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Common[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Login Have fun out there... Hey, Bunny-san. If Kanon waits like a good little boy, will they bring him along someday...?

Hey, hey, how are Kanon’s clothes today? Hmm, yeah, Kanon thought the shirt over there looked better, too~

Event Login Producer-san, you looove cute things too, don’t you? Ehehe, that’s what Kanon thought, so he came prepared! Kanon wants to see you smile, Producer-san☆

Producer-san, you looove cute things too, don’t you? Ehehe, Kanon came prepared today, too! Cause Kanon wants to see you smile, Producer-san! Always☆

Lesson Let the lesson in cuteness begin!

Live Formation Wooow, a live concert sounds fun~! Let’s all wear cute matching costumes!

Audition Battle Formation Teeheehee~♪ It doesn’t matter if Kanon wins or loses, just lemme wear something cute!

Featured Unit

I did it♪ Thank you for choosing the ever-so-cute Kanon!

Leader N~R+ Everyone! Your leader Kanon will producer all of you, and your clothes! Now, what would be good? I hope cute things suit you all♪

N~R+ Trust MAX Kanon thinks he should study cool things too! That way, he can deliver whole different kinds of cuteness!

Leader SR~SR+ Hiii! Kanon’s going to be your new leader! If Kanon’s the leader, then he can deliver tons and tons of cuteness, right?

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Producer-san, thanks for always supporting us! Kanon, and everyone he loves, are all super happy♪

Leader (Other Producer) Kanon’s Producer-san is his idol! But, but, this is still super-super confidential information to Producer-san, okay?

My Desk (0% Trust) Good morning♪ I’m Kanon Himeno. Nice to meet you~

My Desk (5% Trust) Producer-san, you look like you’d fit this sheep kigurumi~

My Desk (30% Trust) Work time♪ Work time♪ I’m so excited my head’s spinning~

My Desk (MAX% Trust) You were in Kanon’s dream, Producer-san! Huh? Is Kanon still dreaming~?

Business (0% Trust) Will Kanon do better out there if he’s wearing fluffier clothes~?

Business Kanon can go harder than this! Ah! You made a face that says Kanon’s still just a kid~

Business (MAX Trust) Kanon did his best! Producer-san, can Kanon hug you? Ehehe! So fluffy♪

Trust UP! ...Um, Papa brought by a new child model... Are Kanon’s days as Papa’s model already over...?

Kanon’s growing up...? Does that mean Kanon can’t wear the cute clothes Papa makes anymore...?

Can Kanon still stay with you, Producer-san? Even when he grows up? Is big Kanon still okay?

Trust MAX Even when Kanon grows up... he’ll always be together with you, Producer-san! Kanon will become an idol! It’s a promise!

Refreshments Kanon brought lots and lots of candy! From Producer-san to all of you!

Cheer Kanon wishes you good luck on your victory♪

Convo Chance! Producer-san, can we talk?

Break Time Kanon has lots and lots of stuff he wants to chat about!

Ah, Kanon has to go to his next job! Bye bye, Producer-san! See you!

mini Shout Fluffy and soft♪

mini Thanks Thanks for the gift, Producer-san~♪

Audition Battle Preparation Let’s both do our best~ The one who has the most fun is the winner~♪

Audition Battle Serious-mode on! I’ll do my best!

Time to turn the tables! In with the fortune!

Program Audition Preparation Kanon’s Bunny-san told him to make it super-fluffy out there~

Program Audition (Rival) Time to turn the tables! In with the fortune!

Program Audition (Self) If we lose, you have to wear something fluffy~

Audition Battle (Backup) Kanon wishes you good luck on your victory♪

Audition Battle (Win) Ehehe, I’ve already got my kigurumi ready!

Audition Battle (Lose) I guess being fluffy just wasn’t enough!!

Live Preparation Kanon’s so happy to be able to go out for concerts!

Live Continuation Producer-san! Hold Kanon’s Bunny-san! He’s super important! Kanon’s serious!!

Live Success! Yippee! Kanon thought today was SUPER fun♪

Kanon found a treasure during that concert! He found out he loooves all his fans!

Haaa... Kanon’s so tired he can’t move~ Ehehe, Producer-san, gimme a piggyback ride~

Birthday Effect (2016) Ehehe, Kanon’s hunch was right on the mark♪ Kanon senses an opportunity!

Kanon’s feeling extra-super! Everyone else can have some, too♪

Birthday Comments

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Wedding[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Hmm, which one’s good? I have to carry the precious ring, so the cutest one should be best. But… all of them are so cute, I can’t decide~!

