Glorious☆HxJ's Youthful Musical Revue

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#213: Glorious☆HxJ's Youthful Musical Revue
[Bingo] 02/15/2019 – 02/22/2019
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Translator: Kelly
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato T.png We've done a lot of jobs up until now, but doing an opera is a first.
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png On top of that, I'm the main protagonist... I couldn't have imagined that.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ...Jun, are you nervous?
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png I guess, a little. But on the other hand, I was chosen for it, so... I'll work hard.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png ...Hey, what's an opera? I get that it's a play where we sing, so basically, it's a musical, right?
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png Let me see... “Kageki” translated into English would be opera, but there's a slight difference. With the opera this time, we'll mix singing and dancing into the performance, so you can treat it as a musical. If we refer to the documents, this opera treats both the theater and grandiose production as its two main parts... I remember watching an opera of the same format when I was much younger, when my parents took me to see it.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya T.png Uhh, I'm not really familiar with operas... I can't grasp the idea of it.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png Honestly, me neither... First, let's watch the DVDs that Producer gave to us to use for reference.

【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato T.png This is an opera, huh? Even though I know this is just a video, I can really get how amazing it is!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya T.png Me too. It's hyper flashy, and they're also sparkling... My excitement's hyping up and up!
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png It's fine to be "hyping up and up", but now's probably not the time to be getting carried away by your emotions.

Singing and dancing, as well as acting... We have to have control over all of those. Although it's grandiose to the eye, the actors themselves must have an equal amount of stamina.

【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png Since we're talking about stamina... There's only one thing to do!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya T.png Hayatocchi, you can't be thinking...
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png Everyone's gonna do stamina training! So that's how we're going to build our bodies up until the performance!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya T.png I knew it! We're going to do that!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki T.png But, you know... building up stamina is... important, you know. Let's all... do our best.

【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato T.png Whew. Running like this with everyone makes me feel more up for it than usual.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png Sure does! Wait... I can't see Jun and Shiki. Did they get tired out halfway through?
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato T.png Oh, jeez. They really did. Let's call over Natsuki, since he's running behind us, and check up on them.
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png *pant*... *pant... Haruna-san, Hayato, and Natsuki, too... Did you come back for us...?
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png We couldn't see you two when we turned around. Let's take a short break.
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato T.png Are you two gonna be all right like that? There's only a little bit more till we reach the goal.
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png But this... *pant*... I should have been able to... run more than I could before...!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya T.png *wheeze* *pant* ...That's right! It's just that you guys have monster stamina—!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki T.png That's right... I also couldn't catch up to... Haruna and Hayato's pace... Jun, Shiki, and I... should have gotten more stamina... compared to before.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png I guess. Before, you two got tired out right away, but you really ran a lot today.
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato T.png Break's over, so let's just run until we get to the goal. You can take your time, okay?

【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya T.png *wheeze* *pant* ...There's just a little bit left... until the goal!
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png *pant* *pant* ...! Just a...... bit more!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png All right! You guys got to the goal, too! Nice! We ran through the whole course today!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya T.png *pant* ...We're going on a run every day, so I think I'm getting back the sense of how to get running...!
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png And also... the experience we've built through work up until now might have helped us... Phew.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki T.png My pace has gotten a little bit... faster than it was before, too... I think. Did I get some stamina...?
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato T.png That's right! Now that's done, how about we borrow the gymnasium to do training next? There's a lot of equipment over there, so we'll probably be able to train in all sorts of different ways.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Jumping over the boxes... or using mats... there are balls, too, right? Do you think they'll... help with the opera?
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png Let's try everything! We'll go ask the teachers for what day we can use the gymnasium later.

(Everyone sings and dances)
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya T.png Whew... Dancing and acting and singing all at the same time is a ton harder than I thought!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png It doesn't require just stamina, but also using your head, too. The production's story is serious and complex.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki T.png It's a story of a family's love and sadness... from the brothers born as royalty... isn't it.
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png Due to a difference in opinion over how the five princes should rule their kingdom, the brothers begin to battle..

The role I play is the youngest brother, who's part of the moderates. Shiki-kun, Hayato, and Natsuki act out princes who are extremists.

【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato T.png The one I play, the oldest prince, has a viewpoint similar to the youngest brother, but... Because he's in the position of having to keep the brothers together, he can’t choose to be on only the youngest son's side.

In the end, he chooses to protect the country as the eldest son, and he confronts the youngest as his enemy, huh...

【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Even though their feelings are the same... It's such a sad story, that... they have to fight.
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png ...We'll have to express the story's anguish and cruelty through our acting and singing.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya T.png Uhh... Looks hard, but practice makes perfect! I'll work hard on acting, too!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png I heard that the stage is pretty wide, so how about we keep in mind how we're letting out our voices?
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png It's definitely different from the usual way we sing, so we have to change the feeling of it.

