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Chris Koron-icon.png You are giving this bottle aquarium to me...? Producer, your feelings are like a salty sea breeze blowing through my heart! You truly are the greatest supporter of me and the ocean!

Character Commu
Chris Koron-icon.png My...birthday? I was so preoccupied with my marine research that it slipped my mind. I guess that would explain why my mother was so excited to make Paella tonight.
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png That's just like you. Here you go. I made this hair band for you. Wear it next time you go to the beach. It's a good luck amulet.
Sora Kitamura-icon.png And this fish-shaped clip is from me. I found this at my old job; I think it suits you perfectly~

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Chris Koron-icon.png A birthday present you will buy for me? Hehe... Thank you very much. In that case, you listening to me talk about the ocean is the greatest present you can ever give me.

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Chris Koron-icon.png I am usually so immersed in my research that I even forget my own birthday. Having the two of you celebrate it overjoyed me!
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png I know this won't compare to your love of the ocean, but allow us to give you a little gift. It's an essential you need for diving.
Sora Kitamura-icon.png Inside the gift box/Contains my joyous feelings/For your day of birth. I hope you'll like the birthday present~ Ah, don't expect too much though~

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Chris Koron-icon.png You prepared this magnificent Funmori, Producer-san!? I am overjoyed... Let us ask Amehiko and Sora to assist us in eating this!

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Chris Koron-icon.png Amehiko, Sora, and Producer-san... I am incredibly blessed to have everyone celebrate my birthday. As a token of appreciation, would you all care to join me in some free diving?
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png In this season? ...I'm afraid I'll have to pass. However, I would like you to take some pictures with that waterproof camera we gave you as a present. I'd like to hear more about the ocean.
Sora Kitamura-icon.png It is autumn and we can't go and catch a cold now, can we~ I wonder why you don't catch a cold doing that, Chris-san~ Do you just get a lot of vitality everytime you go into the ocean~?

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Chris Koron-icon.png Is this...a marine projector? I've been curious about it for a while now. With this, I can turn my place and office into an underwater... I'll use it when I want to relax!

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Chris Koron-icon.png Oh...salmon wrapped like a rose, salmon roe shining like a this a sushi cake? The more I look at it, the more wonderful it looks...!
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png Your delighted expression is the best way to return the favor, and it was well worth the order. It was Kitamura's suggestion that we purchase this product.
Sora Kitamura-icon.png I suppose it's the harmony of the colors scattered in flakes. I just thought this was the best choice for Chris-san... Look~, enough with the observation. Here you go and take a bite~

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Chris Koron-icon.png A towel with my name on it... thank you very much! It's too beautiful to use... Oh? And there's fish embroidery too? Wait, I can tell you which type it is!

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Chris Koron-icon.png You told me to think about what I would like for my Birthday. So I thought, since they're in season, I'd like to eat Sardines!
Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png I see, well that's the last thing I expected, but it's very like you...well, alright. I promised we'd do anything, so sardines it is.
Sora Kitamura-icon.png ...Ah, well I'm just relieved we don't have to fish for it ourselves. Celebrating a Birthday together/ On an autumn eveing/such a sweet deal is welcomed~

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