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Translator: Kelly
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png It was enough of a surprise knowin’ that famous delinquent manga’s gettin’ a drama adaptation…

But that drama’s theme song is gonna have us and Jupiter sing it! Can’t believe it!

【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png It’s also a huge surprise that they’re filming at Ouken. I didn’t think a connection like this could happen.

We’ve got confirmed for a campaign live to promote the drama too, so it’ll get busier from here on.

【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png By the way, you talked about invitin’ Touma-san and the others over to Ouken, right?
【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png Yeah. It looks like their main goal’s to learn more about what the original product was all about, by collectin’ data about the place we’re going.
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png They’re takin’ the time out to come to Ouken. I want them to learn about delinquents’n understand more.

Oh, I got a good idea! It’s like, how about we welcome ‘em in our own special way!

【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png Ooh? I’m real interested. Could I hear some more about that idea?
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png …And so that’s how they’ll get to experience it for real, in the flesh! How’s that, Genbu!?
【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png …Man. You really do always just go above and beyond what I imagine.

I’m in with your plan, partner. Looks like we gotta talk with the other bros and Banchou-san about this!

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【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase T.png Oh, thanks for the support! You better look forward to the theme song, too!
【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Hey, my little angels. Ciao ☆ …Yeah. All of you are so full of energy.
【Crimson Live】Shouta Mitarai T.png Y’know how this feels? Ouken High’s a lot more peaceful than I thought it’d be~.

I thought it’d be fighting everywhere I looked, like the manga.

【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase T.png It’s not like they’d fight year-round just because this school’s got a lot of delinquents, man.

…Oh, you want a signature? Of course, that’s cool! Wait, hold on! Line up properly!

【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Haha. The students here are already full of energy, and they don’t even need to fight.
(Other students come to the door)
【Crimson Live】Shouta Mitarai T.png …Huh? Some scary-looking people have come in.

They look like third-year students. Could this be… that “raid” thing that people talk about?

【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase T.png You’re looking for Genbu!? You better not try to start something bad.
【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin T.png …Calm down, you two. It looks like we should stay quiet for this.

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【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png Yo. Jupiter’s here. What’s the fuss?
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png If you got somethin’ to talk about, then we’ll freakin’ listen to you, senpai!

…Aah? The rival schools are looking down on us, what with all the idol or drama stuff?

【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png You’re gonna mess up the first year kids… you say? Oh, I’ll show you who’s the boss around here!
(Suzaku and Genbu begin fighting with the students)
【Crimson Live】Shouta Mitarai T.png Whoa! Some kinda scuffle got started around here!?
【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase T.png We can’t leave them to fend for themselves! Let’s help out! Wait up, Suzaku! Genbu!
【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin T.png
【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase T.png Let me go, Hokuto! Our friends are in trouble. I can’t keep quiet and just watch!
【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Fufu, calm down there. If you look more closely, you’ll understand. They’re fine.
【Crimson Live】Shouta Mitarai T.png …Wha? It looks like they’re grazing by each other with their fists and stopping short of actually hitting.
【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase T.png Nn… You’re right. So that means this fight is… Wait, it’s acting?
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png Sorry for spookin’ y’all and all that! But it got ya pumped, right?

That wasn’t a serious fight just now. It was a staged battle that we made to look like a fight!

【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png This is our own personalized “welcome” that we thought up.

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【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png The usual Ouken’s way too noisy in lots of ways. It ain’t something that Jupiter should see.
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png But delinquents go hand in hand with fights. So we decided to put on a show to hit you with all we got!
【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin T.png I see. You taught it to us so that we could understand the force behind what delinquents can do.
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png Yeah! We made a right’n proper script, and all of us practiced our staged battle!
【Crimson Live】Shouta Mitarai T.png It’s amazing that all of it was a play! I thought it was a real serious raid!
【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png There’s no way an actual raid would ever happen. Not as long as I’m alive as the boss.
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png Genbu’s the same school year as me, but unlike that script from before…

The upperclassmen students all accept him as the boss. He’s a real awesome dude!

【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase T.png Same year… wait, Genbu, you’re a first year!? Since you’re 17 years old, I just assumed…
【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png …Yeah, pretty much. Before I entered Ouken, I sorta went through a bunch of things.
【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase T.png I see… I’m sorry for asking about something weird.
【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png Don’t worry ‘bout it. Right now, I’m just glad I’m in the same school year as my partner.
【Crimson Live】Shouta Mitarai T.png But that fight just now was awesome. It’s like I was thrown right into the world of the manga!
【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Let’s make use of this experience when we sing the theme song.
【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase T.png You’re right. Tell us more about lots of other things, guys. The senpai should join in, too!

* The Japanese school system generally works with 1st year ~ 16 years old, 2nd year ~ 17 years old, 3rd year ~ 18 years old. This is only a vague generalization, though, as students have varying factors that can prevent them from advancing, or like when they were born. examples: Jun is a 2nd year despite being 16 years old, but it’s because the storyline takes place before his birthday. Haruna is 18 years old despite being a 2nd year due to being held back twice. Genbu is 17 years old despite being a 1st year.

