Blue Sky Wedding

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#065: Blue Sky Wedding
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[Produce] 06/21/2019 – 06/28/2019
Event Idols
Yusuke Aoi-icon.png Soichiro Shinonome-icon.png
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Sky Blue Bridegroom Gacha
06/20/2019 – 06/30/2019
Gacha Idols
Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png

Event and Gacha Banners

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A job for a photoshoot in an idol magazine has been decided for Sakuraba Kaoru, Tsuzuki Kei, Aoi Yusuke, and Shinonome Soichiro, with ‘The Wedding of the Sky’ as the theme.
The members are to self-produce their own wedding ceremonies for the photoshoot, but some of them are unable to come up with any ideas.
In such a situation, the four of them end up observing a particular thing...? Act as the best grooms ever, under the blue sky!

Translator: Stamff
Event story, card lines and conversations on ‘My Desk’.

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