Cybernetics Wars 2 ~The Liberator That Carries Hope~

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#202: Cybernetics Wars 2 ~The Liberator That Carries Hope~
[Marathon] 11/20/2018 – 11/30/2018
Resentment Insurgence Gacha
Event Idols Gacha Idols
Hideo Akuno-icon.png Suzaku Akai-icon.png Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png Rui Maita-icon.png Teru Tendo-icon.png Yukihiro Kamiya-icon.png

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Featured Idols[edit | edit source]

Event Info[edit | edit source]

Ken-circle.png The third Cybernetics Wars production featuring Hideo-san, Rui-san, Teru-san, Suzaku-san, Yukihiro-san, and Amehiko-san has finally been announced! I can't take my eyes off their intense performances!

Continuing on from previous installments, a sequel to the popular drama Cybernetics Wars: Mechanical Rebels will be in the works!
The cast members are Teru Tendo, Hideo Akuno, Suzaku Akai, Yukihiro Kamiya, Rui Maita, and Amehiko Kuzunoha.
Finally, in this third installment of the series, as everyone tries to learn about the complexities of the settings and relationships, but the amount of material is beginning to wear on them. Then one of the idols came with an unexpected proposal...

It's been two years since Roy's rebellion.
The rebel's will is passed on and a new cycle of hatred is born.
What kind of future will the hopes connected from the past move forward into?
A story that no one knows is about to begin.

Character Roles
Hideo Akuno Sol
Suzaku Akai Brad
Teru Tendo Cain
Rui Maita Keith
Yukihiro Kamiya Happy
Amehiko Kuzunoha Alex

Event Scenes[edit | edit source]

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