HxJ Clear Sky! Marine Blue Live!

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#173: HxJ Clear Sky! Marine Blue Live!
[Live] 04/13/2018 – 04/23/2018
Enjoy the Beach! Clam Hunting Gacha
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Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Jun Fuyumi-icon.png Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Shiki Iseya-icon.png

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Translator: nabstranslate
【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya T.png Blue skies! White clouds...! The shell collecting day is here! Uuuu, I'm mega MAX excited!!
【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi T.png We just got here. I know Shiki-kun is feeling hyper, but...

It's not a big deal, right? I mean, it's just shell collecting...

【Marine Blue】Haruna Wakazato T.png It feels great, yanno! Clams taste better when you collect 'em yourself!

Since we're all here, let's compete to see who can collect the most!

【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama T.png Alright! I won't lose!

It'd be nice if we could squeeze out some ideas for the new song while collecting the clams~

【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Jun... Let's do our best, 'kay?
【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi T.png Well, if it's like that... I'll just try to do it.

【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya T.png Clams... clams...

There! I found a big one—! Let's take a picture of it~♪

【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi T.png You look so happy. It's just a clam... Ah, a clam!
【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya T.png Juncchi's nice expression! I'm gonna take a pic!!
【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi T.png Ah, wait. Why are you taking a photo!?
【Marine Blue】Haruna Wakazato T.png Shiki, Jun, look at these. How's this for clams!?
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama T.png Haruna, you collected that many!? Cooool...! Where'd you even get them!?

Hm? Natsuki, what's wrong? You've been staring at that... are you gonna dig?

【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ...Here. It's a crab... walking.
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama T.png It's real! A small crab, how cute... Take this...

Uwah! It clamped onto my finger!

【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya T.png I'm taking Hayatocchi's moment on my phone too~!

【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi T.png Sigh... Shiki-kun's taking more pictures than collecting clams.
【Marine Blue】Haruna Wakazato T.png That being said, Jun, you're also not getting too many. Want me to teach you?
【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi T.png Right, since I have the chance, please teach me, Haruna-san.
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama T.png Collecting clams is so much fun! This is your first time doing it with friends, isn't it?

I've only collected shells with my brother until now.

【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Me too... I've only come with my grandma... My parents are busy.
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama T.png I see, you're the same as me.

My parents stay overseas, so they're hardly at home.

I have a big brother, but he won't play with me if I don't force him to.

I thought I knew our unit members, but it turns out there's lots I dunno.

That's why I'm glad, finding out we have something in common, somehow.

【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Yeah... You're right.

【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya T.png Well, here it comes!! Let's announce the results~!!

The one who collected the most clams win! And the first rank, with a MEGA amount, is...!

【Marine Blue】Haruna Wakazato T.png It's me. One bucket full!
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama T.png I can't compare with Haruna... I'm second place, though! Hehe ♪
【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi T.png Natsuki's third and I'm fourth. The fith place is the one who's fixated on taking photos...
【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya T.png Could it be me!?
【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi T.png Anyhow, the difference is clear.
【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya T.png Uuu... This is fun, though, so it's no problem!

I wanna put this feeling into a song... Ah, right! Let's go to karaoke after this!

【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi T.png I'll pass. I need to drop by the office.
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama T.png Ah, by the way, we were having so much fun clam collecting that we forgot to make a song...
【Marine Blue】Haruna Wakazato T.png It'll be all good if we put today's experience into a song!
【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Because... I'll... help too. Let's make a good song... Hayato.

【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Awww yeah!! Kitties and gentlemen!!

From here on out, the HighxJoker MEGA HYPER live is gonna get started!

【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png Uwah, Shiki's voice is so loud as usual.
【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png Fufu... Looks like... It'll reach the viewer's seats...
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Ahh! Our voices are gonna reach everybody!

Everyone! Thanks for coming to our live today!!

【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png It's a really good performance! Let's have fun until the end!
【Marine Blue】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Haha, it feels good to be loud outdoors! Let's go with full spirit!
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Yosh! Let's star HighxJoker's live under the blue sky!

【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Our next song is... the new song! The one Hayatocchi and Natsukicchi made together~!!
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png It's the song I thought up based on my part with Natsuki.

That's why this song rides with the best bass line...

It's a continuous melody that keeps overflowing.

So thanks to Natsuki, this song is finally complete!

【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png I see... That's amazing, Natsuki.
【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png Catching clams... with everyone... was really fun...
【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png Back then, I was thinking... about my bass line. It's thanks to you all.
【Marine Blue】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Everyone! Listen to the voice of the bass too, okay!
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Let's show them the fun memories of clam collecting through our performance!

【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png (The next part's the guitar and bass duo...)

(Alright.... let's match the rhythm with Natsuki.)

(The feeling of our eyes meeting... Somehow, it feels great!)

(...Like I thought, Natsuki's bass has the best feeling in this song...)

【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png (My bass in line with Hayato's guitar... makes a refreshing sound...)

(Hayato's hyped up... it's conveyed through his eyes... I want to answer his enthusiasm too...!)

【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png (Natsuki seems like he's enjoying his performance a lot... I won't lose either!)
【Marine Blue】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png (Seriously, this part is so nice! Right, let's soar further for the finale!)
【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya+ T.png (Hayatocchi and Natsukicchi's breaths are in sync! I also gotta get way more hype upppp!!)
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png (Because of Natsuki and I's combo, everyone else seems more hyped, too!)

(Alright... the climax! Let's deliver a hype performance!)

【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Yeah! Good work everyone!! Cheers!!

Wowie, that was hyper lively!

【Marine Blue】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Yeah, the juice tastes good! Oh, right, today's performance was good.
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png The collab with Natsuki in the new song is real fired up. Thanks, Natsuki!
【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png Yeah... I'm... having fun, too.
【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya+ T.png You guys almost became one, even your breaths were the same! It's hyper tension UP!!
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Both of us have similar traits... Maybe it's thanks to that!
【Marine Blue】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png Similar traits.... and what do you mean by that? You guys aren't alike at all.
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Actually, we've got some stuff in common! Right?
【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png Yup... we've got something similar.
【Marine Blue】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Something similar between you two? Hm, I don't get it at all... Ah, do you guys actually love donuts or something!?
【Marine Blue】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png That'd be me too.
【Performing Memories】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png Though everyone... is always hanging out together... there's still a lot we don't know... about our friends.
【Pleasant Tone】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png If we know more about our friends, then our performances would surely improve too!

I wanna know more about everyone! From now on, let's consider heaps of things!

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