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Translator: dingzhu
【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima T.png Omigosh! We're gonna be in a makeup commercial! I'm totes moved, and SO excited~!

We're gonna have a papi-study session at the cosmetic store ♪ Y'know, so we can make a commercial that'll make everybody totally squee!

【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II T.png S-Sssstudy session... Hither and thither does this place brimmeth with bewitching elixirs...

To mine own eyes, it looketh all alike... Do the Denizens of Light truly know how to properly wield these?

【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima T.png Well, duh ♪ Don't worry, I know just the thing! I'm gonna give you a little lecture, Asselin!
【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura T.png My, so this a cosmetics store... It's my first time in one, but doesn't this place look just darling?
【Cosmetic】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Mrowr?! Ny'are we double-supporting Madame Butterfly and Saki-kun this time a-meow-nd?
【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura T.png Ahaha. No pomade, no whitening-makeup, no greasepaint? Goodness, these cosmetics really are uncharted waters, aren't they?
【Cosmetic】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png ...Before anyone asks, I've absolutely no knowledge of this, either.
【Cosmetic】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Meowwr?! Saki-kun! Teach us the basics too, purr-ty pleeease!!

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【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima T.png Wha, this brand's new makeup already launched?! I forgot to check... Sigh~...
【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II T.png Brand... Do the effects of these glamorous nostrums differ in accordance with the hand that forged them?
【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima T.png Yup! They're totes different! What's in fashion changes alllll the time, so it's, like, a major disaster if you forget to check!

For example: Color. This color was super in last year. And this color is in right now! And this color's gonna be next!

Ah, but, but. It's important to, like buy the stuff you like papi-ly, regardless of trends!

If you surround yourself with stuff you "love," then you'll feel happy ♪

Then again...

I've got, like, a real problem with money, so I gotta choose carefully... Hmm...

This vivid pink is so fetch, but the pastel pink is, too... Which one fits me better...?

【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II T.png They looketh all the same to mine eyes...

And yet, thine expression is staid with earnesty...

These bewitching elixirs are truly an untrodden territory...

Thy presence is propitious indeed, Saki...!

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【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura T.png It seems I was able to put the basics in order somehow, thanks to that little missy over there teaching us.
【Cosmetic】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Really, now...? Nevertheless, Mizushima-san truly is well informed when it comes to cosmetics, isn't he?
【Cosmetic】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Yes, yes, he has a meow-sterful style in those flowing hands, he does.
【Cosmetic】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png These are only the most basic of makeup tools, and yet I had no idea there were even this many.

We must prepare for the shoot, and commit this all to memory before we go onscreen...!

【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura T.png ...Say, what do you dears think about a little buy-and-try? We can all practice our makeup skills.

Why, I'm sure if we use each other as practice partners, we'll get the hang of this... right?

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【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II T.png Saki... What dost thou think? Quite the evolution from afore, if I do so so myself.
【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima T.png Yeah, I think you got it pretty good this time! A true papi-lution from Asselin ♪
【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II T.png I-Is that so... Papi-lution...


The art of glamour is truly magnificent... Why, ‘tis practically metamorphosis! As though thou art a completely different person!

【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima T.png Heehee! If you ask me, the 'real me' is the one with makeup on, yanno?

The me that I am at home, or at school... looks like a totally different person, you could say...

【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II T.png ...Saki...
【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima T.png ...Ehehe. Oopsie! My bad! Made the air a little awkward, there!

Let's keep practicing! This time, go for cuter!

【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II T.png Hm. Leave it to me! Come! Teach me the secret formula to bewitching glamour!

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【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura T.png ...Hmm~, I might've applied just a TOUCH too much, haven't I...?
【Cosmetic】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png ...Hanamura-san. This isn't eye makeup. It's kumadori... *
【Cosmetic】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Kuro-kun, you look like a kitty with some claws, denyansu!

You could get right onstage looking like that!

【Cosmetic】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png You say that, Nekoyanagi-san, but your makeup looks far too light...

...And I'm worried your eyebrows aren't symmetrical. This is making me nervous.

【Cosmetic】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Meowr?! But YOU were in charge of my makeup, Kuro-kun~?!
【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura T.png Hmm~ ...Oh dear. Trying to do this by my lonesome is actually rather difficult.
【Cosmetic】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Well, if we ever wanna take on jobs making people laugh, I'd say we're on the right track, no?
【Cosmetic】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Fufu... Maybe so, but this job calls for makeup that will charm the audience.
【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura T.png ...I suppose I'll have to go ask the little missy to help me train a tad more.

