Japanese Music Performance Festival ~World of Elegance~

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#274: Japanese Music Performance Festival ~World of Elegance~
[Live] 05/25/2020 – 05/31/2020
Heart and Instruments of Japan Gacha

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Shoma Hanamura-icon.png Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png Kirio Nekoyanagi-icon.png Rei Kagura-icon.png Kuro Kiyosumi-icon.png

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At the request of a traditional instrument maker, Sai and Altessimo will be performing live with genuine traditional Japanese instruments.

Rehearsals will be held in a Japanese-style room at the Bunka Kaikan with professional instruction.
The members of Altessimo haven't worked with Japanese instruments before, but they'll find success by leveraging their natural musical talents.
The members of Sai will have the opportunity to refine their Japanese music technique.

In the meantime, Shoma is delighted to see all the hard work and improvement.
It looks like he's searching for a way to enhance his own appeal...

The sound of harmony fills the air, and the stage beckons you to an elegant world.

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