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Common[edit | edit source]

Login Ah, is that a rare metal I see? Hah, just joking, just joking♪ It’s been a while, but if it ever strikes your fancy again, let me in on a piece of the profit, eh?

Hah, I can barely keep my eyes open... What? I just pulled a little all-nighter, that’s all. So, we working all day today too, or what?

Event Login Hey, this is for you, Producer-chan. This old man’s gonna do his best out there; I’ll even go so far as to guarantee it!

Hey, this is for you, Producer-chan. This old man’s gonna try his best out there, until the very end. I’ll even go so far as to guarantee it!

Lesson Well, we’ll do enough so that they don’t scold us, at least.

Live Formation Everyone’s doing their best, so, looks like I don’t really have a choice... to a certain extent.

Audition Battle Formation Taking the job’ll fill my pockets just fine, so I’ll have to do my best, I suppose.

Featured Unit

Oh? You’re gonna choose an old fart like me? It’s fine, but... Ah, whatever. I’ll give it a try.

Leader N~R+ Is it really alright to have an old timer like me at the helm? You don’t suppose you’re all going soft? Ah, whatever. I’ll take that leader’s bonus salary. Gladly.

N~R+ Trust MAX And that’s how a former teacher does it. I’m actually pulling through on this leader stuff, somehow... Ah, no, that was a compliment! I’m just shy, see?

Leader SR~SR+ Alright, alright, I’ll be the leader. I’ll do my best... What? What do you look so surprised for? I look like a pretty responsible guy, don’t I? ...Probably.

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Hm, methinks blind motivation on its own just doesn’t cut it for a leader. You’ve really helped me out... What shall we do today?

Leader (Other Producer) My Producer-chan is, hm, now how to put it... They’re the one who makes it possible for me to dream. You could call them a... benefactor, in a sense.

My Desk (0% Trust) Have a good day at work... Ah, you’re not gonna let me sit this one out, are you?

My Desk (5% Trust) Producer-chan, spare some change? I’m a little parched.

My Desk (30% Trust) Producer-chan, you sleepy? How about some coffee? I make a mean beaker, you know.

My Desk (MAX% Trust) What am I reading? ...An idol magazine. This is just research, don’t you dare laugh.

Business (0% Trust) Heh, that went well... On that note, I’ll be looking forward to this month’s salary report~♪

Business Even I’m (as I am) laboriously doing my best bravely/gallantly~ ...I think. <- EDIT

Business (MAX Trust) When we do our jobs well, I make a killing, you’re pleased. Two birds with one stone, no?

Trust UP! I thought becoming an idol meant cashing in, making bank. But it turns out the reality’s a lot harsher than that.

After becoming an idol, I’m starting to feel like I found something other than money to fixate on... Must be my imagination!

You look like the kinda person who gets things done. Hey, got any get-rich-quick-schemes? You should produce that kinda stuff too, just sayin’.

Trust MAX Producer-chan, want to go eat somewhere? ...Splitting the check? Ah, well, that’s gonna be a problem. My wallet’s in a bit of a pinch, you see~ Ahaha.

Refreshments Delivery! Our gutsy little Producer-chan prepared these refreshments for you!

Cheer Yeah, yeah, I’m here to help. You alright?

Convo Chance! Oh, it’s Producer-chan.

Break Time Hehe, this old timer’s on break too. How about it? Wanna chat?

Thanks, hit me up next time you’re free. See ya!

mini Shout Now, how to get rich quick?

mini Thanks Producer-chan. Thanks for the gift, yeah? Hehe.

Audition Battle Preparation Sheesh, I’m not cut out for competitions. Go easy on me, alright?

Audition Battle Well, then, I wonder how this’ll go...

Want to see how little I actually care about this?

Program Audition Preparation I don’t have a fun get-rich-quick-scheme brewing up, so... I’ll take on the job, I guess.

Program Audition (Rival) Want to see how little I actually care about this?

