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Login Hey, Producer. I know I’m kind of a dumbass, but... my motivation is the real deal, at least! So remember me once in a while, wouldja?

Yo, Producer. What’ve ya got planned today? Business, training, anythin's fine. I’m rarin’ to go!

Event Login I got this for you! They’re no donuts, but they’ll bring you certain victory, all the same! Let’s keep the beat together out there, alright? I’ll be counting on ya, Producer!

I got this for you! They’re no donuts, but they’ll bring you certain victory, all the same! Let’s keep the beat together out there, alright? I’ll be counting on ya ‘til the very end, Producer!

Lesson Alright, I’ll support ya with all I got!.

Live Formation We gonna perform with everyone? Lookin’ forward to it! I’m gonna eat some donuts for good luck!

Audition Battle Formation What’s a battle if we aren’t having fun? Though, I’m still gonna win anyway!

Featured Unit

You want me? I’ve been waitin’ for this! Alright, then, let’s go for it, together!

Leader N~R+ You want me to be leader? Eh, why not. I should go buy some donuts for everyone so we’re on good terms, right? A single donut goes for 500 yen, you know!

N~R+ Trust MAX Y’know, even with how I am, I’ve ended up a pretty kickass leader, huh? No surprise there! Every day’s totally awesome, after all!

Leader SR~SR+ Just leave all that leader jazz to me~ Just kidding! Haha, but in all seriousness, you can definitely count on me, alright?

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Producer, you’re always savin’ my ass left and right. Here! Have a cruller, or a twister, or whatever you wanna call it! It’s a donut all the same! Just a little proof of my thanks to you!

Leader (Other Producer) My Producer? Mm~ They already feel like family, I’d say. I can really depend on them. Sorta the same relationship you get from a dependable older sibling, or something.

My Desk (0% Trust) Yo, Producer. How ya feelin’? I’m doin’ great! I’ll be countin’ on ya out there today!

My Desk (5% Trust) Phew... I’ve been takin’ on too many part-time jobs, haven’t slept a wink in days...

My Desk (30% Trust) Hey, Producer, are you allowed to drink coffee? I sure can’t, thanks to Jun...

My Desk (MAX% Trust) Hm? Producer, do you want some donuts too? Sure, you can have one! It’s pretty damn tasty!

Business (0% Trust) Hehe... Having everyone’s eyes on me... feels pretty good!

Business It’d be rad if I did as well as on my tests as I do at concerts, huh...? Juuust kiddin’.

Business (MAX Trust) Producer, I’m pretty good at getting people pumped up, huh? I’m finally getting pumped about something for once, myself!

Trust UP! I don’t really mind being a dumbass or anything, but... I’ll be in real trouble if they ban me from club activities... What do you think I should do, Producer?

In the end, being tutored by Jun all the time somehow ended up in me deciding to go for that A+ legitimately! Just makes me wanna puff out my chest, yanno?

Lately, even though I feel down from time to time, seeing your face cheers me up one way or another. Like an energy drink, or somethin’, yanno?

Trust MAX Producer, you’re kinda... You’re like a big bro or sis to me, or something. Thanks for everything. No joke.

Refreshments Here ya go, refreshments... I think. My Producer’s got a good sense for this, dont’cha think?

Cheer Hey, don’t give up on me just yet! You’re not alone, yanno?

Convo Chance! Yoohoo, Producer!

Break Time Hey, look at that, I just went on break too. Hey, wanna meet up for a bit?

Havin’ an ear to talk to sure is refreshing! Well, guess we’d better get back to the others.

mini Shout How about a donut?

mini Thanks Yo, Producer. Thanks for the gift!

Audition Battle Preparation Let’s get all of the hard stuff out of the way first, then we’ll go have fun out there!

Audition Battle It’s basically a crime if we don’t at least try to have some fun, right?

I’ll be the one eating the victory donuts here!

Program Audition Preparation Hey, what’ve we got here? Just a couple’a dudes who ain’t gonna lose, that’s all.

Program Audition (Rival) I’ll be the one eating the victory donuts here!

Program Audition (Self) Allllright, then... Let’s do it!

Audition Battle (Backup) Hey, don’t give up on me just yet! You’re not alone, yanno?

Audition Battle (Win) Hehe. ‘dja see how much I rock on the sticks?

Audition Battle (Lose) What the, you joshin’ me?! I totally got smoked...

Live Preparation Alright... Let’s show ‘em the time of their lives!

Live Continuation What’s up, you guys? Not feelin’ it? Then we just gotta keep going! C’mon, get pumped!

Awe, come on, we’re still here? This can’t be all we got!

Live Success! Awesome. Everyone was so pumped up, even I could feel it! Totally mind-blowing!

Alright, big success! I still feel like I can go on for days!

Oh man, what’m I gonna do with all the fans I’ll get from this...? Juuust kiddin’!

Birthday Effect (2016) Holy crap, holy crap! There’s a half-off sale on donuts! I sure lucked out!

Birthday Comments

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Takamichi Volleyball Club[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Oh, nice receive! Let’s keep going with one more just like that! Let’s… go! For some reason, having everyone go through special training like this really feels like youth!
“I’ll make a chance for you! Ryuusei, you can believe in me and focus on just hitting those spikes! You dragged me up onto this stage. You’ll be taking responsibility for that, you hear!”
Scout Lemme pick up the ball and pass it back to Shiki… there we go. I’ve got a pretty important position, don’t I!
Eating donuts after volleyball practice is the yummiest thing… ever! I bought tons, so I’ll share some with you too, Producer.
Change! As I acted him out more, I came to realize that Nagumo would say this sorta thing. That made me happy, y’know!
My Desk (0% Trust) Making sure the ball slams down on the location you aim for… is the best feeling ever!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Volleyball has 6 people to a team… so that means, with you, Producer, then we’re perfect!
Business (0% Trust) At first, I hit with just how I felt from it, but when you learn the theory behind it, then you end up seeing it from a different angle!
Trust MAX No matter what comes after difficult jobs, I get so much energy from seeing your face! Isn’t that an awesome thing?
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Live Continuation
Live Success
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