* The stage makeup worn by kabuki actors.

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【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Asselin, look, look! This costume makes me look just like a doll! It's totes adorbs!
【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II T.png Hm. These raiments... 'Tis said that they draweth out Saki's charm as much as thy heart desires!
【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Ehehe, thankies~!

I'm, like, sooo happy we were able to land a job as lovely as this~ ♪

It's all thanks to those sexiness tips Shoma taught me back when we were doing that Arabian thing!

Not just on the outside, but like... deep down inside...

【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima+ T.png I know that when I move, I am 'beautiful.' Not just in my face, but all the way up to my fingertips.
【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II+ T.png I see. Though thou art the leading part in this act, I, too, have become aware of the grace that adorneth thee.

And... With the art of glamour bestowed to me by thee, Saki, we shall weather this trial set forth upon us anon!

【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Totally! Let's do our papi-est~!

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【Cosmetic】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png ...We are not in the clear at all yet, are we? Nekoyanagi-san and I are the only ones who keep having to retake...
【Cosmetic】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Mewl~ I thought that we ny'already improved our makeup skills enough, thanks to Saki-kun...
【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png The two of you are getting far too distracted! Your movements are all stuffy and stiff!

This role is about making girls beautiful! You can't just do that all willy-nilly! A forceful appeal is key, no?

I'd rather you go at it with so much vigor that you're practically attacking the little missy, here!

【Cosmetic】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Attacking...?! E-even if you say that, what's in your head and what's practical to act are...
【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png ...Oh, there's just no helping it, I suppose. Just saying it won't teach your body a thing, now will it?
【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png From here on, I'll be dealing with you two! Watch carefully, darlings!
【Cosmetic】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png ...Hanamura-san? Your eyes seem to have glazed over somewhat...

C-Calm down!

【Cosmetic】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png ...You turned his super-sadist switch on, denyansu...

You'd better prepare yourself, Kuro-kun.

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【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima+ T.png ...Um... you... want to take shots of me without makeup?

...A before-after scene, huh...?

Oh, what do I do...? Like, I get the director's vision and all, but... I...

......I've been keeping this a secret... from my school and family...

【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II+ T.png ...Ahem.

Thou canst not! Thou shalt not! ...The person that standeth before you is a descendant of the Papi Tribes, a wanton wielder of phantoms and illusion!

According to the laws of the Papi Tribe, an unconcealed visage must be hidden... Should this law be defied, the very fabric of the world would be torn asunder!

...What?! Thou understandeth not my reasoning?!

...Uhm, that is... I... What I wanna say is...

This displeases Saki. Thus, an unconcealed visage... A face without makeup, it simply won't do... I ask of you... Please...

【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Asselin...

I-It's just like he says. My face without makeup is super hush-hush. Sorry!

【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima+ T.png ...Yup. Thanks so much!

Sorry for being selfish about it...

But if I do my best on just this part, I'll make sure this ends up the bestest commercial ever! Leave it to me!

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【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Here we are, darlings, showtime! Kuro-chan, Kirio-chan, are you ready?
【Cosmetic】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png (With this hand, I'll make Mizushima-san beautiful...!)
【Cosmetic】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png (...With this paw, and a little SWISH SWISH, Saki's totally transformed, denyansu...!)
【紅の差し手】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Fufu. They look so happy. The stiffness is all gone! They're moving just splendidly out there!

The best commercial... ever, hm? With that in mind, if I don't make it so, then men will go flat out of style!

Now, then, right after this... It's my turn. I have to make this the best commercial I can!

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【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Asselin, good job shooting today! Whew~

...I was so nervous, but... that was, like, super fun!

I saw the playback recording, but... everyone looks like a whole different person.

Shoma especially was like, totally spellbinding out there! It was so mondo cool.

【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II+ T.png Hm. That, over there, was nothing less than the very "Incarnation of Beauty." ...Unbeknownst to even myself, I found mine eyes transfixed.
【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima+ T.png ...Hey, Asselin. Thanks for that back there.

I've been keeping my idol life on the real down low from my school and family...

If they ever found out, my mind would totally blank out on what to do... You saved me.

【Cosmetic】Asselin BB II+ T.png Hm... Thy circumstances dictate to thee a secret thou must keep even from thine own family, do they not?
【Beauty's Charity】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Yup... My dad and them are real strict on telling me to be more like a boy... Ehehe.

Anywho, I'm glad this job ended up going so well. I'm lookin' forward to how it turns out♪