Kei Tsuzuki/Birthday

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Commus[edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png How curious. Why am I being asked about my age so often today... Ahh, it's my birthday. I see. So how old am I, actually? Well... I don't know the answer to that myself.

Character Commu
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png My birthday? Ah, I see... So... would you happen to know the month and day today? It is such a bother to remember the date.
Rei Kagura-icon.png Today is April 2nd! I guess wishing Kei-san good tidings through words was pointless... Would you like to listen to me play your celebration song?

Character Commu
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png Yes, today is my birthday. Hehe, I could not possibly forget after you and Rei constantly kept reminding me of it. My age? I am... Hm? Goodness, how old am I?

Character Commu
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png Fufu... birthdays certainly are interesting. I can hear a myriad of sounds around me. Just listening to it all so carefully has made me quite sleepy... good night... zzz...
Rei Kagura-icon.png Ah, don't 'zzz' right now please! I practiced so hard to play your birthday song too... Please wake up, Kei-san!

Character Commu
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png I wonder how many times I've had someone celebrate my birthday like this. 1, 2, 3... all this counting has made me tired. I'll be sleeping right here, so please continue counting for me. Good night...

Character Commu
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png Thank you for another magnificent birthday song this year. Your sound is much more gentle and comfortable compared to last year. I can feel how much you've improved, Rei-san.
Rei Kagura-icon.png I am able to grow because you are together with me, Tsuzuki-san. Please allow me to play one more song as my token of thanks for what you do for me every day.

Character Commu
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png is my birthday? I still don’t keep up with these kinds of things, but I am delighted to have people here celebrating for me. Thank you, Producer san.

Character Commu
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png Aah….how wonderful..your song on your violin is lovely as well, Rei san. I feel as if a warm spring breeze is around me.
Rei Kagura-icon.png I’m happy to hear that. Happy Birthday, Tsuzuki san. Here’s to another wonderful year.

Character Commu
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png Oh, it's my Birthday? Another year has gone by since my last one huh... Do I want anything? Um, let's see... Could you sing me a Birthday song? I'll be the conductor.

Character Commu
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png Rei san your sound has changed a bit. The color has become even lovelier, making it delicate. I'm happy for your growth as if it were my own self.
Rei Kagura-icon.png Well it's because you've stayed by my side, Tsuzuki san. I doubt I would have been able to do it without you. Here's to a great Birthday.