Forest Shade Gymnasium

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#327: Forest Shade Gymnasium
[Marathon] 06/30/2021 – 07/08/2021
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Ken-circle.png 次郎さん、ピエールくん、旬くん、玄武くん、巻緒くん、想楽くんによる深緑のGymnasiumの続編が遂に公開!

The famous drama “Viridian Gymnasium” is set to have a movie sequel!
Producer chose 6 members: Pierre, Jun Fuyumi, Genbu Kurono, Makio Uzuki, Jiro Yamashita, and Sora Kitamura, to build a brand new story.

Same as the prequel, the story’s setting is a dormitory and school located within the forest.
However, the idols can’t imagine how it feels to live in a shared space.
Thus, they decide to reenact the dormitory setting by living in a shared living space using the agency’s dorms, with the office’s help…

The brand new teacher, Luca Stayle, arrives at the school that sons of noble families attend.
Scanning his eyes through the list of students with exceptional results, a certain student catches his eye…
What is his motive? And what is the secret of the dormitory school to be revealed in due time?

What truth will you reach once you connect all the mysteries!?
Watch over the shocking conclusion!

Character Roles
Jiro Yamashita Luca Stayle
Pierre Lukes White
Jun Fuyumi Piece Border
Makio Uzuki Rick Wants
Genbu Kurono Jay Gabbit
Sora Kitamura Raymond Bran

Event Scenes[edit | edit source | hide]

See: Forest Shade Gymnasium/Event Scenes

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