Boy's Dormitory

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Example of Boy's Dormitory screen.

The Boys' Dormitory (男子寮) functions as a depository for any Idols that the Producer may want to hold on to but otherwise cannot have as an Affiliated Idol.

Usage[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

On the main screen, the selected Dormitory is displayed. If there is more than one Dormitory built, individual buildings can be scrolled through. Beneath the initial illustration, a total with how many Idols are currently being dormed (現在の入寮人数) is presented. Below are the options to Deposit (入寮させる) Idols, Withdraw (呼び戻す) Idols, and Expand (増築) the Dormitory. When Depositing Idols, the Available Remaining Dorm spots are displayed (入寮可能人数). The selection mechanic is similar to the Lesson selection mechanic, if not identical.

Underneath the initial buttons are options to view the Idols' dorming (入寮アイドル一覧) and to change the Dormitory name (寮の名前変更).

Producers can initially deposit up to 50 individual Idols cards. Duplicates of cards contribute towards this limit. The upper limit can be raised by Expanding the Dorm with Support Medals. Support Medals can be earned by completing certain tasks during Events.

Rewards Room[edit | edit source | hide]

See also: Events#Support Medals

The Rewards Room (ごほうび屋) allows the Producer to Exchange any Support Medals earned for certain prizes. There are two categories of rewards, which include:

Category Item Description Cost
Training Support

【Lesson Support】Ken Yamamura I'm Ken Yamamura. I'll properly lend my support so that Producer-san and the Idols can do their jobs well. I look forward to working with you!

100 medals
Dormitory Expansions

Dorm Extension

Please select the Dormitory to Expand.
Each Expansion increases the Person Capacity by 5.

2500 medals / expansion
New Dorm Building

A new Dormitory building.
Only 2 Dormitory buildings can be built.

※ When the new building is created, its initial Person Capacity is 10 people.

25000 medals