【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png Practice went off without a hitch! Let's keep going and working hard until our main performance tomorrow.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya T.png I can't wait for tomorrow!
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png ...Phew.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Jun... What's wrong? I heard you... sigh. Are you... thinking about something?
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png I've practiced over and over, but it's my first time doing anything like an opera, so... I'm a bit worried.
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato T.png The stage and type of audience are gonna be different from usual. I understand how you feel.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama T.png But Jun and all of us have worked really hard, so we'll definitely pull it off well.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya T.png Yeah, yeah! We can make it a success because we're High×Joker! No doubt about it!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki T.png All of us are watching your hard work... So you'll definitely... be fine.
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi T.png Natsuki... Everyone... Thank you so much. Honestly, I'm still worried, but... Let's make sure we carry this work through to the end!
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato T.png There are parts we can't redo and can only leave up to chance, but for everything that we can, let's do the best we can at it!

【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png The curtain's up now. Everyone, we'll make this opera a success no matter what!
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png “Territory expansion yet again... The lands are growing infertile and weak due to repeated wartime destruction... The people are in need of food by the day. Please rethink your decision, dear brothers!”
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png “That again? Even if we cultivate the land, that will all come to naught if we lose it in battle.”
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya+ T.png “If the land has become infertile, then it will be solved if we take from elsewhere. There is nothing else to be said.”
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png “...Temporary scarcity is a necessity. We'll have to make the masses understand that as well...”
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png “It's just as you say. At this rate, the people will become impoverished, and there will be no end to it...

"However... Military armaments are crucial for a country as well... Please understand."

"(The king's position permits me to only go this far... My apologies, brother...)”

(Jun and Haruna sing and dance)
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png (Through the changing eras, the sorrow of the brothers that can't understand each other... I'll express it through my singing and dancing, so that it can be conveyed to the people watching!)

【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png “Through the people's eyes, the monarchy seems to be falling into corruption... I cannot leave this country to my brothers! Now is the time! Let us fight back!”
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya+ T.png “That youngest brother... He must have certainly been inciting the commoners' riots without our noticing.”
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png “This is no longer just a riot... It's a revolution. Does he really mean to do this...”
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png “In that case, until we meet the enemy, all troops, take up your weapons! Rain down divine punishment upon the rebels!”
(Natsuki, Shiki, and Hayato sing and dance)
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png (...It's almost the last scene... I'm looking forward to seeing... Jun's intense acting.)
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png “This kingdom has only followed a single path of destruction due to my brothers' rampage... Nevertheless, eldest brother... You were the only one who listened to my cries. Please, dear brother! Let us change this corrupted monarchy by ourselves!”
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png “...I am royalty. No matter how corrupted it may have become, this kingdom is my treasure. I cannot discard the country... or anything of the sort...... Now. Pick up your sword. O brother of mine!”
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png “......If that is your answer.”
(Jun and Haruna sing and dance)
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png (It's a duel with Jun. Even though it's intense, we can't forget to express its sorrow and anguish.)

【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png (I'm glad that went well... We managed to finish the story without messing up or making something go wrong...)
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Everyone~! Thank you so much for watching our opera today—!
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png Hayato, your greetings are too loud. We're not doing our usual lives, you know.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Ah, sorry! I heard everyone's applause, so I got carried away and accidentally said it...!
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Isn't that fine, I guess? See? Everyone looks happy. Also, our stage isn't over just yet.
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Totally, Juncchi! Look, everyone's waiting for us! YAY~! All you little kittens and dudes out there! Here comes the second part! A song from the five of us!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png The first part may have been a painful tragedy, but... Starting from now, we'll gloriously sing and dance... ...We'll make you have fun until the end... So don't take your eyes off of us.
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png (That's right. The stage isn't over yet. We'll decorate it with the best finale ever with our song!)

【HxJ Musical Revue】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Hey, everyone! Good work! It was the best stage ever!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Shiki Iseya+ T.png That applause was awesome, too! It felt totally amazing!
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Same! It was different from lives. Ah— I had so much fun!
【HxJ Musical Revue】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png I was very... nervous, but... I'm glad that everyone... had fun.
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png *pant* ...I'm so glad it ended without any problems...
【Youth's Dynamics】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Speaking of nerves... Jun, weren't you crying during the ending greetings?
【Prince on the Stage】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png ...I didn't cry. You must have been mistaken in what you saw, Haruna-san.

(It's just... I might have been relieved that I was able to show my best performance. Everyone in the audience applauded and returned our smiles to us after that...)

...I'll never forget the scenery I saw from that stage... ever.

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