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Login Boss, don’tcha wanna see how I can improve out there once in a while...? C’mon, I’m beggin’ ya here, lemme pull my weight around here.

Yo, you doin’ alright? I’ll be countin’ on ya today as usual. Ya gotta trust your boss, after all.

Event Login Yo, Boss. Mind acceptin’ this gift from me? You’re always makin’ sure we’re ready and willin’, after all.

Yo, Boss. Mind acceptin’ this gift from me? I want ya t’see how ready for this I am. I’m gonna give it my all, “With All of My Body, All of My Soul!”

Lesson Stick with me and you’ll be set! “With Courage a Hundred Times Over,” yeah?

Live Formation A stage of our own making... That’s gonna be some good shit, for sure.

Audition Battle Formation Just because we’re idols doesn’t mean we get to half-ass things! I’m winnin’ this for sure, just you wait an’ see!

Featured Unit

Got me in your sights, huh? I’ll fight with spirit to the bitter end for ya! “With Indomitable Perseverance and Invincible Fortitude!”

Leader N~R+ I’m more suited to be a supporter on the bleachers than the big man in charge... That’s what I used to think, but it’s not like I was hard and fast on that or anything. Allow me, Boss.

N~R+ Trust MAX I’m doin’ well? Thanks. “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and neither are leaders, but I’ll persevere, day after day. I ain’t plannin’ on slackin’ off.

Leader SR~SR+ I, Genbu Kurono, shall humbly accept the role of leader! I ain’t just gonna be some figurehead! Just you watch and see, Boss.

SR~SR+ Trust MAX It’s because’a your support that I can keep my chest out and my head high, Boss. Sorry I’m nothin’ but a greenhorn, but couldja help me out just a bit longer?

Leader (UPC:01) Hearin' Boss's words makes me feel stronger. It's 'cause'a you I could get this far. Thanks.

Leader (Other Producer) Boss? Far as I’m concerned, they’re the ideal, a person from above the clouds themselves. “By a Thousand Principles, but One Emptiness,” I wanna be at their side, as much as I can.

My Desk (0% Trust) Let me take care’a this, Boss. I’ve got our schedule memorized a month in advance.

My Desk (5% Trust) “Medicine and Food Have the Same Origin.” ''That'' is my foundation! Ain’t nothin’ more important than eatin’ a balanced meal everyday. Now then, let’s eat together!

My Desk (30% Trust) Ah, you trying to get stains outta those costumes? I’ll do it. Do me a favor and relax a bit, wouldja?

My Desk (MAX% Trust) No need for words. “What the mind thinks, the heart transmits.” Allow me t’give my all for you, Boss.

Business (0% Trust) “Action speaks louder than words.” That’s a fundamental... Ah, don’t sweat it, Boss. I don’t wanna give ya more stuff t’worry about.

Business Going at things with pure brute force is unacceptable... Ya wanna reach the top, ya gotta use your head.

Business (MAX Trust) Long as I stick with you, Boss, there ain’t nothin’ we can’t do!

Trust UP! Yo, Boss. A man like me, exposin’ myself to a place like this, where the light shines so bright? You sure that’s alright?

I understand that I ain’t gotta be ashamed of being raised in an orphanage without any relatives t’speak of. Still, sometimes, I freeze up just thinkin’ about it.

I know I’m always runnin’ off by myself like a dumbass... But... I also know you’ll always be followin’ right behind me...

Trust MAX Thanks for listenin’, Boss. I’ll make this up to ya and become a fine young man, with strengths and weaknesses alike. For sure.

Refreshments Supplies from my Boss... You know what to do with ‘em, yeah?

Cheer “As a polished mirror and still water!” Keep calm and shout it out!

Convo Chance! Boss, mind if we talk a bit?

Break Time Good work out there, Boss. You always take on everything, “With Vigor and Virility!” Just what I'd expect from you!

Thanks, Boss. I get the feelin’ I’ve become a little stronger again.

mini Shout “Be Prepared, In Every Way.”

mini Thanks Thanks for the gift, Boss.

Audition Battle Preparation Interestin’, but I’m winnin’ this one for sure, “as fast as lightning and the flintstone's spark!”

Audition Battle “Hit the target on the first try.” Eat this!!

You ready to stake your life on this?

Program Audition Preparation ''Supreme Ice “Mysterious Freeze!”'' If ya plan on fightin’ seriously, then I, Ice-Sword Genbu, shall be your opponent.

Program Audition (Rival) You ready to stake your life on this?

Program Audition (Self) The only thing I can rely on for sure is my own brain!

