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[Bingo] 11/30/2016 – 12/08/2016
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It's been decided that Legenders and Jupiter will hold a joint live!
They will be playing the roles of majestic kings, on a stage made to be an ice castle in a snowy country.
The joint live will also be broadcasted live on TV!

This will be Legenders' first time holding a live with such a large audience.
Sora is a bit overwhelmed at seeing the audience fill out every seat.
Will he be able to express himself on the stage!?

Meanwhile, the members of Jupiter are curious about Legenders before the performance.
Touma is eager to face them during the live, as both a way to understand them and to welcome them.

A cool and passionate performance, and a fantastical world that the audience won't be able look away from!
On this frozen night's stage, let's make this radiant live a success!

Event Scenes[edit | edit source | hide]

See: ICE KINGDOM LIVE/Event Scenes
Translator: takanoko
【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase T.png We're finally here! So this place is the live venue this time. The snow really piled up...
【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai T.png Touma-ku~n, your teeth are chattering. Are you alright?
【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase T.png 'Cause its cold! I can't help it! Are you really okay with it?
【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai T.png Kids are one with nature after all♪ Just kidding.. Hm? Hokuto-kun, who are you looking for?
【ICE KINGDOM】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Hm.. Those folks from Legenders. I thought we'd be able to greet them, but…

...They don't seem to be around. They must be coming on the next bus.

【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase T.png Hokuto, are you interested in those Legenders guys?
【ICE KINGDOM】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Maybe so. I thought they were interesting people during the auditions.
【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai T.png Chris-san was easy to understand, but the other two are still a mystery huh~
【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase T.png When we're up against them in the live, you'll be able to understand them right away. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of guys they are!

【ICE KINGDOM】Chris Koron T.png The gentlemen of Jupiter… they certainly have an impressive air of being accomplished.
【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Indeed. We simply have to learn from them.
【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura T.png That said, Jupiter…

Before coming to 315 Production, they were at another agency, right~?

Their departure really stirred up a lot of news~

【ICE KINGDOM】Chris Koron T.png I see... They’ve experienced all kinds of harsh waves in this sea called idols.

We absolutely must ask about stories from that time then…!

...However, there is still time until rehearsals. I will be off fishing.

【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png I’ll take a walk around too. The sights here are all so new.
【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura T.png ...Fishing and going for a walk, those two sure are free...

【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase T.png ...Ow! Hey! Shouta! You wait right there, I’m sending a huge snowball your way!!
【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai T.png Ahaha! No way! There isn’t anyone that would sit still after you say that!
【ICE KINGDOM】Hokuto Ijuin T.png …Whoa there, a stray bullet…

Who should I be giving backup to?

【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase T.png Me! The two of us will destroy Shouta!
【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai T.png Eh~ I’m so scared…

Oh, Producer-san, did you get a good picture?

【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase T.png Picture? You caught that just now!? I wasn’t making a modelesque face at all…
【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai T.png That’s fine! For the fans, candid kind of service shots wo…


【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase T.png Geez, it’s ‘cause you got all carried away rolling around like that.

Your clothes are all wet from the snow. That’s enough for fanservice, so hurry up and go change clothes.

【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai T.png Eh!? I only sneezed once, you’re such a worrywart, Touma-kun.

【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png ...Hm?

...oh, it’s just Kitamura.

【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura T.png A candid shot of an idol inspecting the stage… I took a picture~
【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png A picture, huh. What’s it going to be used for?
【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura T.png Who knows~? The producer said it’s for publicity purposes, and left it to me.
【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Publicity… Hey, is just me checking out the stage really alright? Isn’t that kind of plain?
【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura T.png To tell the truth, it would be good to have a picture of all three of us that look like we’re having fun~

But well, this is how things turned out, it’s very like us.

I’ve already finished up shooting with Chris-san~. I think it’s perfect to use for publicity~

【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Oh? What an excellent cameraman. I’m glad you’re a member with us.
【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura T.png Then in return, give me an award winning smile~ Amehiko-san, 1+1=...?

【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai T.png So this is where you were, Touma-kun? Customers should start coming in sometime soon~
【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase T.png Hm? Oh, it’s Shouta. Hokuto too. It’s already about time, huh.

Today is their first venue after all. I was checking our standing positions again.

