JUMPING into a New Year! New Year's Eve Special Live

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#158: JUMPING into a New Year! New Year's Eve Special Live
[Live Produce] 12/25/2017 – 12/31/2017
Hot and Steaming Pot Party of the Heart
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Ryo Akizuki-icon.png Daigo Kabuto-icon.png Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Touma Amagase-icon.png Kazuki Tsukumo-icon.png

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Translator: Cait
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png This hot pot is delicious~ you're so good at girly stuff like this, Ryo-kun~.
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki T.png Gyaoooon?! Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not a girl!
【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase T.png But I still think you're really skilled! Daigo, Tsukumo-san, each as much as you like.
【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto T.png Alright, then I won't hold back!

...Oh, this shiitake looks real delicious.

【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png What should I try next~?

...Ah, this meat looks good! Next is...

【Countdown 2017】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...The hot pot is emptying quickly... you have a big appetite, Shouta-san.
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png I guess so. I'm still growing after all! ☆ Ah, I'll have that meat over there too.
【Countdown 2017】Hokuto Ijuin T.png To think that F-LAGS would come to our gathering spot. It's lively here today.
【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase T.png Don't call this our gathering spot. You guys show up here uninvited.
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png But we thought you'd be lonely, Touma-kun. We're all going to keep you company today!
【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase T.png You little...
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki T.png Fufu, let's have a fun hot pot party today, everyone!

【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki T.png This year is going to end soon. A lot happened in 2017.
【Countdown 2017】Hokuto Ijuin T.png That's right. A particularly memorable time was... when we co-starred with F-LAGS in a musical.
【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto T.png That was such a good musical, Wild Boys.

I'm real glad I was able to be D.G.!

【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png The tour was fun too~.

The Hakata ramen I ate with Kazuki-san was delicious. ♪

【Countdown 2017】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...I would like to eat those hard noodles again sometime. Fukuoka is a nice city.
【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase T.png My tour to Hiroshima was good too. The live was crazy exciting!

The okonomiyaki restaurant you recommended was awesome, Daigo. Thanks!

【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto T.png Right? That restaurant has Hiroshima's-

No, Japan's best okonomiyaki!

【Countdown 2017】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...All we have to do before this year comes to a close is the countdown live. Let's do it to perfection.
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki T.png Yeah! Let's end this year with a bang!

【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png That reminds me, not all of us can be there ‘till the end of the countdown live, huh.
【Countdown 2017】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...It is against the law for those under eighteen to work after ten p.m., after all.
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png That's sort of a let-down. I was excited about doing a countdown in a stadium~...
【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto T.png Hey, once we're adults, we'll be able to stay up as long as we wanna. We just gotta wait a few more years, at most!
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png Ehhh. If I wait that much, I'll turn into an old man.
【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase T.png Don't be ridiculous.
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki T.png I won't be able to participate in the countdown either, but...

Let's do what we can to get everyone excited from the stage, Shouta-kun!

【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png Yeah.

In that case, I'll make everyone more excited than the countdown will!

【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto T.png That's the spirit! Wahaha!
【Countdown 2017】Hokuto Ijuin T.png Now, for a change of pace, shall we watch TV? It's about time for S.E.M's end of the year special.
【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase T.png If you want to watch TV, we can do that in my room. Wait here for a minute.

【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto T.png Wahaha! S.E.M's conversations were interestin'. Wisdom really does come with age!
【Countdown 2017】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Did Rui-san speak like that when you were in college as well?
【Countdown 2017】Hokuto Ijuin T.png He hasn't changed at all. He was even good at speaking English back then, too.
【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase T.png Come to think of it, you mentioned that he was your upperclassmen in a club before.
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki T.png Still... TV is incredible.

Even though that show was recorded before Christmas, they acted like it was near New Year's...

【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png For sure. It makes it weird to try and tell what time of the season it is.
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png ...Ah, I know! 【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki T.png
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki T.png There might be a way we can do the countdown together!
【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto T.png Hm? Whatcha mean?
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki T.png If we record ourselves doing the countdown, then play it right before the year ends...
【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase T.png We can ring in the new year with our fans!

Great idea, Ryo!

【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png Oh, that sounds fun!

Producer-san, let's make a video. ♪ Hey, we can, right?

【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png ...Ah, is the camera rolling? Okay then, let's start.

All you guys and ladies around the country! This year, we're going to be doing a countdown live!

【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto T.png It's gonna be a huge live with all the members of 315 Productions! Please look forward to it!
【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto T.png We're gonna do a countdown on video! Let's celebrate the end of the year together!
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png Make sure to tell all your friends who don't know about our countdown plan!
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki T.png Everyone, let's meet on New Year's Eve!

Well then, bye bye!

【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki T.png Wow, everyone's talking about our announcement video on social media!
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai T.png They are. With this, we'll be able to celebrate the new year with all of our fans. ♪

【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase+ T.png ...Beit, High×Joker, you guys did great! That was a good performance!

Thanks for waiting everyone! Next is our turn!

【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png This's our last live of the year, so we're gonna pull out all the stops!

Please keep on cheerin' for us!

【Countdown 2017】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png We will now send you a special final ciao ☆ of the year. Now then, Tsukumo-kun...
【Countdown 2017】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Ciao ☆ 【Countdown 2017】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png
【Countdown 2017】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...Are you all enjoying the live?
【Countdown 2017】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png A double ciao ☆ from us is pretty rare. It may be something you will never forget.
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Guys and ladies!

You can definitely keep going, right?

【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Let's have as much fun as we can to end 2017!

【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase+ T.png Thanks for all your support this year, everyone!
【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Man, this year flew by.
【Countdown 2017】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...A musical and solos. It felt like no matter what I encountered, I was able to overcome it.
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png
【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase+ T.png That's right, Ryo. Thanks to our fans, we were able to overcome anything!
【Countdown 2017】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png Then, we are going to show you that we can improve even more next year.
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png It's like Touma-kun says: "Jupiter will never stop!", right? ♪
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png F-LAGS won't fall behind either! We're going to keep working towards being top idols next year!
【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase+ T.png Yeah, bring it on! All of us at 315 Productions are going to give it our all!
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png Now it's about time for us to say goodbye.

How about we sing that one song before we leave the rest to the grownups? ♪

【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png All the kids who're backstage, come out here! ...Alright then, here we go!
Everyone DRIVE A LIVE!

【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png "Good evening to everyone who's watching this video!"
【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png "Thanks so much for coming to see us all the way at the end of the year. ♪"
【Countdown 2017】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png "...Now then. It should be 11:59 soon."
【Countdown 2017】Hokuto Ijuin+ T.png "Everyone at the venue and watching the video, let's countdown to the new year together. ☆"
【Countdown 2017】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png "All of the kids at 315 Productions are gonna countdown with ya, too!"
【Countdown 2017】Touma Amagase+ T.png "Let's have the most fired up beginning of a new year ever!"
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png "Well then, we're going to start the countdown!"
Everyone "3..."


"1! ...Happy New Year!"

【Cozy Dreamy Feeling】Shouta Mitarai+ T.png "Happy New Year!"
【The Flavor of Hot and Steaming Food】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png "Please continue to support us this year, everyone!"

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