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This page primarily deals with collaborations outside of the SideM game itself; however, any in-game topics will also be touched upon lightly.

2015[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

THE iDOLM@STER SideM anniversary fair! in KOTOBUKIYA[edit | edit source | hide]

Duration: 07/25 — 08/02 • Website

Kotobukiya is a well-known hobby store. Its first SideM exhibition featured displays that introduced the idols and showed popular Event Scenes in celebration of the release of Jupiter, DRAMATIC STARS, Beit, and High×Joker's first CDs. Limited merchandise of said units were also sold at the exhibition.

Taiko no Tatsujin Murasaki Ver.[edit | edit source | hide]

Duration: 10/01 — 10/31 • Website

Taiko no Tatsujin is a popular drum-themed rhythm arcade game. The limited tie-in with SideM and Cinderella Girls had both DRIVE A LIVE and Shine!! being added to the game. During gameplay of DRIVE A LIVE, SideM motifs such as SideMini and Items would display on the screen. Furthermore, by playing DRIVE A LIVE while using a BANAPASSPORT card or osaifu-keitai, players could gain 【Ace Don】Yusuke Aoi+. Using either the BANAPASSPORT or osaifu-keitai also allowed players to gain the special Ken Yamamura version Don chibi for use on the game's website.

See 315 Marching Song! Taiko Live for in-game related information on this collaboration.

SideM Fantasy: To the Sky Realm for Some Reasons[edit | edit source | hide]

Duration: — • [ Website]

See Movie "Granblue Fantasy ~Visitors From Another World~" and [SideM Fantasy: To the Sky Realm for Some Reasons].

charapot (2015)[edit | edit source | hide]

Duration: 12/15 — 01/??

charapot is a photo booth machine company. In their first collaboration with SideM, fans could go to either Animate Cafe or Animate Hiroshima to take a photo with one of the 18 backgrounds for ¥700 each.

2016[edit | edit source | hide]

Yamanashi (2016)[edit | edit source | hide]

Duration: 02/05 — 02/28 • Website

In SideM's first collaboration with Yamanashi, various products themed around Jupiter, DRAMATIC STARS, High×Joker, and FRAME were sold. Notably, "Seiji's reccomended agar mochi" was sold in small drawstring bags. During the collaboration period, there was a SideM exhibit at the Yamanashi Plaza. Furthermore, large posters advertising the 14 idols were displayed at the Yamanashi Cultural Center, and other advertisements in various locations in the prefecture.

SuperGroupies (2016)[edit | edit source | hide]

Duration: 02/19 — 03/07 • Website

SuperGroupies is an anime goods store which specializes in creating more subtle, wearable products. Its first collaboration with SideM featured high-top sneakers themed around the units Jupiter and High×Joker, each costing ¥9800.

Duration: 05/09 — 05/29 • Website

In the second round of collaborative products, fans could buy bags themed after DRAMATIC STARS (¥9800), High×Joker (¥8800), and S.E.M (¥8800).

GOOD SMILE Animate Cafe (2016)[edit | edit source | hide]

Duration: 06/01 — 07/30 • Website

SideM's collaboration with GOOD SMILE Animate Cafe featured unit-themed food and drinks, sold with bonuses of limited merchandise of new cafe-themed artwork of each idol.

Café de SideM ~Shinsoku Ikkon&Café Parade~[edit | edit source | hide]

Duration: 05/27 — 05/29 • Website

In another collaboration with Kotobukiya, a limited-time cafe centered around Shinsoku Ikkon and Café Parade was held. Fans could buy one of the four special crepes, each centered around a different idol: Nyako's Crunchy Glare Crepe, Soichiro's Sweet Illusion! Mont Blanc Crepe, Asselin's Forbidden Pasta of Darkness Crepe, and Makio's Sweets Sweets Pancake Crepe. Furthermore, limited merchandise of the characters were sold, as well as a clearfile of Touma and Haruna.

charapot (2016)[edit | edit source | hide]

Duration: 05/05 — 05/25

SideM's second collaboration with charapot featured new backgorund designs. The price was lowered to ¥500 per use.

Ichiban Cafe iDOLM@STER SideM[edit | edit source | hide]

Tales of Asteria[edit | edit source | hide]