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Translator: takanoko
【Feeling the Adventurous Spirit】Chris Koron T.png We've arrived at Akihabara at last...! How exciting to be exploring a new sea!
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Sora Kitamura T.png These flower competition entries are shaped like anime characters... It feels like Akihabara as soon as you step out of the station~
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Look at that, Koron. Kitamura. There's a huge advertisement on the side of that building.

That robot image, is that the anime we sang the theme song for?

【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Sora Kitamura T.png That's the series before it. A different one airs every year~
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Oh, so it's a different one. Kitamura, you're the youngest one of us. Are you very familiar with anime?
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Sora Kitamura T.png I probably know more than Chris-san or Amehiko-san~. I'm no match to Touma-kun though.
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png It was Amagase that invited us to Akihabara this time, huh.
【Feeling the Adventurous Spirit】Chris Koron T.png There's singing and a talk presentation scheduled for the anime's event we'll be appearing at...

I would like to ask Amagase-san to tell me about this series in detail.

【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Sora Kitamura T.png I'll tell you now, but this has been a popular long running series since I was a child.

There's a lot of longtime fans, so it'll be a huge responsibility to continue the legacy~

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【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png Are you done shopping, Touma-kun?
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase T.png Yeah!! I got some plastic models I've had my eye on for a long time!

I bought some for you and Hokuto too, so let's assemble them together later!

【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png For us?
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase T.png That's right. To understand the series better, having hands-on experience is the most important!
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png Eh... there's a lot of parts, it looks like a pain...
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Hokuto Ijuin T.png It'll give us something to talk about in the event's talk corner, so why don't we give it a try?
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png Hm, that's true... if Touma-kun is helping, then I'll try it.
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase T.png Alright! Then as soon as we get back to the office, let's start assembling!
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png Touma-kun himself just really wanted to build these, huh...

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【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Amagase sure bought a lot. His hands were full of shoppings bags.
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Sora Kitamura T.png Chris-san surprisingly bought some plastic models too~
【Feeling the Adventurous Spirit】Chris Koron T.png I got excited listening to Amagase-san talk about them...

It seems the model I bought is a type that can dive underwater.

Thinking about how this model has the ability to have such free adventures in the sea...

The venturous spirit reminds me of an ocean adventure novel I read when I was younger!

【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Huh, so this is a sea robo. The build looks like it would be great for diving underwater.
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Sora Kitamura T.png Not just the ocean. In older series, they could fly through the sky, launch up into space...

It's an anime series full of children's dreams, you know~

From the deep blue sea, any dream is possible, all the way to space~

【Feeling the Adventurous Spirit】Chris Koron T.png Space and the skies...! What ambitious frontiers! I want to learn more!

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【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase T.png Okay! All that's left is to stick this decal here... and it's done!
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png Ooh, it looks more realistic than I expected.
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Hokuto Ijuin T.png When you work hard on something, you really start feeling attached to it too.
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase T.png Right!? I had a totally different impression of the anime after building the plastic models.
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png Hehe~ Let's take a picture to celebrate a job well done.
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase T.png Then, how's this pose? The signature pose of the pilot of Shouta's model...

Like this... clench your right fist, and thrust it towards the heavens!

【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png Wow, that's cool! Are there any other poses like that? Teach me, Touma-kun!
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase T.png Yeah, of course! There's a whole lot of popular poses among fans...

Oh, I got it! It could be really exciting to add the poses to the song's choreography!

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【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png It'll be about time for the event soon. How's that studying going?
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Sora Kitamura T.png It's been a long time since I really watched anime, but it feels like they've gotten much more interesting since I was a kid~

Setting its sights on, a refreshed maturity, a new point of view~

I thought it seemed like a kid's show, but watching it, it's actually pretty interesting.

【Feeling the Adventurous Spirit】Chris Koron T.png I looked into the model meant for underwater purposes.

I remember the model number and specs clearly.

You can leave all series' memorable scenes and pilot introductions to me!

Last night, I even dreamed that I piloted a robot on a deep sea expedition.

【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Good job, you two. Doesn't seem like there'll be any problems during the event then.
【Feeling the Adventurous Spirit】Chris Koron T.png Of course! I heard the diver model has many enthusiastic fans...

I'm looking forward to being able to talk to fellow fans about it!

By all means, let's make this event a success!

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【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase+ T.png We're Jupiter! We were given the opportunity to sing the theme song. Thanks for having us!
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Today we'll be debuting our new song, so please listen.
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase+ T.png Thank you everyone! And thanks for all the energy too!
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Looks like the choreography Touma-kun thought up was well received. That's good~
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase+ T.png I noticed everyone's surprised faces! I'm glad you all recognized the poses!
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png I'm relieved even the series' fans liked it.
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase+ T.png Being able to spend today with other robo fans was really exciting!
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png If you're interested, we'd be happy if you came to see our live shows too~

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【Feeling the Adventurous Spirit】Chris Koron+ T.png From here on, we'll be having a talk corner. We'll be taking any questions!
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Ever since it was decided we would sing the theme song, we've been studying the series too.
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png We learned about older series in full detail from Amagase.
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Chris-san bought the underwater type plastic model too~
【Feeling the Adventurous Spirit】Chris Koron+ T.png I did! When Amagase-san was guiding me through the plastic model shops... It was love at first sight.

Overall, the realism of this model is simply splendid.

A fitting form for enduring the pressures of the deep sea, much like an anglerfish!

...Oh! Our eyes that met just now, do you understand the charm of the diver model!?

How many fans of the diver model are here in this venue...?

Thank you for your show of hands, everyone! To think there are so many fellow fans here...!

Being responsible for the theme song of such a wonderful work, I'm truly a happy person!

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【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png Touma-kun, Hokuto-kun. Did you hear from Producer-san?

We got a bunch of fan letters from people that attended the event!

【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Hokuto Ijuin T.png I'm glad we were welcomed so warmly by the series' fans.

It's really the result of Touma and Koron-san's enthusiasm.

【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png Even the anime's staff said it was a good event and that they're grateful.
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase T.png When Legenders and Jupiter's voices came together for the theme song, it really became the best song, huh!
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png I wonder if it'll start airing soon~ Agh, I really can't wait!
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase T.png When it starts airing, let's watch it together with everyone in the office!
【Hot-Blooded Reasoner】Shouta Mitarai T.png Sounds good! Let's have Producer-san prepare some sweets and juice~
【Jet Driven by Passion】Touma Amagase T.png Alright! We have to watch every week, we can't miss a single episode!