hundred-million should be easy..."

"You'll do the best you possibly can. Won't you, Legendary Gambler-san?"

【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png ...I can't shuffle or deal at all. Even though I went to school and practiced and everything...
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Went to school... Dealer school?! You did that?! Well, then that should be more than enough, I'd think...
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png No... I'm playing a pro among pros...

I'm way out of my league here.

【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png Maita-kun, impatience will do you no good. How about you rest for a moment?
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png I don't have TIME for that!

...Ah... Sorry...

I, that is... Impatience will do me no good, huh? Yeah...

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png ...Rui...

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【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png I thought I could take the easy way out, but... It's hopeless... I can't do this at all.
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png ...Rui. Don't give me that face. You gotta relax, loosen your shoulders. Take it ea~sy.

It'd certainly be best if you did this on your own, but how do you think obsessing over it's gonna turn out?

I myself wouldn't have made it this far if you and Mr. Hazama didn't have my back...

It's not like you to overthink things like this, you know?

【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png Skill is integral, but what I seek is the face of "Rui Maita," the idol.

That precious face that brings smiles to others... that teaches us how to do so in return...

That smile belongs to none other than you, Maita-kun.

【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png Mister Yamashita... Mister Hazama...

I see. So that's what you really want from me...

...Ahah, just what I'd expect from former teachers! I... feel like I can do my best from here on out!

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【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png Relax your shoulders... The card is part of you... Relax, act natural...
【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png Hmn... You seem to be handling those cards far more easily than before.
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png Yeah! With this, I'll bet I can handle all kinds of scenes!
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita T.png Ahh, well, do your best... Or, well, even if you do, you still got unusually hot-headed. What's up with you?
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png Hmm... That's a mystery even to me. But maybe...

Until now, I've only pursued things that were fun. So that's why this time...

This was the first time I felt there was something I "couldn't do" ... Is it because of that?

...Ummm, actually, that's probably not it.

Not only could I not do it, it annoyed the heck out of me. This was the first time I've ever felt frustrated.

【Best Game】Michio Hazama T.png Frustration, was it...? That's a rather integral emotion. Consider this an important experience.

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【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png "...Ma Jin. It seems there's a bit trouble brewing within my castle."

"We've been led by the snout by that solitary man... Just how much has he taken from the house?"

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png "Let's see here... Approximately one hundred-million."
【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png "Only one hundred-million... Not so much as to warrant worry, but..."

"Hm... Rewind the tape."

"I remember this man... There's no mistaking it. The man who lays waste to casinos... Long Fei."

"...Something is afoot, it seems. Ma Jin, observe that man and his surroundings, carefully."

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png "Yeah, yeah... As you wish."
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png Seems we've wrapped up shooting for today. S.E.M.'s acting is quite coordinated. Truly magnificent, really.
【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png
【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png Naturally. Mutually combine the powers of our units, and we'll have the most supreme of films on our hands.

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【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png "I had a little ‘chat' with the guy loiterin' behind Long Fei."

"Seems like the guy was one of Gan Yun's lackeys."

【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png "Gan Yun... Gan Yun from the Xing Family?"

"If it's a war between families he wants, this is a rather roundabout way of going about it."

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png "About that... The guy blabbed that Gan Yun's using Long Fei's daughter as part of his threat."
【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png "His daughter... Talk about Xing Family modus operandi. Gan Yun is planning a rebellion, I presume."

"It seems we've been wrapped in up a petty, pathetic squabble. Ma Jin. Go and take back the daughter."

【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png Wow! You two looked super evil out there! Wonderful!
【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png Praise from my younger brother, hm? Hmph... Perhaps your existence isn't so terrible after all.
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Whoa, you're really wrapped up in your role... Hazama-san, you should go back to normal when the camera stops rolling, y'know...?

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【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png "So this is how it ends... Hahah, gotta say, it's a shock coming face to face with all these people."

"Still, no matter how many bundles'a ya there are, small fry are small fry, all the same. And my enemy... Hm?"

【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png "At last, you've come... Heh, gotta say, I'm gonna enjoy being your opponent."

"Don't you agree? Your foe this time around, the mastermind behind the curtain... is the Chinese martial artist, Gan Yun-san."

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png "Better than the pawns I took out just now... Will ya live up to my expectations, I wonder?"
【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png Fie... Thine moves were most wondrous, Soichiro!

Art thou, mayhaps, a master of the Monstrous Roar?!

【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png "Monstrous Roar" ...? Are you, perhaps, talking about Chinese martial arts?

