Hair-Raising Test of Courage

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#045: Hair-Raising Test of Courage
[Marathon] 08/17/2015 – 08/24/2015
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Soichiro Shinonome-icon.png Michiru Enjoji-icon.png Yukihiro Kamiya-icon.png Takeru Taiga-icon.png Ren Kizaki-icon.png

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Ken-circle.png THE Kogadou and Soichiro-san and Yukihiro-san did a report of an abandoned hospital for their test of courage…!
I wonder who that girl really was…

Café Parade’s Yukihiro Kamiya and Soichiro Shinonome, as well as the members of THE Kogadou, are set to carry out a test of courage for a program.
Let’s investigate the hospital that was transformed into an abandoned building, relying on the light of a flashlight.

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