Idol TV! Fall's Great Athletic Meet 2016

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#097: Idol TV! Fall's Great Athletic Meet 2016
[Bingo] 09/16/2016 – 09/23/2016
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アイドル事務所同士で優勝を争う運動会に315プロダクション代表として参加することとなったTHE 虎牙道とW。


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Translator: pen_dag
【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi T.png Hmm... Our time in the three-legged-race won't budge at all. Time to get serious, Kyosuke!
【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi T.png What do you mean with "serious"?... Any more than this will affect your leg's injury.
【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi T.png I already told you that my leg's okay now. I can play soccer in my freetime just fine.
【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi T.png You can't compare playing soccer on your day off with work. What's more, you even proposed to be the last runner in the relay...

You're definitely going to overexert yourself since we're representing 315 Production. I'm worried about you.

【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi T.png It's too late to complain now. I placed first in the qualifying round so it was decided fair and square.

You should've run faster than me if you're against it that much.

【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi T.png ...Ngh, I'm just worried about your leg!

What's with that attitude of yours...!?

【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi T.png Hey, aren't you patronizing me too much there? Give me some breathing room at least!
【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi T.png ...Is that so?...I understand.

I won't care about you anymore!

【Athletic Meet 2016】Michiru Enjoji T.png ...Keep a low posture and maintain your speed...

Hey Ren, here comes the baton!

【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki T.png You're way too slow, Ramen Dude... Take a real good look at my running!
【Athletic Meet 2016】Michiru Enjoji T.png Haha. I'm heavy so I lose when it comes to speed. I'm counting on you, Ren.
【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki T.png Hahaha! I'm gonna run even faster than the wind!
【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga T.png Let's see... First, I take the baton from that guy, and then hand it over to the last runner...


【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki T.png ...Hmph! No way I'm gonna hand over the baton to that shortie! This baton belongs to the great me.
【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga T.png What? You don't know the rules of a relay at all. We can't win if you don't hand it over to me.
【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki T.png Hmph! I'm not gonna be tied down to any rules! All of you should obey my rules instead!

If you want this thing that much, then you better catch up to me!

【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga T.png "Obey my rules" he says...

*sighs* I don't have a good feeling about this at all...

【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi T.png (Exhales) ...It's the day of the athletic meet at last...

Ah, Coach... Morning. Yeah... I haven't spoken with Kyosuke yet...

We also left the house separately today... We haven't really talked to each other these past few days.

Yeah... We shouldn't leave things just like this... Okay, I'll apologize to him.

...There he is. Hey, Kyosuke...

【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi T.png ...
【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi T.png Wha...!? He completely ignored me...!?

And here I thought I could apologize to him...

Damn, what's up with him!?

Aha, I see. Suit yourself!

In that case, I'll place first in the relay for sure and surprise Kyosuke that way then!

【Athletic Meet 2016】Michiru Enjoji T.png Hmm... Maybe it's just me,

but it feels like the other offices are acting hostile toward us.

【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga T.png ...You aren't imagining things. It seems like they view THE Kogado and 315 Production as serious competition.

It's because of that remark at the Super Live.

【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki T.png Whaaat? Are you talking about the great me?... Speak up if you want to say something, shortie.
【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga T.png Not really. Everyone other than yourself is an enemy. It's only natural in the competitive world.
【Athletic Meet 2016】Michiru Enjoji T.png Haha. It’s indeed more thrilling when there are people keeping tabs on you.
【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki T.png Hmph... Just you watch. I'll make you regret that you picked a fight with the great me!
【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga T.png You were the one who picked a fight first... But,

if they stand in the way, we'll just have to knock them down.

We're going to...

Win this fight!

【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Tch... Holding the basket during the ball-toss game is way too uncool and annoying...

But I'm not gonna lose... I'm gonna dodge every single ball!

【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga+ T.png I won't let that guy steal all the spotlight. I'm going to get the highest score.

Ah!? The opposing team have thrown themselves at Enjoji-san! Is he okay?...

He's raising his arm and totally composed... Just as you'd expect from Enjoji-san.

【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Ah... The opposing team are after Kyosuke!

...Watch out, Kyosuke!

【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Wha-!?...Yusuke… Stupid, why would you protect someone like me?

Can you stand up?... Does your leg hurt?

