Frogs That Color the Rainy Season Live/Event Scenes

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Translator: Kelly
【Frogs Live】Minori Watanabe T.png The job this time is a musical-styled live. It looks like its motif is based on the fairy tale “The Frog Prince.”
【Frogs Live】Kyoji Takajo T.png Huh, frog prince? It might just be totally suited for Pierre, who’s always got Kaerre with him.
【Frogs Live】Minori Watanabe T.png You’re right. Of course, Pierre looks just like a prince with Kaerre and after putting on a cape.

But what kind of story was it about…? Kyoji, do you remember?

【Frogs Live】Kyoji Takajo T.png No, honestly, I don’t remember a thing. I don’t even remember the last time I read it way back when…
【The Broken Magic Spell】Pierre T.png I, know that fairy tale! You two, I can teach!

What is it, Producer? …Ooh! You have picture book, use as materials, really?

Yahoo~! So I, read to you two! I want! Okay?

【Frogs Live】Minori Watanabe T.png Oh, then please do. If there’s any kanji you can’t read, make sure to ask away.
【The Broken Magic Spell】Pierre T.png Thank you! So, I start! …”Long, long ago, in a certain kingdom~…”

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【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki T.png “The Frog Prince,” huh? If I recall correctly, it’s about a prince who had a curse casted on him and then became a frog…

And the story is about him receiving a kiss from a princess to return to his human self.

【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima T.png And I’m the one who’ll be acting as that princess! The outfit design this time is also papi-ing cute!

I’m looking forward to seeing what kinda stage it’ll be~♪

【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki T.png Judging from what I saw in the materials, it’ll be a story that added a fair amount of arrangements to the original work.

Hm, hm… The scene where the curse gets broken on the four princes, Beit and me, is the highlight scene of the musical.

I’ll do my best as the frog prince role so that I won’t lose to you, Saki-chan!

【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima T.png Yep, yep! Let’s both do our best to make it a lovely live~! …Ah, I just remembered.

Speaking of frogs. There’s a general store that’s opened recently, and its specialty is in frog goods, apparently~♪

I’m a little interested in it. Wanna check it out after inviting the guys from Beit?

【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki T.png Sure, of course! I’ll go ask Pierre-kun and the other two, then.

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【The Broken Magic Spell】Pierre T.png Yahoo~! This shop, amazing! So many, froggies! Kaerre, and me, all so excited!

…Wow! Look! Kyoji, Minori! Found matching plushie!

This little one, holding flower, looks like umbrella! Minori, looks like you! Right?

And this one, like Kyoji! Eyes and… atmo… sphere? Or something, looks like, I think!

【Frogs Live】Minori Watanabe T.png You’re right. Fufu, your sleuthing skills are spot-on. Thanks for telling us.
【Frogs Live】Kyoji Takajo T.png Huh, so this is what my atmosphere’s like…
【Frogs Live】Minori Watanabe T.png Since we’re here already, we have to find a frog that looks like Pierre. The three of us make up Beit, after all.
【The Broken Magic Spell】Pierre T.png Whoo~! I want to find a froggie, just like me! I, do my best to look for it!
【Frogs Live】Kyoji Takajo T.png A frog that looks like Pierre, huh? The impression I get from Kaerre is just way too strong, so will we even be able to find one…?
【Frogs Live】Minori Watanabe T.png Fufu, we have so many goods in front of us here. I’m sure we’ll be able to find it.

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【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki T.png This is amazing. Wherever I look, it’s just frogs, frogs, everywhere. I feel like I’ve seen enough frogs to last a lifetime.
【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima T.png Roll! Check out this cushion! Don’t you think it’s, like, super papi-cute?

Oh, that’s right, Producer. It looks like filming here is OK, so could we take one together?

Here, pose ♪

(Saki takes a photo of them together)
【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima T.png …Yep, yep, we got a cute shot! Thanks a ton, Producer~!

Next, your turn, Roll! Here’s a froggie! Hold this and I want you to try making a cooly-cute pose ♪

【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki T.png Huh!? Uhh— Cooly-cute… I-Is this it?

I’m a little embarrassed, getting my picture taken all of a sudden… But did I get it taken well?