Audition Battle (Backup) “As a polished mirror and still water!” Keep calm and shout it out!

Audition Battle (Win) Your resignation ain’t anythin’ compared t’mine.

Audition Battle (Lose) I wasn’t prepared enough...

Live Preparation Feels like I haven’t gotten this serious in a long time, huh?

Live Continuation More, more! I’ll take you all along with me, to “A Land Hitherto Unexplored by Man!!”

Live Success! Y’see how hard we worked out there? We were “A Match For A Thousand” out there!

That was amazing...! This ain’t some sorta dream or illusion, is it?

We won! A “Once in a Lifetime, Once in an Age” battle...!

Birthday Effect (2015) We ain’t lettin’ this chance fly away like a bird! Catch it!

Birthday Effect (2016) “The Power To Hurl Mountains, the Valour to Compel the World...” Boss, don’t keep your eyes off’a me today!

Birthday Comments

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Genbu Kurono[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album The man who uses brains and brawn to keep the idol world in check... that's me, Genbu Kurono. I'll cut down those spoiled punks furnished with frivolity with a single stroke.

Scout I am Ouken's socho, Genbu Kurono. Those battle-hardened who come to fight me have confidence in their mind and body. I'll be askin' on ya for help from now on, Boss.

Though I read all sorts of books, recently 'domestic medicine' has caught my interest. If ya suddenly get injured or sick, leave it t' me.

Change! 不眠不休…とまではいかねぇが、努力が実を結ぶ程度には頑張ったぜ。手応えは充分だ!
My Desk (0% Trust) N/A
My Desk (MAX Trust) N/A
Business (0% Trust) N/A
Trust MAX N/A
Live Prep N/A
Live Continuation N/A
Live Success N/A
Event Effect N/A
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Aside Famille[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Gardening, huh. I haven’t done it in a while… I do remember it being fun, but I dunno if my body remembers. First, I have to get started by checking the pH of the soil to match up with the plants.

It’s been a while since a PV filming, so Suzaku’s been pretty stiffened up… Even though we prepared so much yesterday. I hope he calms down after watching my example.
Scout It’s been a while since our last PV filming. Yeah, it sure does make me happy. Any job you give us is worth doing.
I got absorbed in gardening with everyone, to the point I completely forgot it was for work. Thanks for the fun time, Boss.
Change! In flower language, blue roses mean “dreams coming true.” When I think about it as being a symbol for the impossible becoming possible, I feel like the weight on my chest gets heavier.
My Desk (0% Trust) Apparently, a Japanese person developed the nose grips on glasses. I guess being creative and original is our specialty.
My Desk (MAX Trust) When I check out all the ani-sans around me, I feel like I have to become an adult as soon as possible, too.
Business (0% Trust) With the spirit of complete tenacity, I’ll get through this situation!
Trust MAX Am I still a kid in your eyes? Nn. Well, about that. I just want you to rely on me more sometimes, when you need it.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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Pirates[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album 乾杯!朱雀やLegendersのアニさんがたとの遊園地は、なかなか新鮮な体験だぜ。引率ありがとな番長さん、おかげでいい思いをさせてもらってる。
Scout Legendersのアニさんがたもパークを楽しんでくれたようで何よりだ。あれが大人の遊び方か、参考になるぜ…
Nearly all pirates in reality were guys who did wicked deeds, but it seems there were chivalrous thieves, too. I gotta show respect for that way of life.

Change! "People call me the Black Thunder Jean Black! The right arm of Captain Red is I!" ...Hah, it came out exactly how I thought.

My Desk (0% Trust) Amehiko-anisan truly is good at listening. I also want to be that sorta person.

My Desk (MAX Trust) Hey, Boss, havin' fun like a teen ain't that bad...

Business (0% Trust) ここで立ち止まるつもりはねぇさ。不撓不屈の覚悟を見せてやるぜ。
Trust MAX If I were a pirate, I'd take Boss out to sea... Nah, if Boss was there, I'd soon be living a clean life.

Live Prep N/A
Live Continuation N/A
Live Success
Event Effect 『さぁかかってきな、亡霊ども!』
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4th Anniversary[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album My form for pourin’ tea has gotten real good, hasn’t it? Once I’ve mastered a technique, I don’t forget it. By the way, Boss. Which would you like: milk or lemon? …Your wish is my command, my lord.

Now that it’s come to four years, all your eyes must’ve come to discern stuff real good. I’m sure you think you wanna see a stage even better than before, that’ll get you real fired up, right? We’ll answer your expectations! Now, call our names!

Scout It makes me most grateful that there’ve been fans who’ve supported us for four years. Repaying kindness is a virtue… Guess we’ll have to return these cheers.