Fufu... Not at all. Unfortunately, I'm a total amateur when it comes to martial arts.

However, I've been practicing and practicing, just the same as you, Asselin-san.

That acting was the fruit of my labors... Even I felt a certain response from it.

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【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png "Oh...? Welcome, welcome. I've been waiting for a rematch with you."

"Somehow, it seems like... you want an ever bigger game this time around."

"Let me show you to the VIP Room. Once we're there..."

"I dare say you'll have the high-stakes match you're wishing for on your hands.

"The name of the game is Texas Hold'em... Your opponent... Me."

【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png Fufu~Sofusofu~Fu~Sofufuf~Sofu~Fusofusofu~So♪ Mister Hazama, Mister Yamashita! Sorry for keeping you!

Now let me check the video tape! ...Wow, fantastic! My acting's pretty great, huh?

I've got a feeling this'll be a masterpiece! I wonder if the movie'll be done soon ☆

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Haha... You're being impatient. We're still shooting, and even after that, there's all that editing and stuff to do.
【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png Ah. However, we only have a small sum of shooting remaining.

Challenge yourself not to lose focus.

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【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png "(...I'm in hot water here.)"

"(This guy's on a winning streak... He said he was the youngest brother of Li Dao's family... Hu Yin, was it?)"

"(I've never heard that name in the underworld, but this guy, he's strong.)"

"(I can't help but think that Lady Luck's got a thing for this guy.)"

"(I've gotta go for a comeback... I've gotta win! If I don't, my daughter... Her life...!"

"(...! Shit! Not again...!)"

"(Is keeping the fight going... meaningless...?!)"


【Best Game】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png ...At last, the final day of shooting. We've finally made it.

From here on out is the great climax... Do your best, Asselin-san.

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【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png "'Scuse me... Li Dai, the game's over. Gan Yun and the girl have both been secured."
【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png "Good work, Ma Jin... And with this, Gan Yun's scheme has been thwarted. I'll be returning your daughter to you, Long Fei..."

"Therefore... Any gambling beyond this is meaningless. Isn't that so, Hu Yin?"

【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png "...Please, wait. I... I want to try fighting this out with him... until the very end!"

"Li Dao, big brother, even though it's meaningless... Please, let us continue our battle!"

【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Ah, jeez... Shooting that flashy action scene's got my body hurtin' all over...
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png You showed us such intense passion there, though, Mister Yamashita! It was super fresh!
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Hehe... Before we left the country, I was just horsing around with regret, but boom! That's all gone now.

On the other hand, the funds I was going to use did the same. All gone now... Hah... My Yukichi-chan *...

【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png Yamashita-kun... Honestly, people like you...

* Yukichi Fukuzawa is the face of the 10,000 yen note.

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【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png ...
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png ...
【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png ...!
【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png "...A Royal Straight Flush?"

"The chances of that are... 0.00015%... Well done, Long Fei."

【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png "My hand was a four-of-a-kind... I was confident in it, but..."

"In the end, Lady Luck smiled upon you... I'm done for."

"However... That was the first and only time I've ever had such a heart-pumping match."

"Thank you, Long Fei... You too, brothers."

"Now then, we'll let you meet up with your daughter... She should be in that room, no?"

【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png "Yes. But, before that... There's something else we should do, isn't there, Hu Yin?"
【Trickster】Asselin BB II+ T.png (F-Fair befall...! All have bowed their heads in gracious smiles...! I've done it, haven't I?!)

...N-next up is the final scene... Heigh, Satan... keep thine eyes upon my gallant form...!

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【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png "I forgot to sort out of the chips. The winner takes home both gold and glory. Such is the way of the casino."
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png "Li Dao... Big brother..."
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png "‘Til we meet again, Legendary Gambler. As for you, Yun Gan... We're gonna continue our little ‘chat.'"
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png "Thank you... for the greatest match I've ever had... Good luck! To you... and your daughter."
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png ...Even though we're finally done shooting, we go home tomorrow. Idols really are busy, huh?
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png We've still got time! We'd have to go out of our way, but let's go do a bit of sightseeing ☆
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Sightseein'... I've been wanting to do that, but I've got no money on me... Ohoho.
【Best Game】Michio Hazama+ T.png I suppose it can't be helped... I'll foot the bill on meals.
【Best Game】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Eh... Seriously?! Hazama-san, are you my savior~?!
【Genius Dealer】Rui Maita+ T.png I'll go invite Asselin and them to come with! Time is money... Let's set off at once!