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Translator: nemuruoogarasu
【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura T.png The job this time will be performing in a musical with THE Kogadou…

We’ve already had experience with "Guardians of Sanctuary” when it comes to musicals. Allow us to handle this time as well. Let’s do our best, Tsuzuki-san.

【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki T.png Yes, let’s. I’m glad we can sing onstage. I’m looking forward to it.

…Huh…? It’s a musical that requires action? So that means… we’ll have to move around a lot. Plus, it’ll be done onstage… in front of the audience… I wonder if it’ll be okay?

【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura T.png I’m unused to it as well, but I’ve become slightly more accustomed to action…

Though it may be only a little, I’ll help you out. Let’s make this a certain success!

【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki T.png You’re right… I’ll try to do everything I can.

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【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png We’re going to be practicing staged battles for a while, starting today.

Hey, you two. Make sure not to get hurt, not even a little, okay?

【Bullets】Ren Kizaki T.png Hmph, like hell I’d get hurt. Injuries RUN at the sight of my awesome self!

Foundations are damn annoyin’. Gimme more intense actions to do!

【Bullets】Takeru Taiga T.png The basics are important. Take it seriously.
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png What Takeru just said is crucial, but I get what Ren wants to say too.

Due to our experience up until now, we’ve gotten used to action. Given that experience, let’s show the fans some even more leveled-up movements! …Huh? That’s…

【Bullets】Takeru Taiga T.png It looks like Kei-san and Rei-san are struggling with the gun action.
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png We did gun action for “Cybernetics Wars” already… So, yeah! Let’s go help them out!

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【Bullets】Takeru Taiga T.png You put the index finger here… and your arm should be… like this, yes.

It’s best if you remember it slowly, little by little.

【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki T.png I’m coming to understand it a little more. Thank you. The way you teach is easy to understand.
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png It’s also important to keep in mind that when you fire, you’ll encounter recoil. Can you handle it?
【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura T.png It sounds hard… but I won’t give up. I’ll definitely acquire this skill.
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png That’s the spirit! You’re ambitious and aim higher, so there’s merit in teaching you.

Hey, Ren! Do you have any advice for these two?

【Bullets】Ren Kizaki T.png HAH? Why do I gotta do this sorta thing?
【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura T.png This is to make it a successful performance. Please do help us.
【Bullets】Ren Kizaki T.png …Tch… So fine, startin’ now, you’re my disciple. I’ll work you real thoroughly!
【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura T.png If that’s necessary, I don’t mind. I’ll be in your care.
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png …All right, we’re done for today! You’ve gotten better, little by little. That’s a good pace!
【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura T.png I’m thankful for your guidance. I must do self-practice focusing on the important points I was told about today…!

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【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png …Oof… ……………Whoop… HAAH!
【Bullets】Takeru Taiga T.png Good work with your personal practice, Enjoji-san.
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png Huh? Takeru… plus, Ren. Sorry, I didn’t notice you. Since when have you been there?
【Bullets】Ren Kizaki T.png Kuhaha! LAME! You’re one freakin’ lame-ass, you got so many openings that you can’t even notice me from somethin’ like that?
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png Haha, I guess you’re right. I’m miles away from being an assassin if I’m at this level.

Aah, I have an idea. Takeru, Ren. If it’s all right with you, could you teach me boxing and martial arts? The role I’m acting this time is an extremely skilled assassin. I want to memorize various fighting styles and make use of them in my action. Is that fine?

【Bullets】Takeru Taiga T.png Of course. I also want you to teach me your special techniques.
【Bullets】Ren Kizaki T.png Kuhaha! So that means you’ll be one’a my disciples too, ramen dude!
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png Hahaha, I guess that’s the case. I’ll be in your care, coaches!

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【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura T.png Be aware of how I breathe… HAAH!

Although I’ve memorized the movements, I lack force behind it. What do I do…

【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki T.png …So this is where you were, Rei-san.
【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura T.png Tsuzuki-san! How did you know I was here?
【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki T.png …? I didn’t really know.

I was walking to put on some physical strength, and I saw you by chance.

【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura T.png I-Is that so… But it’s a surprise that you’re trying to build physical strength.
【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki T.png I think so myself. The reason behind that is you, Rei-san.

Because you’re working so hard, I want to work as hard as I can, too. This is for me to become a fitting partner to the sound that you play.

【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura T.png …Thank you very much. So, shall we practice together?
【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki T.png Yes, that’s fine with me. The two of us will be able to work even harder if we’re together.

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【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png Haah… haah…
【Bullets】Takeru Taiga T.png That’s good, Enjoji-san… I can feel the weight behind your fist through the mitt.