Four years ago, I never would’ve thought this day could come. I’m completely settled in with 315 Productions now, too.

Change! How’s this? An outfit befitting of carrying 315 Production’s glory, huh? I’ll get fired up and stand on stage, Banchou-san!

My Desk (0% Trust) The reason I’ve become good at making boxed lunches is also thanks to a companion who’ll eat it.

My Desk (MAX Trust) I made a boxed lunch. I tried stuffing it with food that you’d like.

Business (0% Trust) This ice sword lies dormant within my heart… I’ll call peace back into the world with the passionate ice-cold that cuts through evil!

Trust MAX I want to use this heaven-granted strength and brains for you, Boss. I’m sure this is God’s decree for me.

Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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Halloween 2019[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album I found something good in the city. Eating this Halloween special cupcake will turn anyone into a zombie… y’know? I’ll get this to bring back to Suzaku.
“Aah, you smell delicious… There’s a feast lined up in front of my eyes, perfect for Halloween night. Tonight, you better enjoy the best banquet ever by singing and dancing along with us!”
Scout So we’ll be handing snacks to the kiddos for the Halloween parade? I’m fine with that. I’m pretty good at handling kids. Leave it to me.
Trick or treat. There’s no Halloween without sayin’ this, right? Hey, wait, it’s not like I’m askin’ for candy or anything…
Change! “Give me a bite of that too…” Oh, hey, what’s wrong? Did I go too far in my pursuit of bringin’ out some demonic, otherworldly air?
My Desk (0% Trust) Suzaku avoided getting red marks on his test! It’s thanks to Jiro-anisan and everyone else’s help…!
My Desk (MAX Trust) You won’t get enough nutrition by just eating candy. You better eat meals properly, too.
Business (0% Trust) During this season, the entire city gets filled up with candy. I feel like Partner’d enjoy it.
Trust MAX I gotta work real hard day and night to become someone like all the anisans. That’s how I’d be able to help you out more, right, Boss?
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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Eye-catching Brilliance[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album In Kanazawa, when a daughter gets married, the parents give her a ''temari'' talisman to wish her happiness. When you think about it, each and every one of these hold the feelings of parents thinking of their beloved child. It’s quite movin’.

Let us dance dazzlingly, dashingly in the land of Kaga. We’ll perform fiercely on this magnificent stage. Our finest moments right now will be forever seared into your eyes!

Scout Speaking of Kaga, it seems it's the land of Maeda Toshiie and the samurai ruling class. I was interested in it to begin with, so I'd like to go no matter what.

Change! We'll enthrall the people of Kaga with these dazzling deluxe costumes and our performances!

My Desk (0% Trust) 朱雀にもらった招き猫を玄関に飾ったんだ。大事にしてやんねぇとな。
My Desk (MAX Trust) The journies that I take with Bancho-san and Suzaku and everyone else are always overflowing with fresh surprises.

Business (0% Trust) Dashing delight... How 'bout we dance however we want, magnificently! This is Shinsoku Ikkon's show!

Trust MAX 威風凜々だ、意気揚々だと粋がってるが、番長さんに褒められると、嬉しいながらもこそばゆくなっちまう。
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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The Smart Sort of Chief[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Welcome to Ouken High. I made sure to tell the lil’ bros about what I wanted from them in great detail, so I think they’ll keep quiet today. But if they’re rude or anything, don’t hesitate to tell me.
Yo, what’s wrong? Is this seriously all you got? That’s not it, right? I guess I’ll have to help: I’ll motivate you a little roughly. You better call back with all your bodies ’n souls too!
Scout Standin’ on center stage as the representative of all delinquents in the world makes me a little embarrassed, but I’ve been tasked with a heavy responsibility. I’ll own up to it fair and square!
Boss, you understand perfectly the imperfections and hidden passion of delinquents. That’s what makes me reassured when I stand on stage.
Change! Since all the lil’ bros are comin’ in huge droves, I can’t show ‘em an embarrassing side to me. I promise, as Ouken’s boss, that I’ll fight with all my serious effort on the line!
My Desk (0% Trust) In my opinion, Hokuto-anisan would suit glasses. Maybe I should choose some dandy glasses for him…
My Desk (MAX Trust) I’d prefer if you held back on treating me like a kid too much. I’m happier being relied on.
Business (0% Trust) I’m Ouken’s boss, also known as the Ice Blade Genbu! How about I engrave this name into your heart!
Trust MAX I’m really glad that a guy like me has come this far as an idol, while still being a delinquent… I’ve seriously been blessed by fortunate meetings.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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