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Login It must be because I am a mere novice that I do not receive any work. I understand... However, if you would allow me the opportunity...

Good morning... I’ve heard that idols give good morning greetings no matter what time it is, yes?

Event Login A show of support for you and your household. Please accept it... May I ask that you ensure my training bears fruit?

A show of support for you and your household. Please accept it... I would like to show you the fruits of my labors. Would you be willing to take a look?

Lesson Shall we try this lesson together?

Live Formation How does a spot of tea sound? Once our minds are at ease, we shall take to the stage.

Audition Battle Formation I am not one for battles, but in order to spread the ways of the tea ceremony, I am more than prepared to fight.

Featured Unit

My most gracious thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for your recommendation. Without a doubt, I shall do what I can to meet your expectations.

Leader N~R+ So, I am to be the leader. Though I cannot be sure whether or not I am a good fit for this, because it is you who has chosen me, I shall humbly accept.

N~R+ Trust MAX Thanks to you, I am beginning to grow accustomed the duties of a leader, little by little. Tea brewed with good company is just as pleasant as that brewed alone, don’t you think?

Leader SR~SR+ Sooner or later, I, too, shall represent the ways of the modern tea ceremony. It is for that very reason that my experiences as a leader will become irreplaceable to me.

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Every time, it is only ever you who saves me. Because of that, I shall make you a promise. I vow to you that the fruits of my labors shall pay back your kindness.

Leader (Other Producer) It is thanks to my Producer-san that I am able to put my heart and soul into my craft without worry. I wish I could express my gratitude to them, if only just a little.

My Desk (0% Trust) The preparations for our departure have been arranged. Now then, shall we leave?

My Desk (5% Trust) Day by day, I’m coming to terms with the fact that the world of entertainment is an ominous place outside the realm of humanity...

My Desk (30% Trust) I would like to take upon as many dance practices as possible. May I ask that you accompany me?

My Desk (MAX% Trust) I wish to be able to sing better... As I am now... it simply isn’t enough.

Business (0% Trust) Th-this is the work of a idol, is it? ...No, I am alright, I shall carry through.

Business ...I am a bit... anxious. I have always presented myself during tea ceremonies with the utmost confidence, but this...

Business (MAX Trust) It is thanks to your guidance that I can believe that I have become more skilled than I ere was.

Trust UP! ...Hanamura-san told me to “take it easy,” but... I am afraid I know not how to live a life without being self-critical.

A strained heart cannot understand the beauty of a flower, the comfort of the breeze. My most gracious thanks for your advice.

Before I spread the ways of the tea ceremony to the youth, I shall first bestow my teachings upon yo-... Ah, p-please, come back! I’ll be gentle!

Trust MAX You have so much valuable knowledge that I never knew until ___. I would be ever so grateful if you could continue to teach me.

Refreshments I have come on an errand on the behalf of my Producer. Please, accept this gift.

Cheer Come now, let us move, together.

Convo Chance! Won’t you speak with me for a bit?

Break Time Good work out there today. Day after day, you are always nothing less than completely devoted to your work.

If you have a path, then the only way to go is forward. Please, take care out there.

mini Shout With proper tea etiquette.

mini Thanks Producer. My most gracious thanks for the gift.

Audition Battle Preparation Competition is not in my taste. May I ask that you simply relinquish this to me for today?

Audition Battle Now, allow me to begin.

I am looking forward to this. Let us have a clean match.

Program Audition Preparation ...I like that look in your eyes. I may be a novice, but I shall serve as your opponent nonetheless.

Program Audition (Rival) I am looking forward to this. Let us have a clean match.

Program Audition (Self) I ask that you please, do not fool around with me.

Audition Battle (Backup) Come now, let us move, together.

Audition Battle (Win) Now that, was proper tea etiquette.

Audition Battle (Lose) Utter defeat... I shan’t lose the next one.

Live Preparation This is no game, but a serious match, both for us, and our audience.

Live Continuation Our song has yet to be heard. But it must, one way or another...!