【ICE KINGDOM】Hokuto Ijuin T.png You certainly seem excited. Is it because of them?
【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai T.png Talking about Legenders again? You don’t really need to mind them that much, do you~?
【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase T.png Look… no matter who my enemy is, I give it my all! But…

Going against someone for the first time gets me even more fired up!

【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai T.png It seems like Touma-kun’s engine is all revved up~
【ICE KINGDOM】Hokuto Ijuin T.png The live will be starting off with Legenders’ song.

Now then… what kind of performance will they give us? I’m looking forward to it.

【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura+ T.png (The spotlight is illuminating a countless number of eyes in the darkness… There’s a lot of people in the audience, huh~)

(These people aren’t cheering just for us right now. I’m a bit nervous… I guess~?)

【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png (Kitamura… he looks the same as usual, but he actually seems a little nervous.)
【ICE KINGDOM】Chris Koron+ T.png Everyone, we are truly grateful to be invited here today.

...Now then, I’ll be reporting my findings on this area’s marine ecology…

【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png (This is… well, this is how things usually work, huh.)

I’m Legenders’ Amehiko Kuzunoha. We’ll be participating in today’s joint live as well. Looking forward to it.

I’ll introduce our members again. This is Chris Koron and Sora Kitamura.

【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura+ T.png We’re still novices, but it’s nice to meet you everyone~

(The lessons and rehearsals… all we can do is trust in our practice until now, huh~)

【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Everyone! Let’s hype it up today!

...Hm? What’s wrong? It’s cold?

【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase+ T.png Right? We’re cold too!
【ICE KINGDOM】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png If I could, I would like to warm you all up on by one, but...
【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase+ T.png Hokuto. There’s an even easier way to warm up all these guys here, you know!
【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png That is... a live! Right, Touma-kun?

If you don’t cheer loud enough, then we’ll freeze you all!

【ICE KINGDOM】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png That’s right. Let’s all warm up together with the live, Angel-chans! Angel-kuns!
【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase+ T.png We’ll make this a burning hot stage! Better prepare yourselves!
【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Uh, Touma-kun? We’re supposed to be playing ice kings today...
【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase+ T.png Oops…

Then, we’ll make this a burning cool stage! Here’s the next song!

【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase+ T.png Everyone! That was some great energy!

Those Legenders just now are 315 Production’s hopeful newcomers!

They’re a bit peculiar, but they’re good guys! Please support our comrades too!

【ICE KINGDOM】Chris Koron+ T.png Amagase-san was talking about us...!
【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png ...You can even hear the cheers for us all the way from the stage wings.
【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Fufu, those fellows in Jupiter are kind seniors, huh~

We made it all the way here and debuted, we can’t burn out here~.

【ICE KINGDOM】Chris Koron+ T.png Indeed! Next, we’ll conquer even higher waves!
【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png That's right. While we’re aiming for the top, we might be able to see it…

A stage that can only be expressed by Legenders... that can only be expressed by us.

【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase+ T.png Ah~ ...It’s hot~...
【ICE KINGDOM】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Good work, Touma. It’s a bit hot right now, but if you don’t wipe sweat dry, you’ll catch a cold.
【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase+ T.png I know, I’m not a kid you know.
【ICE KINGDOM】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png ...Those Legenders made a good stage.
【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase+ T.png Yeah… but as long as we’re standing on this stage, we’re rivals.

We won’t be caught up to so easily.

We’ll always be running ahead and aiming for heights higher than anyone else… Isn’t that right?

【ICE KINGDOM】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Right on♪ I hate losing after all.

As their seniors though... what will we do? Should we go talk them?

【Hot-Blooded Ice King】Touma Amagase+ T.png There’s no need… Everything should have been conveyed through our live.

【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura T.png This live really ended up being a lesson~
【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Oh, Jupiter’s stage?
【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura T.png Standing in front of people as themselves and being accepted...

To be able to do that kind of thing, they're interesting people~

【ICE KINGDOM】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png To me, you and Koron are plenty interesting enough.
【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura T.png I don’t want to hear that from Amehiko-san~
【ICE KINGDOM】Chris Koron T.png It’s as Sora says. Jupiter’s stage was a wonderful performance.

In particular was the call and response with fans during the live…!

You could clearly see the relationship of trust between them all!

【Snowscape King】Sora Kitamura T.png ...That’s true~

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