Dramatic Star☆Sentai DraStars -Fierce Battle! Double Devils-/Event Scenes

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01[edit | edit source]

Translator: takanoko
【Warrior of Justice】Teru Tendo T.png A musical hero show live!? *

Are we really going to become heroes of justice for our next job!?

【Hero Show】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png I see. Let's finish up our practice here and head back to the office for the full details.
【Warrior of Justice】Teru Tendo T.png Wow, to think we've finally got a job that I could only ever dream about! Uwoooh...!
【Hero Show】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Teru-san, where are you going? There's only playground equipment that way...
【Hero Show】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png On top of the slide... So the saying that idiots and smoke both naturally drift towards high places is true.
【Warrior of Justice】Teru Tendo T.png Everyoneー! I'm gonna become a hero! Isn't that cool!!
【Hero Show】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png It's dangerous to lean out so much like that, Teru-saーn!
【Hero Show】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png This guy really does whatever he wants... Oi, Tendo. Hurry up and get down already!
【Warrior of Justice】Teru Tendo T.png Uwooooohー! I'll definitely become a true hero of justiceー!!

* 'Hero show' in this event refers to the live hero action shows often performed in parks or other public areas.

02[edit | edit source]

【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi T.png “Aaーhahaha! Cry all you want, children of Earth! This world is oursー! ”
【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Yusuke... that sort of acting won't scare any kid, they'd just laugh instead.
【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi T.png Really... but it'd be bad if we scared them too much too, right?
【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Of course! It's a hero show after all. It'd be bad if all we did was scare them.

We just need to scare them in a way that'll make them want to cheer on the heroes.

【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi T.png Hmm.. It feels like we have to be pretty talented for that... I don't think I really have a lot of confidence for this...
【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi T.png We still have plenty of time until our show. It should be fine as long as we start working hard.

I bought this tokusatsu magazine at the convenience store thinking it might give us some hints, but...

【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi T.png You can't tell anything by just pictures and articles, huh...

Alright, you know what this means...

【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi T.png Let's go and see a hero show! 【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi T.png

03[edit | edit source]

【Warrior of Justice】Teru Tendo T.png Ohh, the lights are dimming. The hero show's starting soon!
【Hero Show】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png I'm getting kind of excited. I should have brought my little siblings along too...
【Hero Show】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png We're surrounded by kids and their parents... I get the feeling we might stick out a bit.
【Warrior of Justice】Teru Tendo T.png It does look like we're the only group of adults here together. Well, don't think about it too much.

Sakuraba, you said you don't really know much about this genre, right?

We came here for research, so we gotta make sure we watch closely!

【Hero Show】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Don't use me as an excuse. It's mostly because you really wanted to come here, isn't it.

Seeing a live performance will be a good opportunity to grasp the feel of it for myself, though.

【Warrior of Justice】Teru Tendo T.png Look, it's starting! I wonder what kind of performance today's heroes will show us!

04[edit | edit source]

【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi T.png So this is a hero show... it feels totally different than the ones we saw as kids.
【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi T.png When you think that we'll also be playing these roles ourselves soon, it's easy to feel like that.

The audience is totally immersed in the heroes, but it doesn't look like the actors playing the villains have lost any energy.

They're being careful not to obtrude without any pointless movements.

【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi T.png Yep. We have to take our roles seriously and... How cool...!

...Eh, wait, they're gonna lose! That's it! Get those heroes~!

【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Hold on... Yusuke. What are you doing cheering for the villains?

The whole audience is glaring at us...!

【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi T.png Eh!? U, uh, I didn't mean that just now!

Do your best, heroes...! ...Ahaha...

【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Whew... It's just like Yusuke to get so caught up he starts supporting the villains, haha.

05[edit | edit source]

【Hero Show】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png It's almost time... ha...
【Hero Show】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png Kashiwagi, don't pace around so restlessly. It's distracting.
【Hero Show】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png I, I'm sorry. I'll settle down.
【Warrior of Justice】Teru Tendo+ T.png You two shouldn't be so nervous, it'll be alright.

Don't worry. Once we stand on that stage, we'll definitely become proper heroes.

【Hero Show】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png ...You've certainly calmed down. What happened to all that energy until now?
【Hero Show】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Now that you mention it, Teru-san doesn't look nervous at all.
【Warrior of Justice】Teru Tendo+ T.png Well, that's because I have confidence that we absolutely won't fail.

I'm not alone. The three of us will be standing on my dream stage, together as DRAMATIC STARS.

We've been practicing together with all of our energy for today, so we'll absolutely make this stage a success!

06[edit | edit source]

【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png This thing called “peace”, how boring.
【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png This everyday without thrills, how dull.
【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png R of Forever... has arrived. Watch and be amazed, my special performance!
【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png L of Pleasure... has arrived. Watch and be mesmerized, my cool performance!
【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Come along. We Double Devils will turn this world into chaos. 【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png
【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png ...Alright, looks like we were pretty gripping. More people are coming towards the stage.
【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Next is... the Double Devils theme song.

I really like this song. It feels like the villain's song, it'll really get'em pumped up!

Kyosuke... no, L. Let's fire up the whole venue in one shot with this song!

【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png OK, R. Let's show them all the strongest combination.

07[edit | edit source]

【Hero Show】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Our archenemy... Double Devils! Today is the day we finally defeat you!


【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Haーhaha! Is that all you've got, DraStars? Feel our strength!!
【Hero Show】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png Guaaaa ...!

H, how could this be... the Revolver Star is ineffective!?

【Warrior of Justice】Teru Tendo+ T.png This is bad, at this rate the Double Devils will do us all in... What do we do...!

(Teru: I can hear children's cheers from the audience... I really am a real hero right now!)

That's right... There's no way we could ever lose...!

【Hero Show】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png We'll stand back up as many times as it takes. With this spirit of justice within in our hearts...
【Hero Show】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png We will definitely defeat evil...!
【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Impossible, you're still standing!?...

Hmph, this time I'll have you all disappear!

【Warrior of Justice】Teru Tendo+ T.png Everyone, let's go!

Dramatic Star☆Sentai! DraStars! On Stage!!

08[edit | edit source]

【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Good workー! 【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png
【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Ha~ It's over, it's over. All that singing and dancing is exhausting~
【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png We're going to be worn out on the way home then, huh. You're right it was tiring, but... I had fun.
【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Yep, it feels like we used up all our energy!

We weren't very popular with kids at the handshake event though, ahaha.

【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png That's bound to happen since we were villains. But, that means it was a good performance too.
【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png I know that. Teru-san and the others were really cool~ ...They were real heroes!

The audience's eyes were all lit up. I hope it'll be a good memory for those kids.

【Hero Show】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png I'm sure it will. Heroes that super cool are going to be unforgettable.
【Twin Devil】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Haha, that's true!

We can become anyone's hero... Idols really are great!