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Login Keep up the good work, Boss! If ya need me, gimme a ring anytime! I’ll be waitin’ for ya.

Mornin’, Boss! Great weather today, huh? I’ll be doin’ my damndest with a smile today too, so I’ll be countin’ on ya.

Event Login Oh, Boss! Take this, will ya? I wanted to see your gold star smile, so I brought it all the way here! Alright, I’m givin’ it my all today too!

Oh, boss! Take this, will ya? I wanted to see your gold star smile, so I brought it all the way here! Let’s go all out right to the end!

Lesson Won’tcha do a lesson with me? It’ll be a gas!

Live Formation We’ll give the crowd the whole song and smile and give ‘em a hell of a time! Let’s do it!

Audition Battle Formation I hear we’re hittin’ the mattresses? Well I ain’t losin’. All the more if work’s dependin’ on it.

Featured Unit

Boss wants to feature me! I see, I see! Well ain’t this just the cat’s pajamas!

Leader N~R+ Hoo, I’m the leader now, eh? The beginning’s key when it comes ta this sorta thing. I’ll get the job done right perfect!

N~R+ Trust MAX Ain’t nothing but amazin’ folks here. They’ve given me a good push too. It’s really worth the grind! Wahaha!

Leader SR~SR+ Leave the leadership to me! I’m gettin’ used to that sorta work. I’ll make youse guys into a team full of gold star smiles!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Yer a real unsung hero, Boss. There ain’t no one like you anywhere. So if anything’s troublin’ ya, go ahead and tell me.

Leader (Other Producer) Boss is kind and reliable, a real legend! Takes great care of me, too. It’s ‘cuz a them I can show off this gold star smile everyday!

My Desk (0% Trust) I’m from Hiroshima, so I feel a connection with idols and athletes from the same area. (from initial R)

My Desk (5% Trust) The weather ain’t bad today. Maybe I’ll hit the sack for a bit. Wanna join me?

My Desk (30% Trust) I’m Daigo Kabuto, a man who hates to lose! So, Boss, won’t ya play just one match of ping pong with me after this? How ‘bout it!?

My Desk (MAX% Trust) No matter what happens, I’ll give ya a gold star smile, Boss!

Business (0% Trust) I’m still learnin’ how ta sing, but you can leave the dancin’ and MCin’ to me! (from initial R)

Business Everyone’s smiles are bright and dazzling. Ahaha! You’ve got a dandy of a smile yourself, Boss!

Business (MAX Trust) Boss, wanna play a fighting game in that arcade? Me? I’m pretty strong, y’know?

Trust UP! Truth is, my family’s livin’ all apart ‘cuz they’re fighting. But being with Boss every day, it’s like I got another family right here!

That’s right. One’a these days, my folks’ll all start gettin’ along all dandy again, for sure! Thanks for cheerin’ me up, Boss.

These days, youse folks doin’ idol work are gettin’ more interesting by the second! Boss, can ya teach me more about idols?

Trust MAX I dunno left from right when it comes to idol biz. But I’ll get by one way or another! After all, I’ve got you to trust in, right? (from initial R)

Refreshments I gotta little somethin’ from Boss. Youse guys are pretty lucky.

Cheer Oh, ya need my help?

Convo Chance! Oh, Boss!

Break Time Good work! You came just when I was thinkin’ I wanted to have a chat, so gimme a bit of yer time, will ya?

Hm, time already? So fast… Boss, when you’re free again, be sure ta gimme a holler!

mini Shout It’s my gold star smile!

mini Thanks Boss. Thanks for the treats!

Audition Battle Preparation I hate fightin’, but I love a good match. Come at me!

Audition Battle I’m used to scenes of carnage, y’know.

Program Audition Preparation If it’s a gamble, I ain’t losin’!

Program Audition (Rival) My turn! This is the real deal!

Program Audition (Self) Leave this one ta me, will ya?

Audition Battle (Backup) Oh, do ya need my help?

Audition Battle (Win) Woohoo! Victory is mine!

Audition Battle (Lose) Yer pretty strong, huh. I like ya!

Live Preparation It’s a raid!

Live Continuation This is just the start.

Live Success! Boss, were ya watchin’? The crowd was gold star smiles all the way through!

All the people who cheered me on, I gotta pay ‘em back reeeal proper.

I was able ta bring out my full strength there! Ya followed the code'"`UNIQ--ref-0000002C-QINU`"' real good, Boss!

Boss, I can get it done if I try! Cast a kitten! I’ve surprised even myself!

Birthday Effect (2016) I can’t let go of any chances. I’m all ready. Boss! Gimme your worst!

Birthday Comment (2016) Oh, thanks for the present, Boss! Now, won’t ya have a match with me in this fighting game? Course, just ‘coz it’s my birthday doesn’t mean ya can hold back!

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Aside Famille[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album How’s this, Boss! I tried makin’ it a garden with tricolore like F-LAGS, blue, white, ‘n red! Pretty good job, if I say so m’self! Wahaha! ...Oh, yeah! Take a picture for me!

The PV’s coach told me ta make it an artistic expression, but… that sure is somethin’ hard! But since I got worth in doin’ it, it’s interestin’! Watch over my new expression, Boss!
Scout I heard there are people out there who call this thing a “shovel.” I called it a “scoop,” though… Boss, whaddya call this?
Gramps likes gardenin’ with bonsai’n stuff. Looks like I got that same blood in me too! Gardenin’ was pretty fun, Boss!
Change! This tangled ivy might’ve been expressin’ what Sensei’s heart was like before he became an idol, huh...
My Desk (0% Trust) For school, I got this assignment to look up tutorials to search from… I dunno what to do for the theme.
My Desk (MAX Trust) Public baths are sure nice. Soakin’ in the same bath as Gramps’n everyone and laughin’ together really brings out my power! I recommend it to you too, Boss!
Business (0% Trust) Before worryin’, we gotta get movin’ first of all! Let’s git’er done, Boss!
Trust MAX Boss, take this flower! ...Huh? “Is some day something to be commemorated,” you ask? Ain’t it fine enough to give flowers on days that got nothin’ goin’ on?
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Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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  1. he’s talking about gang’s moral codes, same as “honor among thieves” from his favorite motto.