(He’s got a good sense for it… If he ever became a boxer, then I’m sure… …I might’ve wanted to fight Enjoji-san seriously once…!)

【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png Phew… Takeru, Ren. Thanks for training me. I’m really grateful!!

Thanks to you two, I’ve thought up a good battle technique… Like this! HAH!

【Bullets】Ren Kizaki T.png Hmph. If that’s what you got, then… Like this… I’ll go with this!
【Bullets】Takeru Taiga T.png It’s risky to kick at that timing. You’d be safer with a punch.
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji T.png I see, you can go with it this way too… Two heads are better than one, but three are even better.

Let’s present our opinions and suggest things to the stage director during our next practice!

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【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura+ T.png It is finally our turn to go onstage… Tsuzuki-san, are you ready?
【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki+ T.png I’m fine to go anytime. We’ll have our sounds echo through the theater.
【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura+ T.png Yes. Let’s show them the results of our training!
【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura+ T.png “Target has been Captured…… Elimination Complete.”
【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki+ T.png “Good boy, C-13. Take a look at that face.

It’s the look of someone who hasn’t realized that they’ve even died… I expected nothing less of my best creation. But the sins of a traitor are heavier than death itself. This might have been too luxurious for him. Well, that matters not… We have no time to spare. Let’s move to the next mission. We’re going, C-13.”

【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura+ T.png “As you wish… I will Crush all my enemies.”

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【Bullets】Takeru Taiga+ T.png “Seven, can you hear me? This is Claw. I’ve taken out all the security guards. Fang has also…”
【Bullets】Ren Kizaki+ T.png “I cleared ‘em out way earlier than him!”
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png “Roger that. Now all that’s left is the target. Don’t let your guards down until the… huh…?

Wh-why… How could it be…”

【Bullets】Ren Kizaki+ T.png “Seven, what are you starin’ f… Wait… HUH? This little brat’s… our target?”
【Bullets】Takeru Taiga+ T.png “Such a young child… It has to be some kind of mistake. Contact headquarters to…”
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png “…No, it’s not a mistake. This is how the organization does things. But…

Can I kill… this child…?”

【Bullets】Takeru Taiga+ T.png The audience’s reactions from watching the gun action are going well.
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Yeah. But we’re just getting started. Let’s work together and surprise them even more.
【Bullets】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Kuhaha! I’ll show ‘em the strongest action ever that’ll shock ‘em so much, they forget how to stand!

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【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki+ T.png “…It’s a shame, A-7. To think that you would betray the organization that we were in together ever since it was founded.”
【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura+ T.png “Unable to disCard your emotions, you wavered on whether or not to kill. You’re despiCable and third-rate. Let us purge him, A-4.”
【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki+ T.png “Of course. The sins of a traitor are heavier than death itself. C-13, put an end to them.”
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png “Kuh— So you’re a doll…! Listen, death god! The way the organization does things is wrong!”
【Bullets】Takeru Taiga+ T.png “All the other enemies are annihilated, so this one child couldn’t possibly stand to be a threat to the organization.”
【Bullets】Ren Kizaki+ T.png “Tch… These dudes don’t look like they’re willing to listen.”
【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki+ T.png “It doesn’t matter whether they’re old or young. Isn’t it obvious that, as a pro, you’ll have to reap any heretic elements?”
【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura+ T.png “I will eliminate all of the organization’s foes. That is the extent of my existenCe… Prepare yourself.”
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png “If we have no choice but to do this… Claw, Fang! Protect that child until the last!”
【Cobalt Purger】Rei Kagura+ T.png The capabilities that THE Kogadou and that we exerted have been fully displayed to the audience.
【Bullets】Kei Tsuzuki+ T.png The air in the theater… It feels like we’re coming to recognize a brand new sound from Altessimo.

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【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png The thundering applause really was exhilarating! That was a huge success, everyone!
【Bullets】Ren Kizaki+ T.png The actions I thought up shocked those damn audience members right outta their seats!
【Bullets】Takeru Taiga+ T.png They’re the ones that “we” thought up. And most of them were thought up by Enjoji-san, who put them together.
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png You’re right. You might be the one in the right this time, Takeru.

Without either of you, this performance wouldn’t have come to anything. I’m blessed to have the best companions ever. Thank you, you two!

【Bullets】Takeru Taiga+ T.png Enjoji-san…
【Bullets】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Tch… Yer fired up about anythin’, anywhere… I’m hungry. Ramen dude, gimme food!
【Crimson Rebel】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Roger that. Let’s invite Teacher and Altessimo and hold a closing party at Otokomichi Ramen.

I’ll let you eat some ramen that’ll make you feel like you’re brimming with energy, so look forward to it!