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Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png ...It's not fair for you to celebrate my birthday these past few years and I do not reciprocate. When your birthday arrives, I'll be there to celebrate it. You'd best prepare yourself.

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Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png This birthday cake contains the perfect amount of sugar and fat. Optimal food to eat before our difficult lesson starts for the day... It's not bad at all.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Yeah! Once the birthday party is done, let's go do some practice lessons for our next job! I even left your present in the training room, Kaoru-san!
Teru Tendo-icon.png So, you could at least say, "I'm happy" or, "Thank you." you know?... Although looking at your face already shows how happy you are!

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Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png It would be a great blessing to have someone outside of my family to celebrate the day I was born... No, nothing, this year too... I'm grateful for it.

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Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png ...I will only be engaging in this foolishness until the date changes. Whenever you're done, I'll promptly leave... Hey, are you listening?
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Yes! That means you're going to come with us for today's birthday celebration, Kaoru-san! I'm so happy!
Teru Tendo-icon.png Ooh! Today, Tsubasa and I are going to make this the best day of your life so you can't wait for your next birthday! Get ready for it, Sakuraba!

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Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png Your behavior is suspicious. You're setting up another surprise birthday for me, aren't you?
You do it every year. I can pick up on your behavior... I'm not saying should stop doing it though.

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Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png The party decor is becoming more lavish every year. Is it really necessary to expend this much effort every year setting up a party? I don't need a birthday party, your sentiments are enough for me.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png You noticed that we change the decor every year! I always ask Teru-san for advice every year and we always do our best to set it up to your tastes, Kaoru-san!
Teru Tendo-icon.png You don't need to be so distant and reserved! Just be happy, Sakuraba! Today's your birthday! Show us a big birthday smile, birthday boy!

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Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png I know you're planning something with that grin on your face. I've learned it by now. What is it this year? If you have a surprise or anything else to throw at me, I'm ready for it.

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Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png Year after year, you guys never get tired of this kind of thing. I've gotten tired of resisting it, though. Go ahead and do whatever you want.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png I'm touched that you would actually wear that birthday cake hat! Even though it's Kaoru-san's party, we're the ones having fun.
Teru Tendo-icon.png That pouty face doesn't work in that hat, Sakuraba! You're today's star! The party poppers are ready, so... Producer! I'll leave the photos to you!

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Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png I used to not necessarily remember my Birthday. But since you, Tendo, and Kashiwagi like to make a big deal out of it, I can't ever forget it.

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Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png I thought I was ready for whatever you had planned for me today, but somehow you always come up with something new.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Tendo-san, what should we do! Kaoru-san isn't too irritated! Was welcoming him with giant part poppers not enough...?
Teru Tendo-icon.png But Tsubasa, this is just the beginning! I've still got plenty of surprises in mind to make Sakuraba happy. Alright, let's move onto the next one!

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