Ta-dahh! How is it? It’s super cute, isn’t it? Kanon-selected, matching the wedding ring! I think the bride’s going to be super happy with this too~♪
Scout Producer, hold this for a little bit. Hmmmmm… Actually, maybe this one. What do you think?
I got it! Kanon will choose this one! Ah, but wait a little more! Let me compare it one more time, last time!
Change! Wow! These Western clothes for the wedding ceremony are really cute! Just like Kanon thought before! He wants a wedding every single day!
My Desk (0% Trust) Producer, do you like Mister Octopus sausages? Or Mister Crabby-shaped?
My Desk (MAX Trust) I go “BOO!” when people mistake me for being a girl. Because Kanon’s a boy!
Business (0% Trust) That kid’s super stylish and cute. Maybe they’ll be Kanon’s rival…!
Trust MAX Producer, thank you for always working hard for Kanon!
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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White Day 2020[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Justice cute! Ehehe, Kanon put lots of effort into a date outfit. You can take pictures if you want. Kanon will fully showcase his true skills~♪

Is it okay to eat these sweet, sweet~ cookies and fluffy-wuffy marshmallows? It’s White Day, you know? Let’s eat lots and feel super-happy~
Scout Going to the amusement park is so much fun, no matter how many times we go~! Let’s go on the Ferris Wheel next, Producer.
Kanon got a mail from Saki-chan. Look, look, there’s so many emoji! Kanon will answer with emoji, too~!
Change! Choosing Western-style outfits for a date is lots and lots of fun. It’s all heart-poundy, like the date already started~
My Desk (0% Trust) Kanon’s little sister is super adorable. She always follows behind Kanon.
My Desk (MAX Trust) Kanon also thought up a design for a new outfit. Ta-dah! It’s cute, right~?
Business (0% Trust) Wow, this snack is super yummy! Who made it?
Trust MAX Kanon wants to go to an amusement park with Producer again! Kanon can’t ride attractions on his own, so make sure to stay close to him!
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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SR[edit | edit source | hide]

Genius Phantom Thief[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album “Ta-dahhh! Kanon has obtained Kaerre-kun~!” It sure is a cutie~. Maybe Kanon should take it home and line it up with his bunnies~?

"Phantom Thief Chat Noir makes their appearance! No worries. All we’re trying to get is the treasure!” Ufufu, can you catch me? I think it’d be hard for even you to do it, Producer~♪
Scout Phantom thieves~? Kanon’s never met one before, but how would they be like? Producer, have you ever met a real phantom thief?
Producer… can Kanon become a phantom thief? He’ll be fine, right? Because he worked so hard at special training too!
Change! Wowww, so cute~! It’s just like the image of the stylish phantom thief that Kanon imagined it to be! Thank you, Producer~! ♪
My Desk (0% Trust) Time to do homework~ Gotta do it to focus on work, you know~
My Desk (MAX Trust) Kanon’s always thinking in the bath about how fun every day is when he’s with Producer!
Business (0% Trust) We still have time until the next photoshoot? Okay, Kanon will bring the script and read it ♪
Trust MAX Kanon learned how to do lots, LOTS more things now that he’s an idol. Because Producer will smile for me if I do ♪
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Live Continuation
Live Success
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Cute Bell Player[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Wow, it’s a pink rabbit! It’s so fluffy and super cute~! Huh? Producer, you’ll get it for me as a present? Yay~! Kanon will take care of it!
Everyone, Merry Christmas! In place of Santa today, Kanon and everyone will present you with songs and a hand bell performance! We’d be glad if you like it ♪
Scout I wonder what would be good as a Christmas present? Kanon might just want all~ of everything if we went to a toy store.
When it’s winter break, Kanon’s family is going to go skiing! Kanon will definitely get a souvenir for Producer ♪
Change! Kanon’s excited for Christmas~ He practiced a cute pose tons for it to suit this Western outfit!
My Desk (0% Trust) Kanon will memorize a good way to ring the bell and teach it to Shiro-kun and the others!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Hey, Producer, Kanon will be a good kid, so Santa will come to him, right?
Business (0% Trust) During break, Saki-chan taught Kanon about some Christmas songs ♪
Trust MAX If Kanon ever met Santa, he’d ask him to please give Producer a present ♪
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Song that Draws Interest[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Ahahaha! Push harder, Nao-kun! Kanon can see all the way into the ocean so far away~. It’s all blue as far as he can see~! Next, Producer, ride it!
“Welcome to my castle, human… This doesn’t seem the mood to be inviting, however. After listening to the fairies, I will make the decision to deal upon you, as the fairy king.”
Scout Kanon wants to play in the ocean and explore~! There’s sooo much he wants to do on the island. Producer, let’s play together~!
My Desk (0% Trust) Jeez~ tell Kanon when you’re taking a picture of him. Because he’ll make a perfect pose for it!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Kanon will collect lots of shells and make a necklace for Producer.
Business (0% Trust) Producer, are you also interested in these cute shells? Kanon collected lots of them~
Trust MAX *yawn*… Kanon’s sleepy now. Maybe he should sleep on Producer’s lap. Ehehe, Kanon’s keeping you to himself~♪
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