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Campaigns are limited-time features that appear in the game, usually to celebrate a new addition.

2019[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Title Open Period Details
315RPG ~The 9 Trials and 46 Adventurers~ 04/01 See 315RPG ~The 9 Trials and 46 Adventurers~.
The Idols of Those Days Commemoration Campaign 08/01 – 08/15
  • The Idols of Those Days Gacha added, with 【Remembrance Shot】Kirio Nekoyanagi being the first monthly card.
  • One P Emblem can be obtained while doing an 18 idol scout (up to three times).
  • Former limited anniversary cards added to P Emblem exchange area.
  • Limited item pack added to shop.
  • By sharing a post to Twitter, players could recieve: Idols of Those Days Gacha Scouting Ticket (×1), 100,000 Money, and 50,000 Scouting Points.
Best Game 2 ~The Crucial Trigger of Destiny~ Commemoration Campaign 08/08 – 08/19
For Some Reason, Yamanashi 2019 COLLABORATION Campaign 09/09 – 09/17
  • By sharing a post to Twitter, players could recieve: MY Appeal Bar (Mini) (×5), MY Vital Jelly (Half) (×3), 50,000 Money, 10,00 Scouting Points, and 【風林火山】Seiji Shingen+.
パッション爆裂!イベント続編Mini作戦! 09/09 – 09/19 Using Passion, players could vote for units to receive a sequel event to one of these events: Write for someone ~A Reminiscent Sky~, The Barren Flower of Virtue, The Autumn Demons that Dance Amongst the Crimson Leaves, Miracle Magic Wishacle♪Melody ~Miracle LIVE~, and Paranormal Academy ~Awakening Trump Card~.

On 09/26, it was announced that Café Parade in the Miracle Magic Wishacle♪Melody ~Miracle LIVE~ event sequel won the vote.

315 Audition Gacha Commemoration Campaign 09/15 – 11/15
Cybernetics Wars Conclusion Arc Commemoration Campaign 09/22/2019 – (In progress) See Cybernetics Wars Conclusion Arc.

WILD BOYS ~Fists of Fury~ Opening Campaign 10/07 – 10/24

2020[edit | edit source | hide]

Title Open Period Details
NEW STAGE EPISODE Campaign 08/31 – 09/30
  • ST@RTING LINE cards were the reward for September's UPC.
  • By reaching 2 million points in September's UPC, players could unlock four voiced skits of each unit 'from the time of ST@RTING LINE'.
Silver Week Campaign 2020 09/15 – 09/30
  • Silver Week Limited Time Gacha 1st and 2nd held, in which players could earn Silver Coin 1st and Silver Coin 2nd by scouting in the respective gacha. These coins could be exchanged for ORIGIN@L PIECES event cards.
  • Silver Week Commemorative Gacha ~50% Scout Bonus~ held.
  • Jupiter Special Commemorative Pack sold for 3000 Mobacoins, included new card【Our Progress So Far】Touma Amagase+.
  • In the limited-time login bonus, players could receive: Silver Week Commemorative Platinum Scout Ticket (×8), among other items.
  • By sharing a post to Twitter, players could receive: Silver Week Commemorative Platinum Scout Ticket, Jupiter bromide.
Beast Chronicle ~Risin' Soul~ Campaign 10/06 – 11/08 See Beast Chronicle ~Risin' Soul~ (notes).