Elegant Days with the Butlers

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#064: Elegant Days with the Butlers
[Bingo] 01/08/2018 – 01/15/2018
Invitation to Waltz Gacha
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Genbu Kurono-icon.png Touma Amagase-icon.png Suzaku Akai-icon.png Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png Shouta Mitarai-icon.png

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Ken-circle.png Jupiter and Shinsoku Ikkon appeared in a film about butlers! Thanks to Producer's help, these splendid butlers came to life.

Jupiter and Shinsoku Ikkon receive work in a movie themed around butlers!
At a prestigious family's mansion, the five of them take lessons from a real butler.
While speaking and moving differently to usual is a struggle, Hokuto appears to be quite good.
Meanwhile, Genbu comes up with a practice method by analyzing how to act butlerlike.
Let's make the shooting success by learning the way a real butler acts!

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