Program Audition (Self) It’d be a big setback if I lost, so I’ll plug away... for a bit.

Audition Battle (Backup) Yeah, yeah, I’m here to help. You alright?

Audition Battle (Win) Oh, turns out even I can do it if I try!

Audition Battle (Lose) Hey, I told you to go easy on me.

Ugh~ No surprise there~

Live Preparation Well~ Guess I have to work once in a while.

Live Continuation Mn~ We botched it. No surprise there. This pretty much turned out exactly how I thought it would. Am I right?

Live Success! Well, well, that turned out great, didn’t it? Heh, a rare occurrence, I’d say.

This is a little out of character, but I have to thank you for all this. This old man’s already getting all worn out~ Ahaha.

We actually pulled it off! Color me surprised! Well, nevermind that. All’s well that ends well, eh?

Birthday Effect (2015) ...Ha, Eureka! Is this, by some chance... a sign of buried treasure?!

Birthday Effect (2016) Yeah, I’ll do my best today, too. I’m gonna shine like plated gold.

Birthday Comments

R[edit | edit source]

2nd Anniversary[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album You remember the strawberry fair? Like that unbelievable meal that Rui made… I still can’t forget the taste of it. I guess more memories like that are gonna keep on coming from now on, huh.

Yay—, 2nd anniversary! …Going along with things makes me act like an old man? What’s up with that “There’s no helping you,” I really am an old man, after all. Okay… I guess I have no choice but to sing and dance and do my best!

Scout Strawberries? The suppliers are… the farming family that took care of us for the strawberry fair event! …Haha, they’re still supporting us? I’m glad to hear that.

It doesn’t look like it’ll last for many more days, so how about everyone here takes their fill of it now. Hey—, everyone. It’s a feast~!

Change! These sparkly outfits get me a little embarrassed, but… I’ll wear it properly. Since it’s an important day. I’ll nail this in one fell swoop.

My Desk (0% Trust) I don’t buy fruits on my own very much, but I’m glad to receive them.

My Desk (MAX Trust) You can eat the last one, Producer… Me? Haha… I’m satisfied enough just by watching.

Business (0% Trust) Wearing this outfit makes me feel like my luck’s gonna get higher… Can I leave my post for a bit? No?

Trust MAX Y’know, it’s not a common thing that I continue something this long. It’s thanks to Hazama-san, Rui… and you, Producer.

Live Prep N/A
Live Continuation N/A
Live Success N/A
Event Effect イチゴ、食べたしね…頑張りますか!
T/L Credit nemuruoogarasu

SR[edit | edit source]

Zombie Beckoning from the Darkness[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album This old man’s eyes are sparkling? Hehe, well, of course. Even though they’re not hoards of gold and silver, it’s an all-you-can-grab candy buffet. I can’t help but get excited about it.
“Welcome~ from the depths of the graveyard. I’ve been freed from this longtime seal set on me. Heh, there’s a huge group of delicious-looking humans. Will this old man… be able to hold himself back…?”
Scout It’s not just with candy. I wonder why I’m so thrilled by the concept of an all-you-can-grab. I guess it’s because I feel like I’m getting a bargain?
I’m grabbing whatever I can, but I’m sure Hazama-san would calculate things out to the very end. These sorts of things show our personalities.
Change! Offer up blood to me… Wait, wouldn’t that make me a vampire instead? Hehe… I’ll do this conspicuously, to suit the zombies of this era. Let’s get the Halloween live started.
My Desk (0% Trust) A horror movie viewing party… and the location is… my house? —No, wait, I gotta stop Rui…!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Are you going to take part in the viewing party too, Producer? I guess it’s spread further than I thought.
Business (0% Trust) Yesterday, I dreamt that I was lecturing for a zombie. It was a really strange dream.
Trust MAX Producer, wanna eat some candy? Tahaha… I guess I got too greedy from the all-you-can-grab, and I got so many I couldn’t eat on my own…
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit nemuruoogarasu