This is more than just a battle, it is a battle against myself. But all the same, I shan’t concede!

Live Success! Amazing, the way they cheered... Even now, it resounds inside my head... It is... a pleasant feeling...

Our concert was a resounding success... Ah, even now, my body will not stop shaking.

It is for the sake of the audience that listens to our songs, that I am able to do my very best... That in itself satisfies me.

This moment, this time right now, has become irreplaceable to me. My deepest gratitude to you.

Birthday Effect (2016) Pay attention to even the smallest of changes, for what you find from a single moment can decide everything!

Birthday Comments

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Writer[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Thank you for your hard work. How about we take a short break with tea? Everyone has contributed equally to the brainstorming, so the movie will surely be a success.
“‘That man’s feet sink deeper and deeper into the mud. The more he struggles with the weight of his sins, the more he will struggle against the weight of the mud dragging him down’. I won’t let you get away. As a censor, I will restrain you.”
Scout I’m looking forward to shooting in London, a city rich with history. We likely won’t have much time for sightseeing, though.
It’s my first time on such a long flight. From here on, we’ll be filming in a foreign land… it’s a strange, yet uplifting feeling.
Change! Becoming something I’m not… I’m starting to enjoy acting.
My Desk (0% Trust) I’ve always admired the way that Tsukumo-san and Kitamura-san look at things.
My Desk (MAX Trust) Here, have a hot tea. I hope it can relieve even a portion of your fatigue.
Business (0% Trust) We have to devote ourselves to the roles in order to meet the staff’s energy and expectations.
Trust MAX Tea made with hard water always has a different taste. I’d be rather helpless if you weren’t here.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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A Return Gift From My Heart[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album This matcha is sharp and invigorating. The fragrance may be somewhat weak, but its pairing with the sweets… Aah, I apologize. I ended up talking too much. I couldn’t help myself, being with you.
My daily gratitude lies in this bouquet. Additionally, my feelings of adoration for you are in my smile… Please accept all of the thoughts I have.
Scout I must think over various things and prepare them to spend an enjoyable time with a partner whom I have been entranced by… Dates are similar to tea ceremonies, aren’t they.
Regarding what I talked about with Takajo-san, I feel as if my heart has realized what it must do.
Change! I feel like I am prepared, now that I have completed the date photoshoot. I will surely overcome this job as well.
My Desk (0% Trust) Hot springs are a fine thing. Allow me to share this with you… a souvenir, bathwater additives.
My Desk (MAX Trust) The reason for my enlivened heart may be because spring is close by. Or it could possibly be…
Business (0% Trust) The selves of those who seriously face their work are beautiful… I would like to be that way as well.
Trust MAX I felt as if my time spent with you was so enjoyable, it passed in the blink of an eye… May I request your company to drink matcha with me again?
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
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Subject-T2[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album It was liquid until just a moment ago, and it’s turned into something slimy…! It seems we can adjust the firmness depending on the amount of water mixed in. This makes me want to test various things.

“Don’t… get close to me…! I can’t hold back… my urge to destroy… If you don’t want to die… run away…!” It’s profound to think that I have become able to act in this way. This is a brand new discovery.

Scout I wonder if the first person who discovered such a phenomenon was as surprised as I. I would have liked to see their reaction then.

Seeing this jiggling slime makes me feel like eating kuzumochi. I’ve decided on the refreshments for tomorrow, then.

Change! HAAAAAHHH! ...Ah, I seem to have surprised you. I was doing vocal practice on my own to prepare for the performance.

My Desk (0% Trust) The evaporating plate looks similar to a teacup. See, if I pour in a green liquid… like this?

My Desk (MAX Trust) If I color the slime in Sai’s image color, I can feel a mysterious sense of affection for it welling up.

Business (0% Trust) Let us buy some refreshments for the location staff members at that shop over there.

Trust MAX I’m sure that there are still sides of me slumbering inside of me that even I don’t know about myself. I would like you to see all of them.

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