【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png This is a piece of cake. Come on, we have to keep it up! Let's go, Kyosuke.
【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Ah, yeah... Okay...

【Athletic Meet 2016】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Ohh... So this lunch box was specially prepared by the office's cooking enthusiasts. How nice of them! Right, Takeru?

...Hm?...What's up, Takeru? You don't look so well.

【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga+ T.png The results are bothering me. Never mind the individual matches, the problem is the team competition...

This rank... I was wondering if we're being a drag.

【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Hmph... This has nothing to do with me since I'm the greatest genius. You're the ones who are so slow-witted.
【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga+ T.png Hey... If you don't make an effort as a team, we'll fail to win.
【Athletic Meet 2016】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png Ren, Takeru, calm down for now. Think about who our opponent is.
【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga+ T.png That's how it is... In order to defeat our common enemy, let's agree on a ceasefire for the time being.

If we win, I'll take you on as much as you like. However, you have to cooperate until then.

【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Hmph... You better keep your word.

【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png ...Why did you protect me back then? You should've just ignored me.
【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png There's no way I wouldn't help my precious brother. We've always supported each other all this time, haven't we?

But... Lately, all you have done is worry about me. You're placing all the burden on yourself.

I want to be of help to you too. I want to walk this path together with you!!

【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png All this time... I thought that you needed me. But... I was wrong.

In fact, it was me who needed you. And yet... I was taken aback by your growth...

I was envious of you, I'm the worst... I really am... Sorry.

【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png I'm sorry too. You're irreplaceable to me as well.

We'll progress on our own and help each other when in need!

That's what supporting each other means, right?

...Let's give it our best in the three-legged-race, Kyosuke!

【Athletic Meet 2016】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png It's finally time for the last event... If we place first here, it'll be 315 Production's victory...

Ngh... I wasn't fast enough.

Sorry! I'm counting on you, Kyosuke!

【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Okay! Leave it to me, Michiru-san!

I'm pretty good at running, you see!

...Ren, baton pass!

【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Feast your eyes on my gallant figure!... Outta my way, I'm passing through!

(Relying on that shortie, who is just a tiny bit faster than the great me, and Yusuke really rubs me the wrong way but...)

Hey! Take it!

...I'll give you hell if we fall behind because of you!

【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga+ T.png Ah, woah... We've never had a baton pass this smooth before, awesome. Nice, we can make it...

The baton feels hot... Energy is flowing into my legs by itself... I have to hurry up and reach him!

Everyone's feelings are stuffed into this baton... Yusuke-san, here it comes!

【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Thanks, Takeru! It's firmly in my hand! If I use the wind to my advantage and run...

(Nice, I'm in the lead! Now I just have to keep running with all I've got...)

(...I remember this sensation from somewhere... Ah, I know. It's the same sensation as when I used to run on the field)

【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Yusukeee! Keep it uuup!!
【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png (It's Kyosuke's voice... Yeah, I'll keep it up. Until the end... I'll keep running until I can't anymore!)

(I can see the finish line ribbon... That ribbon is the chain that binds Kyosuke to the past...)

(Just you watch... I will... We will completely cut it off by our own efforts!)

【Athletic Meet 2016】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png We did it!! We're first... You really are amazing, Yusuke!
【Onwards to the Goal】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png No... It wasn’t just me. It was only possible with the two of us!

This is the Aoi brothers' full comeback! Take a good look at "our" ultimate performance!

【Athletic Meet 2016】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png 315 Production won~! We did it! We did it, Master!!

Oh. Takeru, Ren, welcome back. What did you talk about with the idols from the other offices?

【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga+ T.png It was a barrage of questions... Things like where we train or our training methods...
【Athletic Meet 2016】Michiru Enjoji+ T.png It only means that they have acknowledged you as superior! ...Take this, Takeru.
【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga+ T.png Mh... The prize trophy is much heavier than it looks.

So this is the weight of everyone's teamwork that made it possible to win...

【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Hmph... A shortie like you shouldn't say such cheesy stuff. Stuuupid.
【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga+ T.png ...Hey. About our promise earlier... We won. Want to have a match with me?
【Athletic Meet 2016】Ren Kizaki+ T.png Hmph... How annoying. I'm hungry so I'll take you on another time.
【Counterattack Dash】Takeru Taiga+ T.png ...I see.

I'll give this to you. Congrats on winning... Producer.

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