Full Bloom! Waterside Fireworks Show 2020

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#283: Full Bloom! Waterside Fireworks Show 2020
[Bingo] 07/31/2020 – 08/10/2020
Giant Colorful Flowers on the Reflecting Water Gacha
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Michiru Enjoji-icon.png Sora Kitamura-icon.png Takeru Taiga-icon.png Amehiko Kuzunoha-icon.png Chris Koron-icon.png Ren Kizaki-icon.png

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THE Kogadou and Legenders will be on hand as reporters for the summer's signature fireworks event!
They have been asked to report on the day's fireworks and venues from the perspective of the idols themselves.

The three members of Legenders seem to be reviewing footage of past appearances by idols from 315 Productions in an attempt to get hints for their report.
Meanwhile, THE Kogadou's Michiru-san suggests that they go to a certain place as a reference for the report...?

The sky and the water are colored with the roaring sound of a large flower―
We'll bring you a report on the delicacy, along with beautiful fireworks!