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【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png Even though they had work right after this, Touma and the others stayed until it was almost too late.
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png We sure got real fired up over our conversations, huh! Looks like the welcome party was a huge success!! I’m glad!
【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png But Ouken sure has changed a lot. For the drama filming, plus having a welcome party to invite idols…

I guess that’s what you call feelin’ the jeopardy of changing times. It’s all stuff you wouldn’t have imagined existin’ in the past.

【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png They haven’t gotten near as soft as jelly, but the reason why Ouken’s delinquents have changed is because of you, Genbu! Y’know!?
【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png I said jeopardy, not jelly, dude… Anyways, these merits couldn’t have been achieved with just myself, partner.

Honestly though, Jupiter’s really what you’d expect of ‘em. They were able to win over all these delinquents so completely.

We’re gonna be standin’ with those same guys onstage during the live. We can’t lose to ‘em, since we’re the delinquents!

【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai T.png Those guys who follow me ‘round and call me Suzaku-san, plus all my classmates…

Everyone’s supportin’ us, sayin’ that they’ll be comin’ to see our live.

I’m gonna definitely make this live a success!! BUUUUUUURNIN’!!

【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono T.png As idols, Jupiter’s leagues ahead of us in seniority, but when it comes to years as delinquents, we take the win.

If we show off our real skills with all we got, we’re not gonna let them take that from us. We’re aimin’ for full speed ahead!

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【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase+ T.png We’re Jupiter and Shinsoku Ikkon, who’ve been tasked with singing this drama’s theme song.

You’re gonna get fired up for us today, won’t you!

(The audience cheer)
【Crimson Live】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Whoa~! The cheers this time are more full of dudes than usual~.
【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png The lots of the angels who are fans of the original manga have come here, it seems.
【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase+ T.png (Huh…? Huddled up over there are… the high school delinquents from Ouken!

They really did come. All right, we’ll make it the hottest live they’ve ever seen, so they better watch…!)

【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png To all our little angels, we’ll make today’s live a fierce one. Better prepare yourselves ☆
【Crimson Live】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Hehe! Judging by your powerful cheers, I guess you’re expecting great things!
【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png We’re gonna make it a serious all-out match today! Okay, first up, let’s do the first song!
Jupiter Music start! Nice to beat ya!! *

* Jupiter uses the ateji reading of kanji to pronounce “yoroshiku” (usually translated as “It’s nice to meet you,” or “Please take care of me”). It makes use of how the letters themselves are pronounced while not actually using what it means. More information here.

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【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono+ T.png You done with the warm-up exercises? I didn’t say I’d let y’all slack off, dammit!

(The dudes from Ouken are all grouped up over there. Jeez. They sure are some delinquents with a strong sense of duty. We can’t show ‘em something shameful. Looks like we gotta throw down the gauntlet and put some energy into things!)

【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai+ T.png (Genbu! Let’s show Jupiter that Shinsoku Ikkon ain’t losin’ to Jupiter!)
【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono+ T.png (Partner’s eyes… You’re right. Let’s fire things up more’n more!)
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai+ T.png You guys ain’t tellin’ us that you’re out of breath already, aren’t ya?
【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Looks like we have give some energy to you if you’re slackin’. Ain’t I right, Suzaku!
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Yeah! Let’s do it, Genbu… Let’s go!
【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono+ T.png This is Shinsoku Ikkon’s full-body, full-spirit…
【Crimson Live】Suzaku Akai+ T.png Direct glare!! 【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono+ T.png
(The audience cheer)
【The Smart Sort of Chief】Genbu Kurono+ T.png Havin’ eagle eyes… We’re lookin’ at all of you, whether you’re here or at the very edge of the audience! We see all your faces!

Listen up. Don’t be spooked by somethin’ like this. We’re gonna keep blastin’ through this!

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【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase+ T.png (So this is the power of delinquents… Suzaku, Genbu… That really was an awesome live…!)
【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png It looks like Touma’s still overwhelmed with emotion… But everyone, good work today.
【Crimson Live】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Good work~! Anyway, I got more tired than usual this time.

The venue’s level of being fired up was completely different. Maybe it’s because we asked them to give us some powerful cheers or something?

【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png We also ran around on the stage with all we had, didn’t we?
【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase+ T.png …Oh, yeah. Do you guys have time after this? I wanted to drop by a bookshop on my way back.
【Crimson Live】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png I do. What’ll you buy, Touma?
【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase+ T.png Delinquent manga! The guys from Ouken High told me about the manga that they’d recommend.
【Crimson Live】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png What sorta manga is it? Bring it to the office when you buy it! I’ll read it too.
【A Wild Horse in Scarlet】Touma Amagase+ T.png It’s like, a delinquent hero shows up or something… I’ll lend it to you when I’m done reading it.

(I thought delinquents and stuff were completely worlds apart from us… But learning about it through this one storyline shows that this living style’s pretty cool too…!)