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Common[edit | edit source]

Login Producer-san. Are you, perhaps, the type of person who doesn’t feed their fish? Have I become that insignificant to you, too?

When I see you with that face, Producer, I feel I have no choice but to do my best as well... What? That was a compliment.

Event Login Here, take this, if you’d like. It’d be troubling if you were to fall apart on us. I’ll... do what I can to help. I’m counting on you out there.

Here, take this, if you’d like. It’d be troubling if you were to fall apart on us. I’m... going to see this through too, until the very end. I’m counting on you out there.

Lesson I’ll be helping you out, so- Hey, stand up straight!

Live Formation I’m only doing what I can for now. All of you, make you don’t burn yourselves out, okay?

Audition Battle Formation Well, while I’m here, I suppose I may as well win. There’s nothing I hate more than failing to deliver, after all.

Featured Unit

You’re choosing me...? No, no, I’m not upset. I’ll make sure to live up to your expectations.

Leader N~R+ You want me to be leader? Not a problem at all. I’ll think you’ll find I’m serious enough not to be swayed by others. Now then, what would you like me to do first?

N~R+ Trust MAX Being a leader is harder than I thought. But I won’t resign just yet. As long as you’re depending on me, I’ll carry through.

Leader SR~SR+ I hate leaving things half done. If I’m to be the leader, I’m going to see things through with everything I have. I’d appreciate it if everyone else took this seriously, too.

SR~SR+ Trust MAX It’s mortifying to admit, but... I don’t think I’m cut out for leading on my own. I’m... truly grateful for all of your help, Producer-san.

Leader (Other Producer) My Producer is quite different from the others. Out of everyone I’ve ever met, they’re the one person I feel like I can rely on.

My Desk (0% Trust) What is it, Producer-san? I haven’t done a thing.

My Desk (5% Trust) A piano is completely different than a keyboard. You understand that, don’t you?

My Desk (30% Trust) Here, kitty, kitty~...!! ....H-Hey, did you see that? Just now?!

My Desk (MAX% Trust) Strange, I feel like I’ve actually been enjoying myself lately... Is this, perhaps, your doing, Producer-san?

Business (0% Trust) Did everyone follow all your instructions to the letter? ...Is that so? In that case, good job.

Business ...If what we’re doing is making people happy like this, then perhaps being an idol isn’t so bad, after all.

Business (MAX Trust) Even I’m completely committed to this idol business, you know. I may as well, while I’m here. It would be rude not to, after all.

Trust UP! I’m not particularly interested in idols... That’s how it should be. But, seeing everyone having fun out there makes me feel a little... depressed.

Even though I still think idols are a rather pointless pastime, doing things half-heartedly is moreso. So, I’ll... try working a little harder from now on.

Strange, isn’t it? I feel like I just spill everything about me out to you. You won’t tell the others about this, right?

Trust MAX I never thought I could lose myself in something until now. It’s thanks to you that I realized I could, Producer-san.

Refreshments I brought refreshments. No, no, don’t thank me. Please, thank my Producer.

Cheer Hey, don’t tell me you’re throwing in the towel so soon!

Convo Chance! Producer-san, do you have time to spare right now?

Break Time Could you lend me your ear for just a moment? What? What do you look so surprised for...?

Sorry for taking up so much of your time. Well, then, until next time.

mini Shout This isn’t so bad, I suppose.

mini Thanks Producer-san. Thank you very much for the gift.

Audition Battle Preparation Show me how serious you all can be, if you please. I’ll make sure to do the same.

Audition Battle ...I’m not losing, understand?

Let’s hurry this up so I can go home.

Program Audition Preparation I’m not at all interested in which of us is the better idol... But losing is unacceptable to me.

Program Audition (Rival) Let’s hurry this up so I can go home.

Program Audition (Self) As usual, allow me.

Audition Battle (Backup) Hey, don’t tell me you’re throwing in the towel so soon!

Audition Battle (Win) Well, that was the expected result, after all.

Audition Battle (Lose) No way... this is mortifying...

Live Preparation I can’t go out there looking like a slob, you know.

Live Continuation Ggh... This half-baked mood is completely unacceptable...

Live Success! It’s only natural we were able to do this much. Praiseworthy, to say the least.

Wha, Producer-san, you look like you’re going to burst into tears! Honestly...

Yeah! We did it! ...Huh? What? I can be genuinely happy once in a while too, you know!

Birthday Effect (2015) What’s this? I don’t have any proof, but it feels like something’s swelling up inside me!

Birthday Effect (2016) I feel a strange power welling up within me. Please, let me handle this!

Birthday Comments

R[edit | edit source]

Takamichi Volleyball Club[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album I’ll leave the tape used for taping and cooling spray over here. If you don’t know how to use it, please ask me. I’ll make sure you study the ins and outs of how to do it.

“I’m not as flashy as a spiker can be, but I’m proud of this position! That’s why I wanna win with everyone, using this position!”
Scout My position is the defensive one. I’ve also got a restriction on the tosses I can do… What’s important is to practice until my body remembers what to do.
Oh, this? It’s a rule test that I made for Shiki-kun and the others to use. Since it’s for a job, I have no intention of holding back.
My Desk (0% Trust) I’m thoroughly making sure that I maintain my proper water levels. It's the basics to prepare the body’s constitution, after all.
My Desk (MAX Trust) I’d be glad if someone took an interest in volleyball after watching the work we were casted in.
Business (0% Trust) Recently, I’ve been walking around holding the rulebook. To make sure I can flip through the pages at any time.
Trust MAX Everyone in High×Joker is so lively… But I feel like that’s a good sensation. Being by your side makes me feel the same, but…
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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SR[edit | edit source]

Exciting Gift[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album These candies are small knick-knacks that are put into this piano-shaped container. I think it will be easy for others to realize that it was my present. I thought it would be good to make it something that could remain in their memories.

It made me very happy to know the warm feelings that I received from everyone during Valentine’s Day. I put all my gratitude into my song. I hope today will become a wonderful day to remember.
Scout I’m glad to be a part of such an important event. I want to work hard so that they left it up to me to be in charge of it.
I hope I can make it a live filled with gratitude to all sorts of people for a sake that’s not just for White Day... Though saying that makes me a little embarrassed.
Change! The words of those supporting me always support me so much. I’ll work hard so that I can convey it just as well.
My Desk (0% Trust) I’m studying a little bit of how to take pictures. I think I might have gotten a little better than before…
My Desk (MAX Trust) I’ve printed out the pictures that I took with you before. Here’s a picture.
Business (0% Trust) Recently, I’ve begun to have a bit more free time to leisurely play piano again.
Trust MAX Being supported by someone else is a very joyous thing… I feel as if I had always forgotten that. Being an idol isn’t quite that bad.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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