【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima T.png It was perfect, totes! Awesome as always, Roll! You did it ♪

It looks like there’s a corner over there exclusively for photoshoots. Roll, Producer! Let’s papi-it away and go, go~!

【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki T.png Haha! Saki-chan sure looks like he’s having fun. Let’s go too, Producer!

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【The Broken Magic Spell】Pierre T.png One, two, three, four~… Five, six, ribbit, ribbit~♪
【Frogs Live】Kyoji Takajo T.png …All right. Since we’re checked over the choreo for this live so much already, I think we’ll be fine.

But… the background for this stage sure is high-quality. It’s just like a real-life castle. I sorta remember the time we did the filming for that overseas castle.

【Frogs Live】Minori Watanabe T.png At that time, you and Pierre looked just like real princes. It was amazing…

It’s still seared into my eyes so distinctly. Haah… It really was… just the best…

【Frogs Live】Kyoji Takajo T.png Haha… Thank you a lot. I wasn’t a prince, but a groom instead, though.
【The Broken Magic Spell】Pierre T.png Had written on the fan letters, we got! Me from that commercial, was cool! They said they liked me!

This time’s live, we, transform into human princes, from frogs. Become cool prince. We make audiences’ hearts skip a beat! Beit, hip, hip, hooray~!

【Frogs Live】Kyoji Takajo T.png Yahoo—! 【Frogs Live】Minori Watanabe T.png

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【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki+ T.png “Dear princess, thank you for accompanying us for our dance.

And… thank you for breaking our curse for us!”

【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima+ T.png “No, that… I was just thanking you for returning my golden ball back to me.

I just wanted to convey my feelings of gratitude to you, by thanking you. Why…”

【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki+ T.png “Feelings of gratitude… I see. I’m sure that was what we needed.

The four of us are actually princes of a certain kingdom… We were initially terribly arrogant.

Because of that, we incurred the wrath of the goddess and were turned into frogs.

The reason our curse was lifted was surely because your sincerity touched us.

Today is an incredibly auspicious day…

If it may be fine with you, could you dance one more song with us?”

【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima+ T.png “Yes… gladly!”
【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima+ T.png (The performance where the curse gets broken went well! It looks like they got really excited over it!)
【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki+ T.png (Starting here, we, the princes, will excite them even more and more!)

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【Frogs Live】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png “Hey. If it’s okay with you, would you like us to introduce you to our kingdom?”
【Frogs Live】Minori Watanabe+ T.png “We want to properly thank you for lifting our curse for us.”
【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima+ T.png “I’m extremely grateful for your invitation…

But I’m the princess of this kingdom. I can’t do something so selfish.”

【The Broken Magic Spell】Pierre+ T.png “If that’s the case, how about we become friends first?

If we’re friends, it’s a given that we’ll come to each others’ houses to come and play. Right?”

【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki+ T.png “That’s a fine idea. I would also be greatly pleased if I could become your friend…

—Wait, I’m asking too many things of you, even though I should be in debt to you… But would it be okay?”

【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima+ T.png “Fufu… I guess so. The dance was fun, and I still want to spend more time with you all.

Everyone, please become my friends!”

【The Broken Magic Spell】Pierre+ T.png “Yay! Everyone watching over us too! Come here, to our kingdom!

Everyone here! Become our friends, too!”

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【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Roll, good work with the live!
【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki+ T.png You too, Saki-chan. Your dance posture with the kiss was done incredibly well.
【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Ehehe, thanks~!

I worked SUPER hard so that I could make it look like a real kiss~♪ Roll, you too. You really suited being in that prince role! The squees from the audience were amazing, too!

【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki+ T.png In Asselin-san’s words, it’s because I’m the prince of the kingdom of pastries… Isn’t that right!
【Frogs Live】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Oh, yeah, I’m planning to stop by Café Parade to deliver a flower arrangement.

What’ll you do, Roll? Producer?

【Feelings of Gratitude】Makio Uzuki+ T.png I’ll follow along. I bought frog souvenirs for the three of them, anyway.

…You’re going to come with us, Producer? Haha, I’m glad to hear that.

I’m sure everyone will be happy. Let’s hurry up and change and head right on over!